To Tiffany, From Tiffany

After [Once in a Lifetime], Tiffany talked a lot to us. Then, she picked up her phone. She told us she had prepared a piece written ‘To Tiffany, From Tiffany’ and she was going to read it “word for word”. She wasn’t entirely sure about the Korean for that phrase so she said “단어단어?” kinda unsure tone, then went, “Ya” like she decided it’s right. We laugh then XD because she makes a cute expression right then.

(Transcript of ‘To Tiffany, From Tiffany’)

Dear Tiffany (/Fany leans on a side like she’s talking to another person)

(/leans to other side like she’s the second person replying which makes us laugh cos she’s so cute XD)

Hi Tiffany, it’s Tiffany. Long time no talk. It’s been a long time. Actually, it’s been a looong, long, long couple months. First off, congratulations~ yay~ (/we cheer) especially on your first ever solo concert WEEKEND. You’ve worked so hard and you gave everything you can in order to put this show together for your fans. (one fan says ‘Thank you’ and the rest of us cheers) I know along the way you were a bit unsure, a bit lost, and a bit maybe really, really upset every now and then, but I want you to know, as long as you (/points at herself) are happy, as long as you (/points again XD) give it all your all, I hope you (/points yet again, really cutely) can be proud and satisfied with what you have created. I hope you know that it’s alright because your fans are gonna love you anyways. (we cheer really loudly) They will love you just the way you are. (Tiffany to us: Thank you)

So it’s been a long time since we’ve seriously talked. There are a lot of questions I wanted to ask you because we haven’t really had the time to feel deep, deep, deeep down inside.

So Question Number 1: What was the most difficult part of putting your album together, Tiffany?

-Answer: /a pause and Tiffany leans against her chair looking kinda swag-ish in her lovely princessy white gown *lmao* Everything? (A ‘duh’ kinda expression, so she means every part was difficult *lmao*)

Question Number 2: If you could pick one song, which one would you pick?

-Answer: Once in a Lifetime because I dedicate it to you guys (/points at us and we cheer real loud of course XD)

Number 3: You’ve always been part of a group from Girls’ Generation to TTS and it’s your first time being on your own. What was different, what did you learn and what do you like most about going solo.

-Answer: What do I like most about going solo is…creating music and putting this show together for the fans. (We cheer loudly hehehe)

Well I know this was a tough time but it was definitely worth it. Remember this is the first step into another one of your dreams. I want you to know and I want you to be proud that you’re still continuously, passionately dreaming and always wanting and striving for the best. Not just for yourself but for everyone around you. So don’t ever give up, don’t ever settle, keep searching for joy, happiness, balance and remember to always have fun and to always smile. (we cheer again ^^) Because in the end, music is what makes you smile. Always stay true to yourself and be happy (/massive smile and she says ‘happy’ in an extra cute way XD)

Tiffany then ends her letter there and continues talking to us in Korean.


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