08/05 Sailing into the night

Being a fan is interesting. For most of us, our favs will never know our names or recognize our faces. So what drives us to continue supporting our favs? How does this relationship between favs and fans work?

Some of our journeys with SNSD began since 2007. For me, it began in 2009 after watching Cinderella Man. Funnily enough, I watched that drama because Kwon Sangwoo was in it. Not so much because of Yoona. But she caught my eye with her character and that turned me towards the start of my journey with SNSD.

Your beginning might be the same as or similar to or completely different from mine but one thing is for sure: if you’re here right now, listening to Sailing (0805), then we’re all part of one big family.

To me, becoming a fan of SNSD is a kind of fate. It crept up on me, unknowingly, gradually and by the time I realized how much of a fan I am, I had already clicked on a ticket to watch SNSD’s 2013 concert in Seoul. Before that, I was an online fan, one who participated actively on the fandom forum. But after the trip, I began to meet other Sones and make new friends and slowly, I became more active on Twitter as well.

I say this is fate because I didn’t even really like SNSD at first and I wasn’t a fan of Gee (just like Taeyeon wasn’t XD). It may or may not be the case for you, but somehow, we’re all here together, right here, right now. This is fate.

After going through so many ups and downs with SNSD and Sones, this day has become more meaningful to us. It is meaningful because of the relationship we have with SNSD and other Sones. It is meaningful because staying on as a fan is a choice and no longer fate alone. It is meaningful because SNSD has also chosen to stay with us in this way, as a group. And they have made this choice because of the relationship between SNSD and Sones.

We can see this in the way each member always thanks Sones in every event, whether it’s a group or individual schedule. It is always “Thank you, Sone” even if they stand as a solo DJ/singer/actress/emcee/dancer etc. Sones are a part of SNSD just as much as SNSD are a part of Sones. This kind of relationship is unique and not everyone in this world can relate/comprehend it. But we as fans, we know. And SNSD as the artistes we love, they know too.

So on this day that marks 9 years of existence, love, friendship and support, we come together. And SNSD has not come empty-handed. They have gifted us a song with lyrics penned by one of their very own members who has an affinity with words.

9 years is a long time. Phones have shrunk and expanded. Hard disks have gone from MB to GB to TB. Nations have seen their leaders change and the world has seen the climate warming. 9 years is a very long time.

It is not an easy feat. Some groups don’t even last 9 months or weeks.

It has not been easy. Their path to this day has been wrought with hurdles, rocks and boulders. Through the sunny days, stormy nights, SNSD has always stayed strong for us, comforting us even when they were obviously hurting a lot more than us. Each member reaching out in their own ways, whether through personal SNS or official channels.

There are countless things to recollect. An abundance of moments and good times we’ve enjoyed as Sones in this fandom. So I will stop here to say thank you. Thank you SNSD for doing your job so, so well and going beyond to give us more and more and more. Thank you Sones for existing in this fandom so that this fandom can exist. Thank you friends for all the good times, writers, readers, forum-ers, concert yolo-ers and every single Sone I’ve ever spoken to.


with love, itsakyo

6 thoughts on “08/05 Sailing into the night

  1. My thoughts exactly! I didnt start off as a sone and yes i didnt really take to gee at the start but well look at me now haha! I know I’ll always watch out for snsd no matter what kind of activities lies for them in the future.

  2. wonder girls introduced me to kpop music but i was not hook into it..it was 2009 when 2NE1 debuted that i started following kpop..i’m a blackjack and a YG stan but one day i caught my younger cousins watching gee and genie MV’s and they are all fan girling over yuri that i recognized snsd..at first i did not like them (SNSD) since they are so girly and their music is not my cup of tea..im more into swaagg..my younger siblings always plays snsd music to the point that we argue and compare 2NE1 and BB’s music with SNSD..since it’s 2 against 1..i was defeated..plus the fact that i’m the older one..i give in and for the whole month they only played snsd music in our room.. one day when i was just browsing youtube i stumbled into a TAENY vid..there was a special magic or something that i cannot explain that draws me more and crave for more TAENY vids so i search about them and from there on they (TAENY) introduced me more deeply into SNSD as a whole..so to make the long story short TAENY made me an SNSD fan…

  3. My sentiments exactly, AK.

    I am not fan material because I tend to like songs and not necessarily the artists performing them… until I stumbled upon Taesu then TaeNy. TaeNy glued me to SNSD. I can never let them go. I now like everyone although TaeNy and Yoona will always have a special place in my heart.

  4. I agree with you, I don’t know when or remember how I encountered Soshi but now that I have I can’t imagine not knowing them. They will always have a spot in my heart for being the reason I am now immersed into Hallyu. K-pop, K-variety, K-drama, all would not be possible and have occurred without first discovering SNSD. I guess their name is true, they did bring about a Girls’ Generation, but no matter how many girl groups come and go, So Nyuh Shi Dae will always be the first ❤

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