Chocolate Donut

“Panyaaa, I’m back!”

Nobody answers. Isn’t she home? Where did she go? Pattering of paws on the floor grow louder and soon, Princess’ adorable face appears from around the corner.

“Princesseu, look at what I’ve got!” says Taeyeon as she bends to give the little affectionate dog a rub and pat. “Bread!”

Putting her bag of bread on the table, Taeyeon can’t wait to eat some of them. She reaches into the bag and pulls out a packet of bread. It’s a weird shape—like a caterpillar curled up, or a piece of doggie poop—and Taeyeon loves weird shapes. She pulls out another packet of bread—muffin-like and completely blackened. Why did she buy it? Who knows. Pulling out bread after bread, Taeyeon empties the plastic bag used to hold all of her bread and tucks it away at the side. She looks at her table full of bread and inhales, taking in the sweet, rich aroma of freshly baked bread.

It’s the best smell in the world.


The doggie poop bread turns out to be filled with olives so it tastes as weird as it looks. Taeyeon decides to go for a safe choice next—the chocolate donut. Pinching a piece between her fingers, she pops it into her mouth and is greeted by an explosion of rich chocolate flavour on her tongue.


“Mmm . . . so good. So, so, so good! Mmm!” Taeyeon exclaims to no one in particular. Princess had wandered off some time ago and is out of sight.

“What’s so good?”

Panya is home! Taeyeon turns to the voice that always makes her smile and points at the packet. “This.”

“Chocolate donut?”

“Mhm. Wanna have a taste?”


Taeyeon reaches for the donut but her flatmate-turned-roommate-turned-soulmate grabs her wrist and stops her. “Huh?”

A cheeky grin and devilish eyes are the answers and Taeyeon stares as a pink tongue licks a layer of chocolate right off her index finger.

“Mmm, you’re right. It tastes really good.”

Taeyeon gets her hand back but really, she would rather leave it in that gentle hand. “Want some more?”

“Oh, you should know me. I always want more.”


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