Hot Shot 10

Heeding Sooyoung’s advice, Tiffany has stayed quiet and laid low since the last musical. No tweets. No posts. Nothing. And not surprisingly, the world hasn’t stopped. The other fansites are doing a good job keeping up with Ho Un Dung’s schedules so other than a few mentions asking her where she’s gone, her temporary disappearance hasn’t caused any major upheavals in the HUD fandom.

Her life on the other hand . . .

I’ve found out the toilet paper’s brand. But you owe me a favour for this.


Evil schemes and stalking idols. Tiffany can’t believe she has to deal with all of this. But what choice does she have?

What kind of favour?


The reply takes some time and upon reading it, Tiffany feels likes strangling the too-short-too-pale-too-good-at-singing female idol.

It would be nice if you put your heart into taking pictures of me for your fansite.


You’re asking for way too much now, Shortae. I’m not a puppet you can control. My heart isn’t something you can demand or ask for as a favour, damn it.

I’ll try my best.


I trust you will. My toilet paper is Quilted Northern Ultra Plush. It is designed with 3 silky layers of comfort to give you the clean feeling you expect and the luxurious feel you desire.


Quilted Northern Ultra Plush? That’s . . . that’s not from here . . . these freaking idols use imported toilet paper?

Tiffany stares at the Google search result on her phone. Holy crap. Did Shortae just copy and paste the entire tagline from the website? This short girl is really something. And a strange feeling is creeping up on her. Is she being played? Somehow? And by who?

Whatever it is, she’s gotta report her findings to the shady sasaeng who holds the power to casually flip her life into chaos.

I’ve found out the toilet paper brand.

She’s about to tap on ‘send’ when something stops her. A little something called ethics. It wouldn’t be right to give this piece of information to a sasaeng. Not when Kim Shortae herself gave it to her in good faith. All things considered, it is pretty amazing that an idol would get this close to her, short and pale or not. There probably aren’t any other idols who would arrange a secret meeting in the toilet to pass her a roll of toilet paper from their home. And it would be totally wrong of her to help a sasaeng like this. Wouldn’t that make her a sasaeng too?

No. She’s not going to tell CH anything. CH can do whatever CH wants. A no, is a no.

With that in mind, Tiffany decides to delete her message but that would make life a little too simple, wouldn’t it? So instead of deleting the message, her finger taps on ‘send’ instead. Damn! Why can’t her life be a little less complicated? What is this freaking sorcery?

After some thought, Tiffany adds a line to her message.

But I’m not gonna tell you what it is.

CH: Why not?

It’s not right.

CH: I will expose your double identity.
You will lose all your followers.

Tiffany pauses. Just the thought of what might happen to her Shining Dung fansite sinks her innards in a sickening bungee jump kind of drop. But it’s alright. She’ll explain things to Sooyoung. Sooyoung will understand. Hyoyeon . . . is another story. But Hyoyeon will come around to it too. And really, these two are her closest friends in the fandom and they’re all she needs. And there’s always Sunny. Sunny, her dearest flatmate.

Go ahead. Do it. I’m not afraid.

CH: I’m not joking. I will do it.

Neither am I. I’m ready for the shit.

CH: So you’re really not gonna tell me?


CH: Really???

I’m not telling.

CH: Ok.

Tiffany stares at her phone, blinking. This CH is the weirdest person ever. Will CH ruin her life or not? It’s hard to tell from the messages. But she’ll find out soon. If CH exposes her double identity, it won’t be long before Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and the entire HUD fandom comes down upon her. But it’s alright. She’s ready for all the shit out there.

Let the shit begin.


One day passes. Nothing happens.

Another day passes. Nothing happens.

Yet another day passes. Still nothing has happened.

A whole week passes eventually. And nothing.

At this point in time, Tiffany is sick and tired of staring at her phone in fear every single time she receives a DM or KKT message. But it would be foolhardy of her to text CH and ask when the exposé is going to happen.

Dang it. Now all she can do is wait.

Wait and wait.


30 thoughts on “Hot Shot 10

  1. Hmmm tiffany’s writing skill is kinda different here LOL 😂

    Thanks for the update,
    Hope you enjoy your WEEKEND! 🙌

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