FSOP2: 19b

With a declaration like that, I am not surprised that Ms Pink is not in the mood for a slow build-up of desire. But I was not expecting flickers of flames shooting all around the room as she tears my clothes off. Damn, that’s one of my favourite panties too . . .

I don’t know if it’s the flames or the radiant pink of her eyes but her breath is so much hotter when she breathes down my chest. She takes a breast in her mouth and I gasp when sharp points threaten to pierce my skin. Of course, they never do, and a hot, wet tongue takes its place instead. My gasp turns into a moan and my moan turns into a whine and the whine turns into a loud cry which prompts Ms Pink to eat it up with a kiss.

“So many questions,” Ms Pink hisses. “So much noise. So very wet!”

I can only squirm and moan some more as deft fingers should me how well they know their way around. They slip between, dig in, rub up and down and leave me feeling feverish and needy. My legs are curled around her but she pulls them off and presses them wide open.

“I want you open. Stay open for me.”

Try as I might, it’s pretty hard to hold my legs out so after a while, they’re back on the bed, finding their way back to Ms Pink. Ms Pink seems to be disturbed by this. She pulls back and in the blink of an eye (quite literally), my knees are held up and wide open by chains. Only then does Ms Pink smile at me.

“Oh my God.” A flush is spreading all over my skin as I endure Ms Pink’s extended stare between my legs. “S-Stop staring . . .”

“You’re mine to stare at,” Ms Pink says with a slow smirk as she reaches out to run her hand down my leg from ankle to thigh. Her hand doesn’t stop, going on and on until she has claimed me. “You’re mine to touch. You’re mine to have.” Her fingers find me dripping moist inside. “Who do you belong to?”

I don’t know why Ms Pink is in the mood to talk suddenly and as the recipient of her arousing attentions, my impatience is snowballing into a force I can’t control. My attempt to shift myself up is stopped by a firm hand on my waist. Ms Pink pulls me right back effortlessly, the other hand never missing a beat as she moves her fingers in and out with a constant rhythm. The winding up is incredible. I not been this wound up in a while and boy, do I miss this sweet surrender. Giving myself to Ms Pink. Keeping nothing for myself. Leaving myself out on the table for her to sample and savour. Oh, God.

“Yuri is right,” Ms Pink whispers in my ear, her fingers going on and on. “You’re a natural submissive. You are perfect for me but you are also my nemesis.”

“No . . .”

“You . . . will be the death of me.”

“Oh, God. Ms Pink. Don’t stop now. Don’t,” I beg when her fingers slow down. I groan when she pulls them out and surveys them. “Ms Pink, I was almost—”

Wet fingers pinch me hard where I’m sensitive, ending my protest. “Eat me.”

Ms Pink descends on my face, giving me no option to object. Not that I want to. I’m only too happy to oblige. So, my own needs momentarily forgotten, I make full use of my lips and tongue and hands to make my princess vampire a happy camper. Soon, she’s grinding on my face, and I’m trying to keep up when suddenly, she resumes her work between my legs. Oh, my fucking . . . fuck. All of my attention zips back down and I gasp time after time as she works me to the top.

With a half-groan, half-yell, I am given what I’ve been searching for and my body arches off the bed, my knees holding me up and keeping me down.

After a round of fiery fucking, Ms Pink and I cool down in her massive jacuzzi. I snuggle between her legs and her arms wrap around my waist and I sigh in contentment as her fingers drift over my skin lazily.

“How many girls have enjoyed this tub before me? And how many girls have you fitted in here at one go?” I ask, meaning to tease Ms Pink about the size of her jacuzzi.

But it backfires when Ms Pink replies, “Ten girls.”

Sitting up and turning around to meet Ms Pink’s eyes, I stutter, “W-What?”

“It was an orgy.”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Why would I joke about this.”

I am at a loss for words. “Ten girls . . .” I mutter to myself after a long pause. “Do you miss having them in here?” It made sense after all, that a three hundred year-old princess would have a harem.

“Ask Yuri.”


Ms Pink pulls me back into her arms. “They’re her girls.”

“Wait, so you weren’t in the orgy?”

“What made you think I was?”

Turning around again, I give Ms Pink a punch on her arm. “You tricked me.”

Without as much as a flutter of her eyelids, Ms Pink nuzzles my neck and says, “Stupid human.”


By the same time the next day, reports are coming in about the massive gruesome blue murder. I know this because I am sitting right there in Ms Pink’s office when Seo enters to tell Ms Pink the list of people and supers who have gotten in touch and what they had to say about the matter. Based on what I heard, I deduce that there is some kind of panic amongst them and some of them are choosing sides.

This is the first time I have managed to get a foot into Ms Pink’s official affairs and I am quietly excited to be in the thick of the action. Eager to prove myself useful, I pay rapt attention to everything Seo reports to Ms Pink and everything Ms Pink orders Seo to follow up with. So by the end of the day, I have something that looks like this floating around in my head:



With Ms Pink Against Ms Pink On the fence Two-headed snake
Ayers     ?
Kharne       ?



In the law of taking sides, having three question marks on the chart could mean a swinging victory or a staggering loss. But Ms Pink had mentioned a powerful ally when she last talked to Yuri. Who’s the powerful ally?

Later that night, Ms Pink brings me to High Society once again. We are escorted the same way, straight into Madam Hyo’s office. Sitting in the plush chairs, I am reminded of the last time we came here. Madam Hyo had produced a sample of Max’s blue blood which triggered the burning question that has lost its flames by now, but is still simmering: How did she get the blood?

“I am sure you have already heard about the blue mass murder,” says Ms Pink, opening the discussion. Madam Hyo doesn’t say a word. Neither does she nod or shake her head to reply. All she does is sit there and stare, waiting for Ms Pink to continue. “I want to know who spread the word to Shaw.”

“My minions need to be paid.”

“Of course.”

Madam Hyo smiles. “Then my minions will enquire.”

Ms Pink nods, and the matter is settled. “Do you have an opinion on it?”

“I’m a businesswoman. I run this place as a neutral ground.”

“But there are secrets you will not sell.”

Madam Hyo smiles like she has a ton of unsold secrets. “Of course.”

“Your choice matters.”

“The business matters more.”

“Very well then.” Ms Pink rises to leave and I follow suit. “Is Summer here today?” she asks Madam Hyo.

But before Madam Hyo can answer her, the wall behind her splits open and in comes the woman in question.

“Wow, we’ve got a party in here,” Summer chirps like all is well and merry in this world.

Much to my surprise, Madam Hyo stands and bows to Summer. “It wasn’t a party until you arrived, Boss.”

Wait. What? Did Madam Hyo just call Summer her boss?


8 thoughts on “FSOP2: 19b

  1. Sooyoung is such a mystery. I’m eager to know more about her and how she came to be Pani’s sister. On the subject of multitasking, I dare say that as long as the mind and heart are engaged, pleasure is guaranteed.

  2. I am loving this story !! Like Taeyeon I have so many questions I am dying to know the answers to. I can’t wait for your updates. If not before then, Merry Christmas and Happy New year, I hope you have a nice break 🙂

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