FSOP2: 20


Summer turns to me, flashing a dazzling smile. “That’s me.”

This new piece of knowledge explains why Summer could take Sunny around this place freely when we first visited but creates even more questions, which is pretty much how things have been since I met Ms Pink.

“You own this place?”

“I inherited it.”


“It hasn’t been easy to hold on to this place though.”

“Why is that so?”

“High Society is valuable and highly sought after.”


Summer’s smile becomes mysterious. “Various people. But thanks to Tiffany, they are unable to take it from me.”

Something clicks inside. “Because you’re sisters?”


I am beginning to see how Ms Pink has built her power and influence over both the world of humans and supers. High Society is obviously ground for supers to conduct their business in, and through her affiliation with Summer, Ms Pink has a hand in controlling and knowing what goes on in here. How ingenious.

“So what brings you here today, Sis?”


“Business, business, business. Your girlfriend is by your side and you’re still all about business.” Summer sighs. “When will you learn to relax a little?”

Ms Pink smiles. “You don’t get to see me relax but Taeyeon does.”

Summer shakes her head sadly. “Playing the girlfriend card against your sister. It breaks my heart.”

“Sunny will mend it in no time.”

Summer grins. “That’s true. Speaking of which, I think Sunny is very interested in knowing more about you, Tiffany. You being her best friend’s girlfriend and all. My dear girlfriend is such a caring person, isn’t she?”

“Your point being?”

“Fancy a double date?”

I sit up a little straighter, wondering how Ms Pink is going to react to this.

“If your girlfriend wants a double date she can have it.”

“Oh, really?”

“Of course.” Ms Pink turns to me without expression. “Would you like to go on a double date?”

“You’re asking me?”

Ms Pink raises a brow.

“I have no objections.”

Summer claps her hands with glee. “It’s set then! A double date!”


Summer leaves the office eventually and Ms Pink finishes her business with Hyo. And it is on our way back to Ms Pink’s castle when I ask, “Why did you agree to a double date?”

Ms Pink turns to me. “Because I want to go on a double date.”

“Y-You want to go on a double date?”

“Yes. It sounds nice.”

“I did not expect to hear this from you.”

“Double dating is what humans do. I would like to try it.”

“W-Wha—have you never gone on a double date before?”

Ms Pink turns to me again. “Have you?”

“Of course not. I’ve never dated anyone before you.”

“So you should try it. You’re human. You should do human things.”

“Did you agree because of me then?”

“Don’t give yourself too much credit.”

My grin is big and wide, nonetheless. I’ll take the credit I deserve. Basking in the glow of love, neither of us say anything for a moment. That is, until a question pops into my head again. “I have a question about Summer and High Society.”

“That took you longer to ask than I had expected.”

I shoot Ms Pink a glare. “I wish I didn’t have to ask.”

“You don’t—”

“Need to know,” I interject, completing the sentence for Ms Pink. “I know. But now that I know Summer owns High Society, I need to know more.”

“You need to know a lot of things.”

“That’s the process of learning. Learning makes me smarter. Don’t you want me to be smarter?”

“I don’t need you to be smarter.”

“Would you like me as much if I were not smart?”

“That’s not why I like you.”

“So you would still like me if I were really dumb?”

“This conversation is pointless.”

“But pointless conversations are what humans have. Don’t you wanna try it too?”

Ms Pink brings the car to a halt in front of her castle and closes her eyes. “Summer needed help. Members of the Parliament and Sovereign have been after the property for a long time. It has been in her family, passed down from generation to generation and they have been the guardians of High Society since the beginning. So I helped her.”

“Did you become her sister to help her?”

“No. We became sisters because of our affinity.”

“Really? But the two of you don’t seem to share that many similarities at all.”

“Not all similarities are superficial.”

“Okay, so you didn’t become her sister to gain control of High Society?”

“High Society led me to her. But it isn’t why we became sisters.”

“So how and why did you become her sister?”

“The guardians of High Society have always been untouched. The ownership of the land and property are safeguarded by a treaty put in effect by ancient royals and for as long as it has been around, it has given the Choi line an immunity. But it is weakening now. There are beings that do not respect it, just like they do not respect all treaties. I was tracking down the Sovs who were trying to get their hands on High Society and met with Summer’s great grandma. Then we became sisters.”

“You were sisters with Summer’s great grandmother?”

“Yes. She was a very good woman. So I told Summer our great grandmothers were sworn sisters and we became sisters too.”

I sigh. “Every time I almost forget you’re almost three hundred years old, something will slap me in the face and remind me that you are this—this centuries old princess vampire.”

“When do you forget?”

I shrug. “When it’s casual. Sometimes we talk casually like this and I forget for a while.”

“Do you ever wish I am human like you?”

“No. I have never wished that,” I reply, realizing that every word I say is true. “I can’t imagine us any other way. But what about me? Have you ever wished I were a vampire like you?”


“Why not?”

“Being a vampire is not a good thing. It is better to live your life as a human and have an ending one day.”

“But I don’t want to leave you.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“That’s easy for you to say.”

Ms Pink’s eyes glow angry pink. “It is not easy for me to say.” Opening the door and releasing her seatbelt at the same time, Ms Pink says it again as she gets out of the car. “It is not easy at all.”


Double dates are awkward. That’s the conclusion I come to roughly ten minutes into the first double date of my life. I sneak a peek at Ms Pink. Her expression is unreadable. Summer is chatting away, recommending the best dishes on the menu while Sunny is giving me looks and grins that are saying stuff I can’t understand.

What are people supposed to do on double dates? Smile and talk? Get to know each other? I already know Sunny so it’s just Summer I don’t know much about. Sunny is staring at Ms Pink now. I wonder what she’s thinking. I hope she isn’t planning something . . .

“Tiffany, I’ve been wondering. Do you have any pet names for each other? Taeyeon told me she calls you Ms Pink. Is that some kind of new age pet name?”

I could stuff my napkin into Sunny’s mouth I would.

“What kind of pet names do you have for my sister?”

Sunny giggles. Summer sits up a little straighter.

“What do you call my sister?”

“She calls me her little sunshine honey pot and I call her my little happy pill.”

My jaw loosens. “You can’t be serious.”

Sunny giggles again. “Baby. We call each other baby. What about you, Tiffany?”

“Stupid human.”

What did Ms Pink just tell Sunny?

Sunny stops giggling. “What?”

“Stupid human,” Ms Pink repeats with a measure of impatience. “That’s my pet name for Taeyeon.”

“You’re not kidding.”


Sunny casts her judging stare at me. “She calls you stupid?”

“Stupid human,” Ms Pink corrects.

“Isn’t that the same thing?”

“It’s not the same. You wouldn’t understand.”

“And does Taeyeon call you stupid too?”

“She wouldn’t dare.”

Sunny frowns. “Why can’t she call you stupid if you call her stupid?”

Ms Pink puts her fork and knife down and I stare at her nervously. Sensing an impending implosion, I put my hand on Ms Pink’s thigh and give it a little squeeze. She sends me a glance and the pink flames I see in them do nothing to calm me.

“A relationship is between two people. The only people required to understand it are Taeyeon and I.”

Summer stands suddenly, slamming the table with her hands. “Guys! I’m feeling the need for dessert. Anyone wants ice cream?”

I raise my hand up high. “Me!” I could have sworn Summer looked at me with a ton of gratitude right then.

“Awesome. Chocolate ice cream for you?”

“Yes, please,” I reply.

Summer then turns to Ms Pink and Sunny who are having a staredown. “Ice cream? My dearest, most beloved sister? Strawberry ice cream for you?”


“And strawberry ice cream for you too, Sunny baby?”


“Okay, hold your horses. Ice cream’s coming right up.”


So much for Ms Pink being friends with Sunny. Our drive back home is silent. But when we come to a stop in Ms Pink’s garage, I slip my hand into Ms Pink’s and tug. She turns to me and I give her a smile, hoping to lighten her mood.

“Do you hate it when I call you stupid human?”

“It used to piss me off but not anymore.”

“Why not?”

I chuckle. “You are asking a lot of questions nowadays. Are we swapping roles or something?”

Ms Pink’s stare is intense. “Tell me.”

“Because.” I stop, feeling a gush of warmth flooding my chest. “Because,” I continue with a smile, “it’s your pet name for me. It makes me feel special. And loved.”

“Why don’t you call me Tiffany anymore?”

I shrug. “I’m used to calling you Ms Pink. I guess, in a way, it’s my pet name for you.”

Ms Pink stares at me, her eyes glowing pink. “The last time you called me Tiffany was when we were having sex. I want you to call me Tiffany again when I give you an orgasm.”

If I were drinking water, I would choke and die and Ms Pink would have to turn me into a vampire to save me. But I’m not drinking water so I simply stare and forget to breathe. “Tiffany.”

Ms Pink’s pink eyes intensify. “Say it again.”



“Tiffany. Tiffany. Tiffa—”

Ms Pink’s lips claim mine and that’s the end of one of our strangest conversations ever.


We are in bed snuggling under the covers a few days later, when Ms Pink’s phone interrupts the peace and quiet. Her hand leaves my chest and I hear her voice behind my ear.


I hold my breath, trying to listen to what is said on the other side but my ears aren’t sharp enough.

“Qas Sogok.”

Qas Sogok? The name sounds familiar. Ms Pink mentioned it before. Something about politics. The Sovereign? Or the Feds? Or the Parliament? The Parliament. Yes. Ms Pink said they had to replace two members after the Olympias fiasco. But is Qas dangerous or something?

“Give me the report.”

What report?

“I’m not going in now.”

Going where?

“I will be there in two hours.”

I wriggle my back against Ms Pink. If she has to be somewhere in two hours, I should make the most out of the little time I have left with her this morning.

“What are you doing?” Ms Pink’s voice tickles my ear.

I turn in Ms Pink’s embrace and give her a smile. “Good morning, Ms Pink.”

Ms Pink’s hand returns to my chest and she gives me a squeeze. “It’s a good morning.”

“Why is it good?”

“Hyo has information for me.”

“About Qas?”


“Why do you want to investigate Qas?”

Ms Pink licks the skin behind my ear and bites it playfully. “He has to be watched closely.” Her hands glide up and down my body, over the curves and come to rest in the dip of my waist. “He is scheming.”

I am attracted to the milky expanse of Ms Pink’s neck and start on a project to explore it with my lips. “Who is he scheming against?”


“You?” I pull back from Ms Pink’s neck, blinking. “You?”

“You sound surprised.”

I tilt my chin to meet Ms Pink’s eyes. “I’ve never heard you talking about your enemies before.”

“He’s not just my enemy. He is an enemy to the treaty.”

Dropping my eyes to her creamy chest, I plant a kiss right over where her heart should be. “I want to help you.”

“You can help me to orgasm within the next ten minutes.”

I chuckle. “A morning quickie? Is that what you want?” I ask teasingly, sliding down Ms Pink’s body.

“Now,” Ms Pink orders, pushing my head down.

I am all too happy to oblige.


A morning quickie and equally quick shower later, Ms Pink packs me into her car with breakfast to go. I munch on the tuna sandwich as we whiz by tree after tree, humming to myself. It has been a pretty good morning so far.

“You are getting better at that thing you do with your tongue.”

My eyes leave the road to fix on Ms Pink’s side profile. “My tongue?”


A proud grin emerges. “Thank you. I will work hard to improve even more.”

“Don’t change it. I like the speed you went at this morning.”

“Okay. I’ll try to go at the same speed next time.”


“So, this Qas. Why does he want to break the treaty?”

“Greed for power.”

“Would he have more power if the treaty were broken?”


“But wouldn’t the Sovereigns reign without the treaty to stop them? Humans wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“There will be mayhem. Anarchy. People like Qas like chaos because nobody will bother to look at what he’s really doing.”

“So what’s he really doing?”

Ms Pink’s eyes glow florescent pink. “That’s what I’m trying to find out.”


I follow Ms Pink up to her office and almost bump into her when she comes to an abrupt stop.

“What’s the matter, Seo?”

Stepping out from behind Ms Pink’s back, I notice the worry etched across Seo’s forehead.

“Ms Pink, Mr Qas Sogok is here to see you.”

“Without an appointment. How dare he.”

“He says he has special permission.”

Ms Pink stiffens. “Fine. Send him in.” As soon as Seo leaves to do as she is told, Ms Pink turns and stares at me. “Don’t. Talk. To Qas.”

I nod, promising immediately. “I won’t.”

“But if he asks you a question, answer without hesitation. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ms Pink.”

And just like that, my pretty good morning is now tense and fraught with stress and suspense.


It has been a very long two months since the last update. But I am glad to be able to put this out before the year comes to an end. I will be writing this one in 2017 and hopefully many more too :))

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybardie!

❤ itsakyo

14 thoughts on “FSOP2: 20

  1. I kinda longing for ms pink’s pov lol
    im sure taeyeon know how much ms pink loves her, but yeah..
    curious to know ms pink’s thought hehehe

    1. Her thoughts is unknown to Taeyeon. Maybe some parts of Ms Pink’s pov can be added at the end for certain scenes 🙂 We’ll see.

  2. I’m late for the TaeNy party but I’m thankful to have the Erika and Ms Pink again with me before the new year. I can understand how Sunny hates the pet name. It does seem like a term of disparagement rather than a term of endearment but of course it’s only Taeyeon who can understand that Tiffany loves her and doesn’t actually think her stupid. I can’t wait for development on the political scene.

    Thank you for the Christmas and new year gift AK.

  3. “Stupid human,” Ms Pink repeats with a measure of impatience. “That’s my pet name for Taeyeon.”


  4. An odd yet attractive couple XD

    I sense a change in Ms. Pink (in a good way of course), she is slowly seeking input from Taeyeon as oppose to calling all the shots, yet still remaining dominate in the relationship 😂

    Leaving on the last note, ‘Ms. Pink is as horny as a horndog’ HAHA

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