“Pole dance?”

“Yes, pole dance.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“But why? It’s really hard, you know. There are easier dances to learn.”

“My CEO requested for pole dance. Specifically.”

“I see. Going for a mature image, huh.”

“Yeah, she said I’m not eighteen or twenty-one anymore.”

“Mmm, that’s true, but starting with pole dance is like jumping into the deep end.”

“Maybe she has lots of faith in me.”

“She must, to be asking for pole dance.”

“Then I mustn’t let her down.”

“Got it. We’ll start tomorrow. But it’ll have to be late. After all my classes.”

“Thanks so much for helping me.”

“For you, it’s always a pleasure, Stephanie.”

“See you tomorrow.”

“See you.”

Stephanie ends the call with a smile. Thank goodness Jay Whypea is willing to help her at such short notice. The dance teachers in her company are the best.


“Did she go to you for help?”

“Yes, she did. Just a while ago.”

“Good. I want you to record her progress and send me the videos.”

“Sure thing, Miss Kim.”

Taeyeon hangs up, grinning to herself. She honestly can’t wait for the videos to arrive.


“Wow, this is really hard, Whypea.”

“It’s hard but you can do it. Bend over a little more.”

Stephanie bends at her waist and holds the pole with both hands.

“Now, try again. Slower.”

Rising slowly like a cobra from its basket, Stephanie flattens her each part of her body against the pole before pulling away. The result is supposed to be a sensual body wave with the pole as the constant. She then hooks a leg around the pole and tosses her head back so that her hair hangs down like curtains in the wind. She holds the pose for a moment before standing up straight.

“How was that?”

“Much better. Let’s try the spin now.”

Stephanie smiles happily and nods. Yes! She’s progressing well and she’s confident of impressing CEO Kim by the end of the week.


Taeyeon’s eyes are so close to popping out from their sockets that she has to cover them for a moment. But that means she misses seeing some of the footage so she replays it from the beginning once more. But one more time isn’t enough to analyse each move Stephanie is practicing so she replays it several more times. Seven times to review the body wave. Eight times to review the head toss. Nine more times to review the spin and roughly about twenty times to review the butt sway. Then, because of the meticulous, professional CEO that she is, she reviews the entire video six more times to analyse other elements of the practice session, like Stephanie’s facial expression and some other things.

When she is done analysing the video, she closes her eyes to rest. That’s when she notices it. The trail of wetness. Up on her face, you pervs. Flowing out of her nostrils. Yep. Blood. The red stuff that gives her life. It’s trickling. Why is her nose bleeding? She can’t, for her life, figure out why. But that’s not going to stop her from watching Stephanie’s pole dancing video again. Of course not. Because she’s a responsible, professional CEO who cares about her employees’ dreams and future.

So nose bleed or no nose bleed, she will review the video several more times. Then she will see it in her dreams. Until the next practice video arrives. That’s how responsible and hardworking she is.


18 thoughts on “WIJWS 03

  1. “Jay WhyPea” is the funniest name i encountered..hahaha..
    nose bleed? reminds me of Tiffany on Edits…..

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