Her thoughts are occupied by Ms Kim more and more each day. But as distracting as they are, Yoona keeps them inside and acts like any other student when she’s in school. She goes around with Sooyoung as usual, hanging out with other friends, chilling in the cafeteria, shopping at the nearby shops. The days go by like this until the results of the test are out.

Yoona sits waiting for her test paper to be returned to her. The teaching assistant walks around passing them out but Yoona’s eyes are on Ms Kim as usual. Today, her petite teacher looks extra fresh. Maybe it’s the round Harry Potter-ish glasses. It makes her look cute. And it goes nicely with the bounce of her ash blonde hair. But the main thing to highlight for today, would be the crisp clean white shirt and suggestion of a black bra inside. Just looking at Ms Kim in this outfit makes Yoona’s heart pump faster.

A set of papers is shoved under Yoona’s nose. She takes it from Sooyoung and looks at it. Oh!

“What the heck did you do? How did you get an A?” Sooyoung is asking her.

Yoona simply stares. She got an A on the test. She got an A on the test! Yes!

“Looks like somebody is happy with what they got.”

Yoona lowers her arms and looks at Ms Kim, blushing instantly when she sees the smile and hears a few giggles around her.

“I hope the rest of you are as happy with your score as she is. A fair number of you have done exceedingly well and I would like to congratulate you on securing a good grade for this semester. I am also happy to announce that nobody failed this class so you will all graduate happily and go on to university where your freedom reigns.”

A cheer rises from the students. Sooyoung’s arms go around Yoona’s shoulders and she hugs her friend back.

“Can’t wait to go to university with you,” says Sooyoung, her eyes shining with anticipation.

Yoona grins. “Me too.” Only, there is an additional layer of anticipation for her, unknown to Sooyoung. She has a plan. Because a goal without a plan is only a dream.


Graduation. It seems only it was only last week when Yoona first started school here. How did time pass so quickly? Yoona is filled with a sense of regret. A whole year had gone by but she hadn’t really done much. Her greatest achievement would be getting distracted by her Art teacher all semester long—something she can be very proud of. Very proud.

“Hey, there you are! Come take pictures with us!” Sooyoung hollers from the other side of the hall.

“Coming!” Yoona hollers back and heads over.

She’s posing with a smile for pictures when she spots her distraction. Ms Kim is walking to us. Ms Kim is walking to us. Ms Kim is walking to us. And she’s wearing the cutest little bow on her head!

“Hi, girls. Congratulations on your graduation.”

Yoona grins as she bows to her teacher. “Thanks, Ms Kim. Let’s take a picture together!”

“Sure.” Ms Kim smiles as she steps next to Yoona and Sooyoung. Their picture is taken and Ms Kim looks ready to step away when Yoona stops her.

“I’d like a picture with you.”

“Didn’t we just take one?”

“I mean, like just the two of us.”

“Oh, okay. Sure.”

“Help us to take the picture,” Yoona tells Sooyoung, as she hands her mobile phone to her best friend. Yoona’s grin widens when she feels Ms Kim’s arm around her waist as she puts her arm around Ms Kim’s shoulders. Being taller than her teacher comes with perks like that.

“Alright, one, two, kimchi!”


“Done,” says Sooyoung, handing the phone back to Yoona.

“Hold on, I’d like one taken with my phone too,” says Ms Kim.

Thinking fast, Yoona says, “It’s okay. I can send you the picture. What’s your number?”

With a strange look in her eyes, Ms Kim takes Yoona’s phone and keys in her number. Yoona tries not to grin too widely as she gets her phone back and takes care to save the number properly. Then, she sends the picture. “Did you get it, Ms Kim?”

Ms Kim checks her phone and nods with a smile. “Yes, I got it.”

“Great! Thanks for coming by, Ms Kim.”

Ms Kim’s smile is genuine and heart-stopping. “Had to come see the prettiest graduate in the Class of 2008.”

Yoona can’t help but blush.

“Ms Kim, is Yoona your favourite student?” Sooyoung asks cheekily.

“I’m a teacher. I can’t have favourites.”

“Aw, come on. We’ve graduated. You don’t have to be politically correct anymore.”

Ms Kim laughs. “Well, since you put it that way . . . yes, I like Yoona a little more than the rest of my students. She’s very hardworking. Every teacher has good things to say about her.”

Yoona tries to ignore Sooyoung’s nudge.

“Ms Kim, do you know that you’re Yoona’s favourite teacher?”

Yoona thinks Ms Kim’s eyes widen in somewhat mock-surprise as she replies, “Am I?”

“Yeah, Yoona thinks you’re the prettiest teacher in school.”

Ms Kim chuckles. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Yoona is ready to kill her best friend as she smiles with clenched teeth. “You must have other students to see, right, Ms Kim? Sooyoung, don’t hold Ms Kim back.”

Sooyoung grins. “But I’m doing you a favo—”

Yoona ends it with a violent nudge. “Thanks for everything, Ms Kim. See you soon.”

“Come back and see me after you’re in university. I’ll be here.”

“Bye, Ms Kim.”

“Bye, Yoona and Sooyoung.”

Yoona watches as Ms Kim walks away to another group of students. She appreciates the slender legs on chic black heels and the elegant black lacy skirt outfit hugging Ms Kim’s petite figure. She’s gonna miss the pencil skirt that Ms Kim is so fond of. She’s going to miss being mesmerized to distraction by her Art teacher. But she has a plan. And she has Ms Kim’s number.

This is not the end.



11 thoughts on “Distracting

  1. Now that they’re not student-teacher, they can date! XD
    Taeyeon ash blonde hair is the best. I know it’s not good for her hair but she looked so cool with that colour

  2. Initially when I first started reading the story, I wasn’t sure how I felt about a student and teacher… Now that Yoona graduated, I’m interested to see what direction you plan to take the story XD

    Yoona, you are so slick in getting Ms. Kim’s number 😉

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