FSOP2: 16a

Max, Max’s blue blood, Hyoyeon, rats and sewers aside, I have had a pretty average, and dare I say, normal, week. And it isn’t until I realize what date it is that it hits me. In just two days, it will be our first month anniversary of coming back together. It’s hard to believe but it has been a month. A month of chaotic events unfolding one after another, sometimes overlapping.

In this month alone, I’ve had several major upheavals in my life. Firstly, Max. A friend. A lost friend. So many things have happened that I haven’t had the time to sort my feelings out but seeing his blue body and later on, his blue blood being passed around in a vial . . . does strange things to me.

Then there’s Yoona. Yoona who shares Yoohuan’s bloodline. Yoona the slayer who gets the special treatment from Ms Pink. Yoona who protects me and is kind to me. I suppose it is natural to feel some sort of rivalry between the two of us but it would be silly to act on it. Ms Pink has given me her word and I trust her. I trust us. So to celebrate our trust in each other would mean I have to plan something. Something special. Something unique. But that’s the problem. What would be special and unique to a vampire who has seen it all, done it all and probably owned it all at some point in her life? What can a mere human like me possibly offer her that she can’t get anywhere else?


Sometimes, things happen. They can be good things or bad things. In this case, I think it’s a good thing. So I’m just walking down the street along some stores after class when I spot it. The answer to all my problems. Well, okay, not all my problems, but a big one that needs to be solved quickly. In two days, to be exact. But the other problem is . . . Yoona.

Try as I might, Ms Pink would not let me go about without a bodyguard and Yoona is the best compromise I could negotiate. And before you say anything about my negotiating skills, take note that Ms Pink had wanted to plant her security team around campus, complete with snipers and everything. Talk about overkill. But Ms Pink’s overwhelming concern for my well-being can be attributed to Gerant and how he took me from my room, right beneath Ms Pink’s nose. Her reaction to my story of how Gerant had transported me to the Dark Thicket had been rather epic.

“He took you from your bed? In your sleep?” Ms Pink exclaims, her voice rising in pitch with each spoken word.

I nod, astounded by the way Ms Pink is losing her cool before my very eyes.

“Through the window?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Gerant.” Ms Pink’s expression is grim. “That is a sign.”

“What sign?”

“Of bad things to come.”


“I will not lose you. I refuse to lose you.”

Taking Ms Pink’s hand, I pat it and attempt to calm her down. “You won’t lose me.”

“I won’t.” Ms Pink nods, a solid resolve forming in her eyes. “I won’t let you go.”

And thereafter, Ms Pink assigned eyes to keep watch on me at all times of the day. She would not relent, no matter what I said and even right now as I walk with Yoona, I can’t help but feel that there are eyes watching from beyond. But I should trust Ms Pink, right? Would she plant more eyes to watch over me despite my objections?

“Taeyeon, do you want something from this store?” Yoona asks and snaps me out from my thoughts.

“Yeah, I do. But do you mind not looking at what I buy?”

Yoona’s grin is cheeky. “Too shy to show it to me? Alright, I won’t look.”



With that, I step into the store.

Sometime later, I step out of the store with a bag. Its contents are known to no one but me. This will be a surprise


It takes some begging and a little bribing but I manage to get Sunny out of the way for the evening. And night. And the morning after. I am smiling as I shut the door and looking around, I cast a mental image of how I want the living room to look like. A couple hours should do it.

Soon, I have the whole place cleaned up, looking neat and tidy. Then, I lay out the candles. Lovely scented candles. Not the black skulls that Ms Pink had used. But now that I think of it, I think it would be nice to have something that reminds us of the way we began so after rummaging through my drawers, out come the black skulls, looking ever so ominous. I place them among the scented candles and light them, casting the room in a warm, flickering glow.

Food is going to be a problem. I suppose I could always whip up some instant noodles but it doesn’t seem to suit the occasion. Then again, ordering food is less personal even if it will look and taste a lot better . . .


The sun has set and Ms Pink should be here any minute now if her e-mail reply is anything to go by. I make the final adjustments and take my apron off. I’m glad I decided to cook the noodles now. Just smelling it is whetting my appetite.

“It smells good. Did you cook it?”

“Ah!” I scream and turn in shock, only to see Ms Pink standing behind me with a knowing grin on her face. “You scared me!”

“Stupid human.”

I push my lip out into a pout. “How did you get in?”

A subtle nod towards the window tells me how. “You are too easy.”

“I’m not easy.”

“Hmph,” Ms Pink laughs in her throat. “You say that but you prove otherwise.”

“This was supposed to be romantic. You were supposed to knock on the door and I would open it looking pretty and welcome you into my beautiful apartment.”

“Stupid human. I am practically three centuries old. This is child’s play.”

“You may be three centuries old, but I’m only a little over two decades old. This is the first relationship I’ve ever been in and I wanted to do something special for our anniversary.”

“What anniversary.”

“Our one-month anniversary. It’s been a month since you came back to me.”

A strange smile appears on Ms Pink’s face. “Sometimes I forget I’m in love with a kid.”

“I’m not a kid. I may not be centuries old but I’m not a kid.”

“Fine. I shall indulge you for a night.” Ms Pink takes a seat and taps the table. “Serve dinner. I’m hungry.”

Pulling a pout, I march in to the kitchen and bring out the pot of instant noodles. I pour half of it into Ms Pink’s bowl and the other half into mine.

“This is what you cooked for our anniversary celebration?”

“It may not look like much but I put in a lot of effort to cook it. It’s got fish cake, leek and all kinds of good stuff. I even cut out cheese especially for you.”


“I wanted to cut out the letter P but I made a mistake . . .”

Ms Pink shakes her head. “Amateur.”

“Yes, I’m an amateur. But I am your amateur.”

An arm pulls me onto Ms Pink’s lap and doesn’t let me go. “You are mine.”

“Let me go.”

“Why should I?”

“There’s dinner to be served.”

Ms Pink’s grin is sly. “Dinner is not my priority right now.”

“Dinner first. I have other activities planned for later.”

“Skipping dinner is an option.”

“Don’t you want to eat the noodles I cooked just for you?”

Ms Pink looks at it. “No.”

“Why not?”

“You need to take a few cooking classes if you are going to try this with me.”

“You haven’t even tried it yet.”

“I don’t need to try it.”

“How would you know it doesn’t taste good then?”

“Take a look at it.”

I turn and look. “Nothing’s wrong. It looks great.”

“Stupid human. Look closely.”

“I’m looking and I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“You forgot the egg.”

Egg? Oh no! I forgot to put in an egg! “Er . . .”


“There are lots of other ingredients.”

“The egg is the only one that matters.”




“You forgot the blood too.”

“But I don’t have access to blood.”

“Stupid human.”

“Alright. That’s enough.” I yank myself out of Ms Pink’s hold and stand facing her. “The noodles may not be the good food you’re used to but the least you could do is be appreciative of the effort I put in for this special night. But it’s not even special to you, right?” I am close to yelling but I don’t. I’m holding back, as indignant as I am.

Then, Ms Pink’s lips curl up and split into a toothy grin. The grin widens and Ms Pink launches into laughter, loud and resonant. Uncharacteristic of her and puzzling to me. What’s going on?

“You are too easy,” Ms Pink manages to say between laughs.

“Easy?” I punch Ms Pink’s shoulder again and again. “You tricked me.”

Ms Pink catches my wrists and pulls me onto her lap again, silencing me with a kiss. When we part, her eyes are twinkling like pink stars in the sky. “Thank you for trying to surprise me.”

I heave a long sigh. I really should have known better. Of course Ms Pink would know. “How did you know?”

“I know you stopped by Victoria’s. I know what you bought.”

“But why—right, I get it now. Yoona reports everything to you,” I say as feelings of dissatisfaction over the invasion of my privacy seep in.

“It is necessary.”

“To know what I bought?”


“But you said—”

“We need to monitor who you come in contact with.”

“Does it have to be like this?”

Ms Pink’s expression is unflinching. “It is necessary.”

I don’t like it one bit but when it comes to my safety, Ms Pink has good reason to be overly concerned. This is one argument I will not win for now. “I understand,” I concede but can’t resist adding, “but it doesn’t mean I approve.”

Ms Pink smiles. “I know.”


Ms Pink practically devours her bowl of noodles and all I can do is stare.

“Are you going to eat yours?” she asks.

Numbly, I shake my head and she takes it for herself. “Are my noodles that nice?”

Ms Pink shakes her head.

“But you’ve emptied both—” Ms Pink burps, much to my surprise. Even she looks surprised, and that makes me giggle. “Are you sure you aren’t lying about my noodles?”

Ms Pink sets down the bowl and looks at me as though I’m in trouble. “I haven’t had noodles like this for a very long time.”

“Noodles like this?”

With a nod, Ms Pink says, “Noodles that taste like this.”

“So it’s nice then.”

“In a homemade way.”

“Do you like it?”

Ms Pink smiles. “You’re the first and only person in the last two hundred and seventy years to make me feel remotely human again.”

In that instant, I understand what Ms Pink truly means when she said that the first time. It might have been the anti-supernatural power I possess, or it might have been the attraction we feel for each other. But what Ms Pink can’t get from anyone or anywhere else, is this indescribable feeling. I can understand this because for me, Ms Pink is the only princess vampire who can make me feel this way too.

“I love you.”

Ms Pink kisses me. “I love you too.”

I am stunned. This is the first time Ms Pink has said these words to me since her return. In fact, this might be the first time she has ever uttered these three words in this sequence to me.

“Am I dreaming?”

“Stupid human.”

Yes. I’m stupid. And I am experiencing a flood of stupid feelings entering my heart, my chest, flowing all the way to my fingers and toes. “Ms Pink . . .”

“Show me the present.”


My vampire princess pats my bum. “The present you bought from Victoria’s.”

A smile takes over my face. “Be prepared to be blown away.”

Ms Pink simply leans back, arms folded. “Try your best.”


Dear reader friends, FSOP2 has taken me a while to get back into writing. As many of you know, I’ve been playing a certain game lately and switched more to writing the shorter updates for WIJWS because it takes less time and brains to write that. But after re-reading Season 2 yesterday, I’ve finally restarted writing this story. The thing about FSOP2 is the long, long chapters (3 – 4k words) so to make it easier to move it along, I might post the chapters in half (a & b) like this one.

Thanks for waiting and showering me and my stories with so much love and support! I love y’all ^^

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  1. It’s nice to see Ms. pink being appreciative of stupid human hehehe. Thanks formate update author-ssi. I was grinning like the stupid human hahaha 🙂

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