HB27 – Ouch

Life would be so much better if it were like the movies. If life were like the movies, Taeyeon would have been able to walk away from the scene like a superhero and drive off into the sunset with her girlfriend in her million dollar supercar. Instead, Taeyeon ended up bogged down by police paperwork and testaments and hospital procedures and more paperwork and time spent waiting around.

Tiffany had been whisked off to get her cut tended to and was probably going to have to get it stitched, if Taeyeon’s judgement of the wound was accurate enough. So, it was going to be some time before Taeyeon could get to see Tiffany again.


The inside of Taeyeon’s body was protesting every move she made. Something was definitely wrong with her so she was hardly surprised when the results of her check-up revealed a fracture in her ribs. It made sense, since even the smallest breath caused her pain. And although she couldn’t see it, Taeyeon was pretty sure there would be a hideous bruise forming on her back right now.

Thankful for the moderate extent of her injuries, Taeyeon thanked the doctor for her time and hobbled out to the corridor. Much to her surprise, Tiffany was sitting there with her father, cradling her injured arm as she waited.


Taeyeon stepped back, putting her hand out to stop Tiffany from embracing her. “Before you come any closer, I need to tell you I’ve got a fractured rib so hugging me is probably a bad idea.”

“Oh no! Why are they letting walk about with a fractured rib!”

Taeyeon had the urge to laugh but she suppressed it, knowing it would hurt. “It’s not a big deal, Tiffany. I can walk about on my own.”

“It’s a fractured rib. How is it not a big deal? And your cheek! What happened to it?”

Taeyeon smiled despite the pain that shot through her face when she moved her muscles there. “Tiffany, calm down. My injuries look and sound a lot worse than they really are.”

“I think you’re the one downplaying your injuries too much.”

Taeyeon chuckled, wincing when pain struck.

“See? You’re in pain!” Tiffany frowned and gripped her shoulders, moving her towards the seats at the side. “You gotta sit down. Stop playing the hero, Taeyeon. I’ll get you a wheelchair.” Just then, the doctor exited the room—an unfortunate timing for him because Tiffany was in his face the next moment, demanding to know why Taeyeon was left to fend for herself when she was so seriously injured.

Taeyeon simply sat where she was and left it to the unlucky doctor to explain Taeyeon’s injuries to the excessively anxious girlfriend of hers. It had definitely been a long while since anyone fussed over her like Mother Hen Tiffany, and in a moment of self-indulgence, she allowed herself to sink into the warm glow that came from being loved by someone she loved.

A few minutes later, Tiffany’s father finally managed to pry her away from the poor badgered doctor. But Tiffany was still unsatisfied with what she perceived as lack of care for Taeyeon, the patient.

“You don’t get a say in this, Taeyeon. You’re obviously not gonna take good care of yourself so you’re coming home with me.”

“What? No, I’m not gonna do that.”

“How are you gonna take care of yourself with all your injuries? How are you gonna cook meals with a fractured rib?”

“Tiffany, you’re injured too,” said Taeyeon, pointing at Tiffany’s injured arm.

Tiffany waved her uninjured arm, dismissing Taeyeon’s point. “We have a cook in my house. You know that.”

“Can I say no?”


At this point, Mr. Hwang stepped in. “Taeyeon, you are welcome to stay with us during your recovery period. My daughter is right. It will be better for you and we can help to take care of you during this time.”


“You saved my daughter’s life not just once or twice. This is much more than any amount of money can pay for. Please let me repay you with my hospitality.”

With Mr. Hwang’s sincere request used as a chip in the bargain, Taeyeon couldn’t find it in her to reject the elderly man anymore. “Alright, Mr. Hwang. I will accept your help. Thank you.”

Tiffany squealed and squeezed Taeyeon’s hand. “You’re coming home with me.”


And that’s how Taeyeon found herself sitting on the bed in the room that she had stayed in not so long ago. It was the room provided when she was Tiffany’s live-in bodyguard and only a few doors away from Tiffany’s bedroom.

Taeyeon was leaning back against the headboard with a pillow wedged behind to support her back, eyes closed and taking painful deep breaths when Tiffany came by, looking fresh and smelling like flowers.

“Why are you still sitting here in your clothes? Didn’t Soomin send you clothes and towels? I sent her to bring you those things a while ago.”

“Yes, she did. I asked her to leave them in the bathroom.”

“Well? Aren’t you gonna get cleaned up and go to sleep?”

“I was resting when you came in.”

“What? Aren’t you gonna change out of your clothes?”

“I’m too tired. I just wanna sit here and sleep.”

Tiffany shook her head. “No, no way.” She went into the bathroom and came out with a stack of clothes and a wet towel. “Take your clothes off.”

“What?” Taeyeon frowned. “No.”

“You can’t just go to sleep like a dirty rat.”

“I can and I fully intend to.”

“Take them off or I’ll hurt you.”

“You wouldn’t.”

Tiffany raised her index finger and pointed it at her ribs. “I will.”

“You’re bluffing.”

“You asked for it.” Tiffany jabbed forward with her good arm and Taeyeon was alarmed.

“Don’t!” She winced from the pain in her ribs when she took a larger breath to protest. “Ouch.”

But Tiffany didn’t relent. “Raise your arms, Taeyeon.” Taeyeon was too tired to fight anymore so she raised her arms as told. Tiffany, with her bandaged arm, pulled the black tank top off, leaving Taeyeon in an equally black bra. Raising a single brow, Tiffany commented, “You have a thing for black bras? Or just the colour black?”

“I like black. Why do you ask? Are you scouting out possible presents for our first month anniversary already?” Taeyeon teased with a grin.

“I don’t need to scout. I’m sure you’ll like whatever I give you.” Tiffany smiled with unsubstantiated confidence which made Taeyeon scoff. “You should be the one scouting for a present for me.”

“Me?” Taeyeon grinned. “Your present will be something I want to see you wearing.”

“My present should be something I like, not something for your viewing pleasure.”

Taeyeon’s grin did not abate. “I believe in killing two birds with one stone. Your present will be something we both can enjoy.”

Tiffany huffed. “I can’t believe I’m dating such a-a-a—”

“A genius?”

“Shut up and take your bra off.”

“Why should I take my bra off?” Taeyeon questioned. “Just give me the change of clothes and I’ll wear it.”

“The doctor said to avoid tight-fitting clothes. Your bra is tight-fitting so you should take it off.”

Taeyeon stared into Tiffany’s eyes, amusement rising, along with a touch of gratitude. “What you just said sounds like a really lousy line in a porn movie.”

“Taeyeon, I’m really tired and I want to sleep. So stop being so irritating and just get it over with. Sit up. I’ll take your bra off.”

Taeyeon held her tongue, convinced that Tiffany might just stab her in the chest if she protested anymore. Once Tiffany unfastened Taeyeon’s bra and took it off, Taeyeon wrapped her arms around her chest to preserve her modesty. It wouldn’t be the first time she went topless in front of another woman but Taeyeon found it rather embarrassing to be stripped in this manner.

“Take this and give yourself a wipe down.”

Taeyeon took the wet towel from Tiffany and wiped by body with it as instructed.

“Okay. Arms up.”

Like a puppet, Taeyeon raised her arms and a soft cotton nightie fell over her, covering up her bare torso.

“Stand up.”

Knowing better than to protest or argue, Taeyeon did as Tiffany asked. She stared as Tiffany unbuttoned her black pants and pulled them off. It wasn’t as embarrassing this time because the nightie was long enough to cover her thighs but Taeyeon was still relieved when she was allowed to sit back down on the bed. Tiffany helped her to shift further in and stuffed a bunch of pillows around her and under her arms.

“I think you’ve put enough pillows around me to protect me, thank you very much,” said Taeyeon, feeling more amused than ever.

“The doctor said to do this so you wouldn’t turn in your sleep and hurt yourself.”

“I know. But you’re being really cute right now and I’m amused.”

“This is not being cute.” Tiffany frowned. “I want you to get better as quickly as possible.”

Taeyeon smiled. “Well, with your help, I’m sure I’ll get better in record time.”

“If you don’t, I’ll get mad.”

“I’ll do my best. I promise.”

Tiffany’s frown faded and she bit her lip. “I wanna sleep with you tonight but I’m afraid I might hurt you. I’ll ask Soomin to bring in more pillows tomorrow but I have to go back to my room for tonight.”

“Tiffany, I’m not sure if we should sleep together with your father so close by.”

“We’re sleeping together tomorrow night,” said Tiffany firmly.

By now, Taeyeon was way too exhausted from the night’s drama to deal with Tiffany so she said goodnight and closed her eyes.

“Goodnight, boo,” Tiffany said in her husky voice by Taeyeon’s ear.

Taeyeon kept her eyes closed but her lips curled into an inevitable smile when Tiffany’s lips met hers for a goodnight kiss. Tiffany was a better girlfriend than she had expected, thought Taeyeon as the lights went out. Much better than expected.



31 thoughts on “HB27 – Ouch

  1. I don’t mean harm or cruel but thank goodness it was Taeyeon that got injured badly. If it was Tiffany, I’m sure Taeyeon having hard time helping Tiffany changed the clothes. Huhu. Mother Hen Tiffany amused me. Can’t wait for more of it. It is refreshing to see Tiffany being caring lover here. AK, we want more! <- using Tiffany's demanding voice

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