Three neat knocks on the door are followed by a crisp clear voice. “CEO Kim, your new secretary reporting for duty! May I enter?”

Taeyeon looks at the door and smiles. She likes this secretary already. “You may enter.”

“Thank you, CEO Kim.” The door opens and in steps a man. Yes, a man. A tall, dashing, young man. Taeyeon likes what she sees. Very good. “My name is Choi Minho and I am your new secretary. Is there anything I may help you with this morning?”

“Tell me.” Taeyeon stands and pats down her snow white suit. “How do I look?”

Choi Minho the new, tall, dashing young man of a new secretary stares at Taeyeon from head to toe as she draws to her full height and poses. “Pristine, CEO Kim.”

“Pristine, huh.” Taeyeon looks down at her four-inch heels and grins. “Thank you, Minho. That’s all for now.”

Choi Minho the new, tall, dashing young man of a new secretary nods and clicks his heels. “Thank you, CEO Kim. I’ll be at my desk settling in. If you need anything, just call me.”

“Go on and settle in. I’ll give you the morning to get comfortable.”

“Thank you, CEO Kim!” Choi Minho the new, tall, dashing young man of a new secretary beams and his eyes sparkle like a celebrity who knows the paparazzi are just around the corner. “Have a good day!”

Taeyeon smiles as he bows out and reoccupies her luxurious seat. This might be her best secretary yet.


“Is it ready?”

“Just a bit more.”

Stephanie paces the studio, anxious and impatient for a polished copy of her solo debut song. She had been on her way to CEO Kim’s office when she stopped herself. What had she been thinking? Bringing a pre-mixed copy of the song to the CEO? It is much too important to be rushed like this and she has to respect the producer and wait for it to be ready for the CEO’s ears. So she held back and has been holding back for days.

“I’m sorry if I’m being irritating. I’m just so eager to—”

“Aha, I understand completely,” says the producer. “Don’t apologize. Why don’t you head out for a bit? Get a drink. Or an ice cream.”

“Good idea.”


Choi Minho the new, tall, dashing young man of a new secretary is by far her best secretary ever. Right now, he’s sitting next to her like a prince charming entrusting his nails to her skilled hands.

“Isn’t this colour just so cool?”

“It is, CEO Kim. Very cool.”

“Can’t go wrong with metallic blue. Do you want stars on your nails?”

“A few would be nice.”

Taeyeon grins. “Okay! I’ll get some glitter from the manicure box set in my car.”


“Oh my—”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

Taeyeon groans. Her butt hurts after cushioning her fall. But she sees who it is and her butt is magically okay again. “I’m okay. I’m more than okay. In fact, I’m better than before,” says Taeyeon as she leaps to her feet.

“Oh my goodness.”

“What? What?” Taeyeon stares as Stephanie stares at her face. “Is there something on my face?”

“Don’t you feel it?”

“Well, my cheeks are a little warm but that’s probably because I’m blushing because you’re staring at me.”

“No, no. I mean this—” Stephanie picks something off her face and Taeyeon thinks she must have gotten out the right side of bed today. “Your face is full of glittering stars like this one,” she says, holding up a little shiny silver star.

“Oh no.” A cold chill slithers down Taeyeon’s spine. Oh no. The glitter for Choi Minho the new, tall, dashing young man of a new secretary . . . is on her face?

“Come with me. I’ll help you to clean it.”

Taeyeon’s jaw falls open but she manages to shut it before Stephanie sees anything. Thanking her lucky stars with all her heart and soul, she follows Stephanie to the nearest toilet where the singer wipes her face clean. She’s a happy puppy the entire time, grinning even when Stephanie asks her to shut her mouth.

“Shut it or the soap will get into your mouth!” Stephanie scolds her.

Taeyeon finally shuts her mouth but maintains a wide smile. It is hard not to smile. Every touch is an angel’s blessing. Every furrowed brow is a show of love and care. Aww . . .

“You’re alright now, CEO Kim.”

Taeyeon blinks. “Uh . . . no, not quite. See this spot here?”

Stephanie looks. “It’s clean.”

“How about here,” says Taeyeon, pointing at a corner of her forehead.

“CEO Kim, your face is so clean that ants would slide right off your smooth skin.”

Taeyeon grins. “Yeah, my smooth skin is nice to touch. Don’t you like touching it?”

With a frown, Stephanie turns away. “Pervert.”

“I-I’m just saying, you know. You don’t have to—”

“CEO Kim.”


“Do you have some time to spare?”

“For you? Always.”

“Come to the studio with me.”

“Okay,” says Taeyeon with the brightest grin on her face.


“Why did you bring me here?” asks Taeyeon, shivering in delight to find there is no one in the studio but the two of them. “This place isn’t private enough. Anyone might just come in. Why don’t we go to my office instead? My new secretary is excellent. He can be trusted to keep everyone out—”

“Oh, you are right. I wasn’t thinking clearly enough. Let’s go to your office then,” Stephanie says with a smile.

“Right this way, my beloved idol singer.”

Taeyeon has to suppress her urge to run screaming ‘YAS BITCH’ at the top of her lungs. But like the CEO that she is, she holds her calm and escorts Stephanie to her office. Once inside, she closes and locks the door.

“Why did you lock the door?” Stephanie asks as she spins around. Her eyes are blazing and her stare can probably melt iron. Taeyeon doesn’t want to test the scientific accuracy of that statement so she tries to block out Stephanie’s glare with her hands.

“For privacy.”

“You said your secretary can be trusted to keep everyone away.”

“Oh . . . so you like a little bit of danger . . .” Taeyeon says, her grin returning as she unlocks the door. “I’m up for that too.”

“I don’t know what kind of danger you’re talking about but I don’t like danger in general.” Stephanie takes out a thumb-drive. “Here.”

“What is this?”

“My song.”

“Your song.”

Stephanie nods and smiles. “I want to thank you for supporting me and giving me such a great team so you’ll be the first to hear it.”

“T-That’s all?”

Stephanie frowns. “Should there be anything else?”

“How about a kiss?” Taeyeon suggests, trying to keep her sinking hopes alive.

“You . . .”

Taeyeon blinks. Something is not right.


“AH!” screams Taeyeon and she tries to run but it’s too late. Stephanie has her by the scruff of her neck and is kicking her ass. Literally. Kicking. Her. Ass. “OW! HELP! HELP!”

The door crashes open. “What do you need, CEO Kim?” It is Choi Minho the new, tall, dashing young man of a new secretary.


“Right away, CEO Kim!” Choi Minho the new, tall, dashing young man of a new secretary leaps into the fray and tries to save CEO Kim.


“Ow . . .”


a/n: hope you had a good holiday today 🙂

8 thoughts on “WIJWS 10

  1. Hahahaha CEO Kim no one can dave you from the wraths of Stephanie. 😂😂😂 thank you for filling the social media void.

  2. Ahhh i miss you ><
    the new, tall, dashing young man…. you keep repeating that lol
    taeyeon, stephanie just start to soften you just have to be pervert ._.

  3. I dont blame CEO Kim for liking her secretary. I rather fancy Minho as my secretary too for absolutely different reasons. hahaha! Poor CEO! I thought Stephanie was finally willing to play the game.

  4. I like the new, tall, dashing young man as the new secretary. And stop messing around with stephany you pervert midget ceo. Hahaha

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