Hot Shot 9

<<Musical Fan Screams No During Passionate Kiss>>

The next day, Tiffany reads the headlines in dread.

A fan screamed her lungs out when musical actors, Ho Un Dung and Kim Taeyeon, kissed during a romantic scene in musical, Descendants of the Mister Who Came Back. Previous shows did not feature the actors kissing lip-to-lip; both choosing to employ the simulated kiss technique instead. When asked about the change in the scene, actors Ho Un Dung and Kim Taeyeon told reporters that they felt the scene lacked chemistry and romance with the simulated kiss and decided to pull off a real kiss to present the scene more convincingly.

“Although it gave me a shock, I am pleased that a member of the audience reacted so strongly to the scene. It proves that our decision is a good one,” says musical actress, Kim Taeyeon, who plays the role of a doctor call No-yeon.

It is time to look for a hole to hide in. But nothing can be worse than clicking on Pinn and seeing the same headlines on the front page there. Tiffany knows she shouldn’t read on anymore, especially the comments below, but her finger flicks and the page scrolls.

  1. [+1205, -53] The fan must have really objected to the couple kissing, keke. I wonder if she objected to Ho Un Dung being kissed by Kim Taeyeon or the other way around. But the musical must be really good if the fan is that engrossed in it.
  2. [+922, -68] I will bet the fan must be a fangirl of Ho Un Dung. Fangirls are always doing embarrassing things, kekeke.
  3. [+801, -39] The one who screamed is probably a delusional fan who thinks her ‘oppa’ belongs to her. These fangirls are really embarrassing.
  4. [+628, 92] Although many people think the fan should be a fangirl of Ho Un Dung, I wonder if it could be the other way around. Kim Taeyeon has many female fans too. Kekekeke.
  5. [+515, -530] Fans like that should not be allowed into the theatre to watch the musical. What a disruptive fan. Tsk.
  6. [+309, -801] The fan is adorable. She must like the actors very much. At least she has some morals and takes kissing seriously, unlike all the kids who are kissing everywhere on the streets these days.
  7. [+210, -125] The fan must be so embarrassed. Kekekekeke. I want to see them kiss. I hope they continue to kiss for real. I will buy a ticket to go if they do.

Tiffany palms her face. Sooyoung had told her to lie low for a while because the other fansite masters are not happy with her. Now she knows why. With behaviour like that, Ho Un Dung fangirls would not want her to be associated with their idol.

Looking at her Shining Dung logo, Tiffany sighs. She is proud of her fansite. She takes pride in taking the best photos—one of the reasons why her fansite has the most followers—but right now, things are not going well for her. She knows that several of the other fansite masters are jealous of her because of the popularity of Shining Dung, but she has never flaunted it needlessly. And she doesn’t understand why other fansite masters don’t seem to like her that much when they belong to the same fandom. Is it really because of Shining Dung’s immense number of followers?

At any rate, only a few people are able to match her fansite’s name to her face. It has always been her intention to remain anonymous but Sooyoung managed to figure it out and interrogated her over it. In Tiffany’s opinion, Sooyoung would probably make an excellent lawyer when she is done being a fansite master. There is just no dodging Sooyoung’s rapid-fire questions. Fortunately, she managed to explain herself previously, or she would risk losing the best friend she has in this fandom.

What should she do next? Sooyoung’s advice is to lie low for a while. Should she go on a hiatus? But a hiatus would come as a shock to her followers and they might suspect she is the fan who screamed at the musical . . .

Tiffany comes to the conclusion that she will not make an announcement but go on silent hiatus instead. She will post a few photos she had taken recently and stop. On the other hand, Sunny and Yuri are the only people who know she’s the fansite master of Smiling Petals so she should be able to continue doing that.

Looks like she’s got a plan.


With the fansite problems resolved in her mind, Tiffany almost forgets about the shady sasaeng. But she doesn’t, because of the toilet paper roll in her bag. Kim Shortae’s toilet paper roll. Tiffany touches it. Oh, it is soft. She would love to use it, but first, to find out which brand it is. But how is she going to do that?


I must be crazy. Tiffany is still shaking her head at herself as she picks up a packet of toilet paper rolls. She looks at it closely, studying the patterns on the roll. Nope. Not this one.

Kim Shortae’s toilet paper has a check pattern but this one has concentric circles in dots instead. The next one has leaves embossed and the next has a floral pattern. None of them match Shortae’s toilet paper pattern. Why is this so hard?

And to make things worse, Tiffany gets another Kakaotalk message from the shady sasaeng.

CH: Have you forgotten all about your mission?

Does this sasaeng know that I’m the musical screamer?

I’ve been working hard. I’m trying to find out.

CH: You’re not trying hard enough.

I’m really trying. It’s not easy.

CH: Your relationship with Taeyeon unnie should make it easy.

This guy is really insane. Does he think I’m Shortae’s good friend or something?

I don’t have a relationship with your Taeyeon unnie. I’m just a fansite owner.

CH: Don’t lie to me. I know things that even her company and managers don’t know.

But I’m not lying.

CH: Don’t forget, I know about the fansites.

I’m trying so hard. Please give me more time.

CH: I can give you more time. But my patience will run out too.

Okay. Thank you.

Why am I thanking a sasaeng for giving me time to do something totally illegal?

Tiffany groans and presses her face into the stack of toilet papers. Why is her life plagued with so many problems? At this rate, she’s going to have the problem blowing up in her face if she’s not careful. Best to continue looking for the toilet paper.


Ten super marts and more than twenty brands of toilet papers later, Tiffany still hasn’t found a match for the pattern on Shortae’s toilet paper. This is hopeless. Where in the world did Short’s toilet paper come from?

The answer can only come from one place. Or person.


Subject: Sorry

Dear Taeyeon,

I’m sorry I screamed so loudly during the musical. I’m sorry for disrupting the musical.


Shortae’s reply takes a little longer this time.

Dear Fany,

You don’t have to apologize. I am very happy that you are so passionate about the musical, even though I know that you were screaming because of Un Dung oppa.


An irrational sense of guilt sweeps into Tiffany. Shortae must be sad that she doesn’t have as many fans as Ho Un Dung does.

Dear Taeyeon,

I screamed because the kiss was too real.


A reply comes in almost immediately.

I know you’re Un Dung oppa’s fan. It’s okay 🙂


Now the guilt is really coming in. All because of Kim Shortae. But she can’t let it stop her from completing her mission.

Dear Taeyeon,

I tried your toilet paper. It’s really nice and soft. Could you help me to find out which company it is from so that I can buy it for my family too?


Technically, she doesn’t live with her family but Shortae doesn’t need to know that.

Since you like it so much, I’ll ask for you 🙂


A huge sigh of relief zips through Tiffany’s mind and body. Finally. Some progress! Things are looking up and maybe, she will be able to get that shady sasaeng off her back.



13 thoughts on “Hot Shot 9

  1. agree with other commentators… the plot twist is taeyeon the sasaeng herself, she do it so fany will messages her and hoping two become closer.. he he he

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