Picture Perfect

Tiffany smiles at the picture on her phone. Taeyeon, her flatmate, sitting on the floor, playing with Princess, one of the Maltese pups they own. The other pup, Prince, sitting like the dude he is, staring off into space. She remembers the day she took the picture.

It was just another day of the week. She was talking to the pet groomer about dog care, probably, and paying the month’s worth of bills. They visit the shop and leave Prince and Princess in the groomer’s care so often that they started a tab at the shop to avoid the hassle of making a transaction each time. Upon turning around, she was treated to the sight. Such a quaint, charming sight. Unable to resist, she picked up her phone and took a picture.

She likes to take candid pictures of her flatmate. Taeyeon, her long-time friend and confidant. Taeyeon, the person she runs to whenever she has a problem, whenever she needs a listening ear, whenever she feels alone. She likes to capture moments of her flatmate. Moments that she can reminisce in future, ten years down the road. Moments that are timeless, precious, as much as they may seem mundane to others.

Tens, hundreds, thousands of such moments are stored in her phone. Being a little paranoid, she backs her stuff up on online storage as well. The best ones, she posts on social media platforms like Instagram. Like this one. Filtered into tones of grey, it is a moment in time that she wants to cherish forever. It may seem a little obsessive to take this many pictures of her friend, but she thinks it’s better to take too many pictures than to miss out on a precious moment like this.

She is still looking at the picture when a call comes in. It’s Taeyeon. She answers.

“Fany, what are you doing?”

“Looking at a picture of you.”

“Of me? Which picture is it?”

“You on the floor with Prince and Princess.”

A pause. “Could you be more specific?” A laugh.

Tiffany laughs too. “I know, I take too many pictures of you.”

“Not that I mind,” Taeyeon says, sounding cheerful.

“I know you don’t,” Tiffany replies with a chortle. “You obviously don’t.”

“Why would I, when you always manage to make me look good in them?”

With a grin, Tiffany says, “I should take a picture of you looking horrible sometime.”

“You’re welcome to.” A beat. “Just don’t post it.”

“Would it really bother you if I posted an ugly picture of you?”

“Not really, but there’re sides of me I’d only show to you and I don’t want the whole wide world looking at it.”

“I’m really honoured, to be the person you’re willing to show your ugly side to.”

“You’d better be honoured.”

“Anyway, why did you call?”

“Ah, I’m at a shop selling clocks and I was thinking of buying one.”

“For yourself?”

“For the living room. The clock stopped working.”

“Right, go ahead and buy one then.”

“Trust my taste in clocks?”

Tiffany chuckles. “I trust you.”

“Okay,” says Taeyeon with a smile in her voice. “I’ll get one. And er . . . I’ll be home soon.”

“I’ll be home after my job is done.”

“Alright, will you be home before eleven?”

“I’ll be done with work before eleven, honey.”

“Come home before eleven, and we can watch the show together.”

“Alright, see you soon, bye, boo.”

A pause. “Bye.”

With a happy heart, Tiffany puts her phone down. It’s time to get back to work.


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