Hot Shot 7

Not once. Not twice. But trice. Three freaking times. Shortae found her and looked at her three times during the musical and curtain call. Would anyone believe her if she said Shortae is creeping her out? They would probably say she’s delusional. They will. She’s going to have to tackle this problem herself.


There is a bigger problem when Tiffany checks her phone though. For one, her Twitter account is exploding with DMs. Some are rather unpleasant.

  • Is that really you? >_<
  • Traitor quit the fandom get out
  • Bitch!
  • Why were you even there?

Her DMs are hard to read, filled with questions from fansite masters and close friends, surprised or rudely shocked by the pictures of her on the stairs with Kim Taeyeon. But just when she thinks that’s the worst problem she’s ever had, a Kaokaotalk message from an unknown pops up.

CH: I know about your relationship with Taeyeon unnie.

Tiffany stares at the message and her jaw drops. Relationship? Relationship?! Who is CH and what is he or she saying?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

CH: Sasaengs know everything.

I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

CH: I know you are a fansite master of a male artiste.

So do many other people.

CH: Shining Dung and Smiling Petals.

Tiffany’s heart stops. How did he or she know? How?

What are you trying to do?

CH: You help me and I’ll help you.

What kind of help?

CH: Since you’re seeing her, you can get me something that ordinary fans can’t get.

I’m not seeing her. Really.

CH: Find out the type of toilet paper she uses then we’ll talk.

But there’s no way I can find out! I’m just a fansite master.

CH: Do it if you don’t want the HUD fandom to hunt you down.

Tiffany stares at the messages in dismay. How in the world is she going to find out which toilet paper Shortae uses? She shakes her head. Of course Shortae’s fans would be as weird as her—not to mention her sasaengs. Argh. Sasaengs are like nightmares that you can’t wake up from and right now, she’s in a very scary nightmare involving a creepy idol and her shady sasaeng. Help!

Sunny calls a moment after she flops on bed to figure out her next step.

“T, what the heck just happened at the musical? Why is your picture all over the place?”

“My legs cramped when Shortae arrived.”

“The game’s up, T.”

“Not yet. Nobody knows I made Smiling Petals.”

“Didn’t you tell that tall girl?”

Tiffany’s heart plummets into the valley and shatters into bits. “Oh no. Yuri.”

“Yeah. Yuri.”

Without further delay, Tiffany ends her call with Sunny and sends a voice message to Yuri.

“Yuri, please keep my identity a secret. I don’t want people to know Smiling Petals was created by me.”

Yuri piles a few questions on Tiffany but she manages to squeeze a promise out of the taller girl.

Great. Now all she has left to do is find out which type of toilet paper Shortae uses. But how is she supposed to do that?! In the end, she decides to write a letter to Shortae. Or better still, an e-mail. Didn’t Shortae send her an e-mail not long ago? She can definitely try that. Right after she explains the situation to her friends in the fandom.

What happened there. You gotta tell me.

I was only trying to see if I could get some
ugly shots but my legs cramped and I fell


Why else would I be there? But the shorty
really helped me. I feel sorry for doing it now

Don’t end up stanning her or I’m gonna
smack you

Stan Shortae? Tiffany snorts at the thought. Shortae might have been kind to her and given her biscuits and helped her when her legs cramped but the idol is also a stalker who sends creepy e-mails.

You have nothing to be worried about


Now that the drama with the other fansite masters is resolved (@dungiewaifu has it done), it’s time to think of a way to keep the shady sasaeng quiet.


Subject: Thank You

Dear Taeyeon,

Thank you for helping me when my legs cramped. I would like to thank you with a gift but I need to know something first. Which type of toilet paper do you use at home?

Smiling Petals

Tiffany thinks it smart of her to start humble and nice before moving into the topic. Satisfied with the e-mail, Tiffany hums a happy tune and goes off for supper. She’s been craving for some good beef and it’s time to get it.

A reply comes in halfway through her meal. A reply from

Dear Smiling Petals,

You don’t have to get me anything. Besides, our cleaning aunty replaces the toilet paper so I don’t know which type she buys. But it’s 3-ply and very soft on my skin. It’s very good and I would recommend it to everyone if I knew which type it is. I can give you some of it to try too.


Jaws screech to a halt and the half-chewed piece of beef almost chokes her to death. Yes. Yes! Toilet paper from Taeyeon herself. Yes, so much yes. She couldn’t have struck more gold if she were in a gold mine right now.


11 thoughts on “Hot Shot 7

  1. Oh my god, the toilet paper thing is hysterical lol. Tiffany as a fansite master os gold, and the other fans in your story are so funny and so real at the same time it’s actually strange

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