All that time and effort put into studying for this test has been a complete waste. What’s the point of studying so hard for a test when she can’t even concentrate on it? Yoona puts her pen down in frustration. Ms Kim just has to choose test day to wear such a pretty black lacy floral dress. Not only that, she has to wear chic black heels as well, adding another layer of femininity to her look. It’s too much. Doesn’t Ms Kim know how distracting she is? How can she do this on test day?

Yoona squeezes her eyes shut and plants her head on her little flip-out table. This test is a goner. Everything she studied over the past week and left the building. The questions don’t make sense. The facts have gone and buried themselves in the muck of her memories.

But if she fails this test . . . no. She can’t. She has never failed a test before. This is not going to be the first. Not in Ms Kim’s class. She wouldn’t be able to hold her head up high in front of Ms Kim again. She has to pass it for Ms Kim. Especially after Ms Kim spent time to help her.

Drawing her body back to its full length, Yoona sits straight and takes another look at the questions. Just one question at a time, Yoona. You can do it!


Test done. Assignments done. Time to play. Yoona is out with her closest friends, Sooyoung, Yuri and Seohyun, at the shopping mall when she spots a familiar figure. Shorter than the average female and slim to boot, the woman’s shoulder-length bob moves with the turns of her head. She stares at the figure as they draw closer and feels her heartbeat accelerate.

Sooyoung nudges her suddenly. “Hey, isn’t that Ms Kim?”

“Ms Kim?” Yoona pretends not to have seen their teacher. “Oh.”

Sooyoung nudges her again. Harder. “Go say hi to your favourite teacher.”

“Who’s her favourite teacher?” Yuri asks.

“This is why you don’t go to a different school from your buddies,” Sooyoung teases. Then, jerking her head, she adds, “Two o’clock. Blonde hair. Short. Cute.”

“Oh . . . she’s your favourite teacher?” Yuri joins in. “Go say hi!”

Seohyun gives Yoona a push too. “You shouldn’t be rude and pretend you didn’t see your teacher. Greet her politely.”

Yoona throws her hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay. I’m going.” Then, she turns to Sooyoung. “You.” Grabbing Sooyoung’s hand, she tugs. “You’re coming with me.”

“Me too,” says Yuri.

“Me three—four,” says Seohyun.

Ignoring her friends the best she can, Yoona walks up to Ms Kim. “Hello, Ms Kim.”

Ms Kim smiles, flashing those beautiful teeth again. “Hello, Yoona. Sooyoung.” She turns to Yuri and Seohyun. “Are they your friends?”

“They’re my best friends.”

“I’ve never seen them before. Do they go to our school?”

“No. Yuri and Seohyun are in another school together.”

Ms Kim smiles again, a little dimple appearing at the side. How cute! “I see. Your friends are very pretty too, just like you.”

Yoona blushes. “Thank you, Ms Kim.”

“Taeyeon! There you are!” A loud voice bursts onto the scene and turns all their heads. A pair of bright smiling eyes and smooth flowing black curls greet Yoona as she looks at the newcomer calling her teacher by name. Her heart might have just been stabbed a little. “Sorry, I’m late—” The smiling eyes turn and look at the four of them. “Are they your students?”

Ms Kim chuckles. “Just two of them. Let me introduce you. Students, this is my friend, Miyoung.”

Miyoung? Ms Kim’s friend who calls her Taeyeon like they’re the best of friends. I wanna call Ms Kim like this too. I wanna be Ms Kim’s friend too.


The sharpest elbow in the world jabs Yoona back into the scene of Ms Kim and friend staring at her in amusement.

“Oww! Seohyun!”

“Your teacher is talking to you. Don’t be rude,” says Seohyun with a serious expression.

Yoona blinks. “I’m sorry. I got distracted.”

Ms Kim chuckles. “That’s alright.” She turns to Miyoung and grins. “She’s my most distracted student. And she claims that it’s my fault she’s distracted. Me. Distracting?”

Yoona is stewing in embarrassment. It doesn’t help when Miyoung grins and pats Yoona’s shoulder. Yoona tries to smile but she’s sure it looks awkward. “Just like me. My teacher always scolded me for being distracted too.” With a lower voice, Miyoung adds, “I couldn’t stop talking to my friends. But I’m a sociable person.” She winks. “It’s my strength.”

Ms Kim smacks Miyoung’s arm. “Don’t flirt with my student. Geez.”

Miyoung simply grins and hooks her hand on Ms Kim’s arm. “Well, we should get going. It was nice meeting you, Ms Kim’s students!”

“Bye, Ms Kim and Miyoung,” the four of them chorus.

But as they walk away in opposite directions, Yoona can’t help but look back. Wistful. Longing. If only she could be Ms Kim’s friend too.


Still more to come … 🙂

17 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. when I saw this is yoontae’s, I’m a little bit hesitant to read (taeny all the way here). eventhough I must admit, yoong’s very cute being distracted and all that.

    BUT then, enters miyoung! *throws confetti*

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