“Are you done?”

“Not yet.”

“I’m tired.”

“Just one more.”

“You said the same thing an hour ago.”

“Just one more.”

“Stop walking away from me.”

“I’m not walking away from you.”

“Look. I’m here and you’re going that way.”

“I’m only going to the gym.”

“You were never this enthusiastic about gyms before. I tried so hard to get you to go with me but you would never move your lazy ass no matter what I say or do. This is too much. Stop walking!”

“The gym is just up ahead.”

“That’s it. If you’re gonna keep on going, gimme the car keys. I’m driving home by myself.”


“Gimme the keys!”

“Just gimme a minute.”

“A minute. You said it. I’m coming with you and I’m gonna count one minute exactly or I’m taking the car keys by force.”

“It’s too dark for you to drive by yourself, dear.”

“Don’t dear me, right now. I want to go home.”

“I’m in the gym already. Wow, it’s Level 8.”

“Are you winning?”

“Yeah, look at the low CPs. It’s gonna be a breeze.”

“There’s a Snorlax and Dragonite in there.”

“They’re no match for my dream squad. I have a perfect Snorlax and Lapras. See? These weaklings are dying already.”

“Kill ‘em. Kill ‘em!”

“I’m killing them, dear.”

“Good, good. Dodge that! Dodge!”

“You gotta let go of my arm. I can’t tap fast enough.”

“Sorry. Kill! Kill!”

“Please don’t scream into my ear.”

“Sorry, dear. I’ll kiss it to make it better. Mmm . . .”

“You’re distracting me.”

“Focus. You gotta kill them all.”

“They’re no match for me.”

“I know. You’re the best.”

“Yes! I did it. I defeated all of them.”

“That was easy. Your pokemons are the best.”

“Uh uh.”

“They aren’t the best?”

“No, my wife is the best.”

“I’m still gonna grab the car keys if you don’t stop playing and bring me home.”

“I’m bringing you home. I promise.”


“Hold on, I see a Magikarp.”


“Look, its CP is 262; its perfect.”

“Don’t—get it away from me—I don’t wanna look at it!”

“But it’s perfect—”

“Get those fish eyes away from me!”

“Honey, come back! You’re running the wrong way! Our car is the other way!”


Happy #TAENY day!!!
I’ve been writing a lot lesser recently because of this game so I decided to write a #TAENY entry based on my latest obsession 🙂

32 thoughts on “dnobekoP

  1. Pokebond??? LOLZ
    I’m sorry but I’m still not part of the hype of Pokemon Go…
    I’m too afraid to be addicted to the game and ultimately becasue I’m very very bad at directions! If I go out to catch them, I’m afraid I’ll end up being the one being searched for LOL hehehe

      1. If we think ‘purple’ alone, we won’t know since it’s a mixture of both red and blue, but if we also think about the second colour it would be light blue so… mystic.
        However if she hadn’t chose from the colours but the characteristics of each team? Would it still be mystic?

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