“Hey, Taeyeon.”

“Hey, Ailee.”

The taller woman of the two winked at the pale, petite, pretty woman as she strode into the practice room. “The MAMA world gonna be SHOOK once we show them what we got prepared.”

The pale, petite, pretty woman grinned, showing her two rows of splendidly white, brace-straighten teeth. “You bet.”

“I’m feeling it as we speak.” Ailee bounced onto the couch next to Taeyeon. “So hawt.”

Taeyeon turned to the owner of the curvy figure and smiled. “Let’s practice.”

Ailee returned a knowing grin. “Which part?”

“This.” Hand reaching out, Taeyeon pulled Ailee’s neck, bringing the woman’s lips to hers. Without hesitation, she puckered hers up and their lips met—hard.

A few seconds later, Ailee emerged, breathing hard. “Omo. You’re such a wicked kisser.”

“All the better to SHOOK MAMA with,” Taeyeon answered with a wide grin as she wiped her bottom lip with the back of her hand. “But do you mind not nibbling on my lip so much? It hurts a little and I still need to sing afterwards.”

Ailee nodded, her countenance calm and easy. “I’ll stop nibbling if you stop doing that thing with your tongue. It’ll distract me from my part too.”

“What thing?”

Ailee blushed. “Just—don’t. Like, leave your tongue lying flat like a dead snake. Don’t do anything with it.”

“But that takes the fun out of kissing on stage. It won’t be SHOOK enough.”

With a roll of her eyes, Ailee throws her hands into the air. “They’ll be SHOOK if I sing off-pitch because of this.”

Taeyeon shrugged. “You find a way around this. I’m not restricting my tongue—whatever it does.”

Ailee narrowed her eyes. “You sure about this? I was willing to compromise with my nibbling.”

Taeyeon stood abruptly. “We should practice the dance too. The last time, you didn’t lift my leg high enough.”

“Higher, you say?”

“Yeah.” Taeyeon turned her unwavering stare to Ailee. “Higher.”

“Alright. I’ll lift your leg so high your hamstrings gonna snap.”

“Hah. Lift it as high as you like. I been doing yoga lately. I’m as bendy as a paperclip now.”

“Put the music on.” Ailee cracked her knuckles as she stood as well. “Let’s get cracking.”


With the rumbustious crowd screaming their hearts out for the boy groups, Taeyeon and Ailee exchanged a look as they sat in the waiting room backstage. Ailee reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of something red and sticky-ish.

“Want to try this?”

Taeyeon looked. “What is it?”

“My grandma’s makjang. It’s crazy good, I swear.”

“But we’re up within the next thirty minutes.”

Ailee made a face. “Aish, we’re queens tonight. You’re the Best Female Artist and I’m the Best Female Vocalist. We can eat what we want, when we want.”

“Okay, but we can’t just eat makjang like this.”

Ailee flashed a grin and pulled out a Tupperware. Opening it, she revealed two neat rows of meat wrap ingredients. “This is the bomb, I’m telling you.”


“Good.” Ailee put a piece of meat on the vegetable leaf and smeared a generous smatter of makjang on the meat before wrapping it up. “Ah . . .”

Taeyeon opened her mouth and Ailee stuffed the entire meat wrap in. Closing her lips around it, Taeyeon chewed and chewed and chewed. She frowned after a few chews.

“So, how is it?”

“Uh . . .”

“It’s good, isn’t it?”

“It tastes weird. My tongue . . .”

“What’s happening to your tongue?”

Taeyeon’s eyes widened and she froze. “YOU! YU! Y—”

Ailee broke into wild laughter. “Serves you right!”

“Ma donggg.”

“Yeah, your tongue is numb now. You won’t be able to do that thing when we kiss on stage later.”


“Yeah,” said Ailee, cracking up with more laughter. “DUCK!” Her laughter died along with her styled hair as Taeyeon launched herself at the singer.

It was all hair and claws and grabbing and scratching and Ailee landed on top of Taeyeon, pulling her dress halfway down. Taeyeon might have been stuck below Ailee but she wasn’t giving the taller woman a break either. Ailee’s jacket was off her shoulders along with her black spaghetti top strap and her neck sported a few lines of angry red scratches, courtesy of Taeyeon’s lovely manicured nails.

In the mess of the cat fight, neither Ailee nor Taeyeon noticed the door of their waiting room opening.

“Hey, honey boo b—”

The cool steel of something unfriendly stopped Ailee in mid-grab.


“Ti-i-i-ff-ff-ffany,” Ailee stammered. “Do-o-on’t sh-sh-oo-oo-t m-me, p-please.”

“Don dood don dood!” Taeyeon panicked.

“O m g, Taeyeon! What happened to you?” The new entry squatted beside Taeyeon and cupped Taeyeon’s cheek. “Say ah . . .”

“Ah . . .”

“O m g! Your tongue! Why is it swollen?” Turning her big brown eyes back to Ailee, Tiffany pressed the handgun harder against the singer’s temple. “WHY IS MY BOO’S TONGUE SWOLLEN? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?”

“I-I’m s-so-rr-rry. I f-fed her mak-j-jang with-h ex-t-tra s-stuff.”


“M-MILK!” Ailee jumped to her feet and dashed to the refrigerator they were provided in their waiting rooms cos they were queens. Taking out a packet of milk, she ran back to Taeyeon and gave it to her. “Drink it. You’ll be cured.”

Taeyeon drank the milk and after a few minutes, was able to say ‘fuck’ again. “You little fucker, you,” she said to Ailee while soothing Tiffany’s ruffled feathers.

Ailee pulled a sheepish grin. “Does she have to hold her gun all the time? Can she keep it? It’s making me nervous.”

“Tiffany, booboo, you can keep your gun now. Everything’s alright now.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door before it opened. A man with an ear contraption stuck his head in. “You’re up next. Standby, please.”

“Alright, let’s go,” said Ailee as she straightened up her clothes. Her styled hair was a goner so she messed it up to make it look deliberate. “They’ll eat it up anyway, cos we’re queens,”

Taeyeon stood and did the same. “I’m ready. Let’s go.” Turning to Tiffany, she said, “I’ll be right back, booboo.”

“I’ll be right here waiting for you,” Tiffany sang.


Ailee was right. Ailee and Taeyeon were queens and their fans ate it all up, messy hair and all. Even the rip Taeyeon’s dress suffered was admired as she sang her lines with all her heart and soul. The audience was rapt as they delivered line after line with vocal, emotional perfection, but they went absolutely insane when Taeyeon grabbed Ailee and pulled her in for the stage kiss.

Tongue. She gave Ailee the special and grinned when Ailee leaned on her heavily. Usually, if done right, Taeyeon’s tongue had the power to turn people’s legs into jelly and Ailee was no exception. A steaming hot kiss later, Taeyeon pulled away and turned to the audience with her customized mic raised. Ailee was supposed to sing this part but she was still staring into space so Taeyeon lowered her mic and sang it for her.

“I believe . . . I’ll be over you . . .”


a/n: please don’t judge me for writing this. it WASN’T my idea. it’s a spin off from some weird Twitter convo where one thing led to another. I have met the criteria of WILD + MAKJANG (x2) + TIFFANY FEATURE + TAEYEONxAILEE DUET. So I hope those people on Twitter are happy. HAHAHAHAHAHA. ALL BECAUSE OF ONE PICTURE.


27 thoughts on “Makjang

  1. I’m totally laughing my ass off at “DUCK” LOL TAETAEEEE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Fany didn’t shoot ailee after those stage kissing? That’s weird. Haha. Or perhaps shoot taetae?

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