FSOP2: 17

My arm touches nothing when I reach for Ms Pink on the other side of the bed. Opening my eyes confirms the fact and I sit up in bed, scratching my head, wondering where Ms Pink is. A gust of wind sweeps my hair across my eyes, blurring my vision. I sweep them away, but something new obscures my vision again and this time, I can’t do anything about it.

“Ms Pink? What are you doing?”

Warm breath puffs over my ear. “What does it look like I’m doing.”

“Er . . . blindfolding me?” A soft chuckle is followed by the tightening of the blindfold. Arms encircle my waist, holding me against a soft chest. Hands caress my skin, raising goose pimples everywhere. “M-Ms Pink . . .”

Ms Pink laughs—a sound that I have grown to love dearly—and I am lifted into the air by her strong arms. Then, wind is gushing all around me for a second or two before I am placed on what seems to be a wooden chair. It takes a moment for my brain to process the data my senses are sending in, so it isn’t until the blindfold is taken off that I realise what I’m looking at.

“Breakfast?” I ask a little incredulously. And stupidly.

“For a stupid human.”

My eyes rove over the feast spread out before me. Sausages. Toast. Cereal. Milk. Tomatoes. Bread. Butter. Jam. Eggs. Juice. Coffee. Tea. Potatoes. Ham. Cheese. I’m surprised my dining table can hold this many things. “I-I can’t eat all of this.”

“You don’t have to.”

“But it’s such a waste—”

“Shut up and eat.”

Sneaking a peek at Ms Pink sitting adjacent to me, I note how she doesn’t look cross even though she sounds impatient. “Is this your idea of a post-anniversary celebration breakfast?” I venture to tease.

“I’m feeding you so that you’ll have energy for more sex after eating.”

“More sex? Wasn’t last night enough?”

A corner of Ms Pink’s lips rises a notch. “No.”

“Okay . . . but Sunny might be coming back anytime—”

“She won’t.”

“How do you know—”


“Oh.” I am surprised by this apparent forward planning Ms Pink has done. So I’m not the only one who has been preparing a surprise for this special occasion. “Did you plan this from the start?”

“You don’t need to know.”

This particular sentence would have been jarring to my ears if we were discussing another issue like Ms Pink’s work or history but since it’s our anniversary surprise we’re talking about . . .


I pick up the fork and knife laid out by my plate and dig in, pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. Who would have known Ms Pink would be into first month reunion anniversaries too?

Half way into the meal that I am devouring by myself (Ms Pink is simply sipping on a blood red smoothie—no pun intended), Ms Pink receives a message on her phone that sets her brows in a frown.

“What is it?” I ask, mouth full of scrambled egg.

Ms Pink does not answer me. She taps on her phone for a while, her brows dipping lower and lower, and finally makes a call as I chew on a strawberry. Her phone call is short and curt, revealing little information on her end. All I can make out from the few words she utters (results, accuracy, analysis) is the rough idea that this might have something to do with Max and his blue blood—or a new type of bloody vampire delicacy, who knows. Ms Pink makes a second phone call and this time, I hear a familiar name.

“Yuri, where are you?”

Yuri? What has Max’s blue blood got to do with Yuri? Maybe this isn’t about Max at all.

“Are you free to play?”

At the word ‘play’, I look up from my food and stare at Ms Pink. Her eyes meet mine, unperturbed, as though playing with Yuri is something she does on a regular basis. Does she? Is this some kind of vampire-succubus thing? I remember Yuri’s biting comments about how I am causing more trouble than I am worth. She’s not a fan of me, that’s for sure.

“I need a real workout.”

A real workout? What does that mean? That’s vampiric code for a murder spree I hope? I chomp on my toast with a vengeance, chewing harder than necessary as I glare at Ms Pink.

“A threesome,” says Ms Pink, her eyes flashing shocking pink as they hold my glare.

That’s it. When a girl has to put her foot down, she has to put her foot down. I don’t need to be a vampire to know what a threesome entails. At that thought, I dump my food back on my plate and throw my fork and knife on the table to demonstrate what I think of Ms Pink’s conversation with Yuri. When Ms Pink’s expression does not change, I stand to stalk away from the table. This is one conversation I’m not interesting in listening to.

Unfortunately, I don’t get very far before an arm curls around my waist and pulls me back. I land on Ms Pink’s lap but this is not a position I want to be in right now.

“Let me go.”

Ms Pink puts her phone away and stares blithely at me. Her arm does not budge. “Where are you going?”

A series of rude, biting, stone-cold responses come to mind but I settle for a tactical one. “The bathroom.”

“Good.” Ms Pink pats my thigh. “Get yourself ready. We are going to High Society.”

“To play with Yuri?”

Ms Pink fixes an unreadable stare at me. “Yes.”

“Please define the term play.”

Again, staring me straight in the eye, Ms Pink replies, “It is exactly what you think it is.”


Ms Pink does not talk to me in the car, leaving me to stew in all my questions and displeasure. It is not enjoyable to be left clueless, with an imaginative mind that is concocting a bunch of wild speculations as to what playing with Yuri might entail. Judging from the last time I saw Yuri, it might involve some kinky outfits. Not that I’m keen on being part of this threesome that Ms Pink mentioned, but I was not given a choice in the matter—Ms Pink had simply hauled me to the car and dumped me in it.

This is the part of Ms Pink that I dislike the most. The secretive side of her. The part of her that withholds knowledge from me. In this case, it is knowledge of what we are about to do with Yuri in High Society. If playing with Yuri is what I think it is, I will refuse to join in. Neither will I approve of Ms Pink playing with Yuri. I am fully aware that I won’t be able to stop Ms Pink from doing what she wants, but a part of me trusts that Ms Pink isn’t that kind of pers—vampire.

A part of me thinks that Ms Pink is teasing me for her amusement, misleading me to think the worst so that she can enjoy watching me fidgeting in my seat, angry and agitated to a distraction. The latter is probably true. It would be like Ms Pink to have her fun this way. She wouldn’t actually want me to join Yuri and her in a threesome, would she? I mean, can it even be considered cheating when I’m involved in it? Or are vampires into such things? I don’t know enough vampires or enough about vampires to assess this situation.

The car comes to a halt, ending the little mental warfare I am waging against myself. It is time to find out what playing with Yuri really entails.


High Society looks exactly the same as it did the last time I visited it—and found Yuri in there. That time had been mildly devastating for me. It is never pleasant to learn of your lover’s secrets from your lover’s playmate. But perhaps, I should thank her for revealing that nugget of information. If it weren’t for Yuri, I would never have confronted Ms Pink and gotten the rest of the story from her. I should consider it a blessing in disguise.

Well, this time, I am fully aware of whom we will meet in here and having Ms Pink by my side is the best kind of insurance so it is a different feeling from the last time I came here.

The door is ajar—just like the very first time I came here—and Ms Pink pushes it open without hesitation. My eyes snap shut, a reaction conditioned by the previous experiences associated with this secret chamber, but reopen a little at a time when silence persists. It is a mistake to open my eyes. A huge mistake. Because right in front of me, wearing a knowing smirk and a complicated black leather harness that provides little more than strategic coverage, stands Yuri, the royal succubus.

“It’s wonderful to see you again,” she says.

It’s all I can do not to gape at her wildly kinky attire.

“Vanguard got your tongue, Taeyeon?”

Great. Now she’s mocking me. “It’s not a vanguard that’s got my tongue, but a scantily-clad succubus that’s triggered my distaste so extreme that my mind is having some trouble dealing with it.” I supplement my piercing words with a bow. “Please pardon my inferior mental capacity.”

Yuri advances upon me, brows knit in anger. “You little pu—”

“Enough.” Ms Pink steps in front of me, protecting me from Yuri but I have the urge to reject it.

Stepping out from Ms Pink’s back, I level myself with her, choosing to stand by her side. “I apologize for my biting sarcasm but I have a right to stand up against spiteful comments too.”

There is a kind of fire that lights in Yuri’s eyes as she moves to stand in front of me, so close her breath almost hitting my face. “A human with some fight in her. My favourite kind.”


“Ms Pink, do I have your permission to fight her?” I ask suddenly, surprising myself to some degree. Ms Pink’s eyes glow neon pink, bright and strong. Approval stamped.

“So the human wants a fight. She will get one. As a royal, I will endeavour to do my best with some measure of mercy. A human is a human after all.”

The glint in Yuri’s eyes suggests otherwise but I trust her words uttered in promise with Ms Pink as a witness. “I accept.”

Ms Pink takes a step back, giving us the floor. I step forward into an imaginary circle, not entirely sure of what I am doing. What am I doing, challenging a powerful succubus to a fight? In which universe did I think I would have a sliver of a chance to win? Am I losing my mind?

There’s Yuri drawing to her full height, chest puffed out, proud and strong. Then there’s me, slightly hunched, posed to withdraw into a defensive stance at the slightest sign of danger. I am a joke, aren’t I? But I can’t be. I’m Ms Pink’s girlfriend. She loves me. She said so herself last night. So I can’t be a joke. Ms Pink wouldn’t love a joke. She loves me for who I am and a joke I’m not. I’m not a joke. Not. A. Joke.

“I suppose this is as tall as you ever will be,” Yuri taunts me with a teasing lunge forward which has me shuffling back in a hurry.

I curse, knowing how cowardly I must look but surviving is my utmost priority. But better a coward than a corpse, I reason.

To Yuri’s credit, she weighs in on her promise and does not use her super speed on me. This gives me time to roll away from her lunging lips, an attack that I’m sure I won’t recover from. At the back of my head, I’m well aware of how futile this is. I can’t out fight her. I can’t out run her. What do I have to fight with?

Myself. I am all I have. And I have this one thing.

A standstill. This time, I don’t dodge when Yuri grabs me. Instead, I focus on her advancing lips. Her parting lips. They disgust me. They will suck my essence out of me. They are going to destroy me. And the thought of it burns. Flames are nicking my skin, hurting me. Her hands are hurting me. I don’t want to be hurt. I don’t want to feel the pain.



Yuri’s grip on my arms is gone and I open my eyes to see the succubus bent over and on her knees. Alarm spikes. “Are you alright?”

The look in Yuri’s eyes is feral. It makes me flinch, even though I am the apparent victor in this strange fight. “You. What did you do.”

I shake my head as my feet backpedal. “I-I fought.”

“You expelled energy. It suppressed mine.” Yuri struggles to her feet and fixes a seething glare at Ms Pink. “You are aware of your human’s ability. Yet you let her unleash it on me?”

“She held back.”

The fury in Yuri seems to have doubled. “She held back. What if she didn’t?”

“I trust in her humanity.”

“Humanity? Trust? Has spending time with your human made you forget what humans have done to you?”

“Oh, I haven’t forgotten. But I neither have I forgotten that it was a super who kidnapped me and tortured me. And it was another super who shaped me into the monster that I was. But it is this human who helped me to rediscover a part of myself. So I haven’t forgotten a thing, Yuri. I remember all three hundred years’ worth of it.”

“You are on the side of humans.”

“I am on my side.”

“Ever since this human—”

“She has given me more than she has taken from me.”

“You’re a lost cause.”

“That may be true. So why are you still here?”

Yuri screams in exasperation. “You know why. You know exactly why.”

“I may have saved you once, but you’re not indebted to me forever. Should you wish to realign your loyalty, I would not object.”

“This human is everything to you.”

“No. Not everything. I am not foolish enough to make the same mistake twice. This human, I love. But not to delusion. You know that.”

“But you endanger yourself.”

“Not beyond my calculations.”

“A miscalculati—”

“Perhaps. But I have taken precautions. I have learnt.”

The feral look in Yuri’s eyes begins to fade. “At least this human is much more powerful now.”

Ms Pink turns to me, fondness lingering in her gaze. “She took you down, Yuri. And she has already saved me more than once. You don’t have to worry.”

Yuri looks at me thoughtfully. “Could she take him down?”

“Maybe. We have been training her.”

“With captes?”

Ms Pink nods.

“With Helene’s help.”

Ms Pink nods again.

Yuri shakes her head. Her eyes have calmed and she seems to have come to a decision. “I will help.”

“A threesome.”

Blood red lips curl and part. “Two’s company, three’s a party.”

Hold on, hold on. Weren’t they at loggerheads just a moment ago? How did it come to this? “I object.” To have the eyes of both a royal vampire and succubus on me is unsettling to say the least. “Surely I should have a say in this?”

Ms Pink smiles. “No, you don’t.”

I find myself in the arms of Ms Pink, held with my back flush against her chest, steely-firm hands gripping my wrists. Struggling doesn’t work. Kicking doesn’t work. Yuri’s advance is upon me and her lips close over mine.

No! Don’t touch my lips!

My attempt to expel energy is thwarted by the contact made between Yuri’s lips and mine. At once, a hollowing sensation hits and it’s as though I’m losing my inner self to Yuri. Then, something else is seeping in. Something that arouses me. Something that makes my urges known. Something that makes my urges grow.

Resist. I have to resist. Resist!

Forcing my eyes open, I stare straight at Yuri’s closed eyes and frown. I need to rationalize this. This isn’t real. This is a succubus’ kiss. These urges are a figment of my imagination. Out. I’m getting out.


Yuri’s eyes snap open and she staggers back with a groan. But she remains standing nonetheless so I’m sure I haven’t hurt her too badly.

“You did it.”

It is Ms Pink speaking into my ear. Just the sound of her voice is enough to touch my soul. But the way she says it, with pride and satisfaction, is the ultimate aphrodisiac and the remnant urges take over once again. This time, I stop nothing, allowing myself to turn around and press the deepest kiss on Ms Pink’s lips.


6 thoughts on “FSOP2: 17

  1. Ooooo is this threesome actually part of Tiffany’s training and not a ménage a trios? I think so. Somehow , I can’t see Miss Pink sharing Taeyeon with Yuri in a sexual way.

  2. Taeyeon is powerful now, even tho i dont understand exactly what kindof power she possess,
    like how ms pink can lit fire(?), id taeyeon has like mind-controlling power?

    “This human is everything to you.”

    “No. Not everything. I am not foolish enough to make the same mistake twice. This human, I love. But not to delusion. You know that.”

    And ms pink is too logical lol 😂😂
    i wonder how she will react when taeyeon hurt or…

    1. Taeyeon doesn’t understand her energy force so readers are gonna be as clueless as she is XD but I can safely say it’s not mind control. At this moment, it’s a wild, emotional outburst that triggers energy expulsion.

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