CNN: Bread and Dance


Taengoo wakes up happy and cosy under the soft cotton sheets Ppani bought for her, with her. She purrs and rubs up against Ppani’s arm, enjoying the touch. She likes it best when Ppani scratches behind her ears though. Especially when she’s in human form. It sends a good feeling all the way to her toes and her ears and tail will be as perky as can be. With a soft meow, Taengoo jumps off the bed with the agility that only a cat has and walks to her fleece coat left folded in the basket near the door.

A nose twitch later, Taengoo is lying on her stomach and she reaches for the coat, pulling it on quickly so she’s not naked and cold anymore. Then, she goes to the kitchen and makes a cup of coffee, sets out the milk and cereal and bowls. When all that is done, Taengoo goes back to the bedroom with the cup of coffee and puts it on Ppani’s bedside table.

“Ppani, it’s time to get up,” Taengoo says softly, giving the sleeping woman’s arm a gentle shake. Ppani frowns and mumbles something and doesn’t get up but Taengoo doesn’t give up. She gives Ppani’s arm another shake and flicks her ear a few times until the mission is accomplished and Ppani sits up with her hair in a mess. Smiling brightly, Taengoo puts the cup of coffee in Ppani’s hands. “Good morning, Ppani.”

Ppani finally smiles. “Good morning, baby boo.”

Taengoo’s ears perk up right away. She loves it when Ppani calls her baby boo. It’s like Taengoo. Goo and boo. She likes. “Breakfast is ready.”

“Thanks, boo.” Ppani takes another sip of the coffee and puts it on the bedside table. “I’ll be right out,” she says and heads into the bathroom to do her morning things.

After breakfast, Taengoo skips into the bedroom in excitement and changes into a thick pair of tights, a leopard-print baggy top (her favourite), a pastel pink hoodie that matches her ears and a huge black jacket that dwarfs her completely. As a finishing touch, she pulls on a black cap, making sure her ears are flopped flat on her head and arranged comfortably underneath. She checks the mirror for any sign of pink furry ears and a tail before stepping out of the bedroom. It’s all hidden from sight.

“Ppani, I’m ready!” she announces, waiting by the door with her socks and shoes worn.

Ppani comes into view, looking cute and hot in her equally baggy hoodie and massive jacket. “Okay, let’s go!”

Taengoo’s ears perk up under the cap and almost push it off but Taengoo reminds her ears to behave and pushes her cap back down. No perking up in public! And the same goes for her tail.


Tiffany looks at her cute friend and pet and smiles. She is constantly touched by how sweet and caring Taengoo is and she can’t imagine life without her. Currently, they are heading to the bread shop to buy the bread that Taengoo likes so much. Over the past three months, Tiffany has learnt a lot about what Taengoo likes when she’s in her human form. Well, firstly, chocolate chip cookies. But also fruits, bread and sweets. Simple things.

“Go ahead and choose your bread, Taengoo.”

“Okay,” she says in a squeakier voice than usual.

Tiffany can see Taengoo’s cap moving a little under her hoodie and smiles. This cute cat-girl really loves her bread. It’s adorable and she enjoys watching Taengoo studying each type of bread on display. The cat-girl ends up choosing six different types of bread.

“This is for you, Ppani,” says Taengoo, holding up a rectangular piece of bread. It’s sugary and looks delicious.

“Thanks, Taengoo,” Tiffany replies with a pat on her cat-girl’s head and they move to the cashier to pay for it.

Her cat-girl is quiet when she pays for the bread. A less-than-happy vibe is radiating from under the layers of cap, jacket and hoodie and Tiffany knows Taengoo is upset about something. She hands the bag of bread to Taengoo nonetheless and leads her out of the shop without a word.

“I need to get something from the convenience store before we go back,” she says to Taengoo and the cat-girl nods. They enter a convenience store near their home but they can’t find what Tiffany wants on the shelves. Tiffany asks a staff of the shop for the thing she is looking for and is told to wait a moment. Looking at Taengoo browsing around listlessly, Tiffany can’t stand it anymore and asks what is wrong.

Taengoo looks at her sadly, her lips in a pout. “I don’t have money pay for anything.”

“Aww, Taengoo.” Tiffany pulls the sad cat-girl into a hug. “Don’t worry about it. I have more than enough money for the both of us.”

“I’m useless.”

Tiffany holds Taengoo at arm’s length, gripping her shoulders hard. “You’re not useless.”

“I can’t do much for you. All I’m good at is eating up your cookies.”

“That’s not true. You’re doing a lot for me. You keep my home clean and prepare breakfast for me every day. You even do the laundry for me. You’re doing a lot more than any other friend or pet would ever do.”


Tiffany smiles at the light coming back into Taengoo’s eyes. “Really.” She’s about to give the cat-girl another hug when a familiar song plays in the store and a naughty idea springs into her mind. “There’s something you can do for me right now though.”

“Really? What?”

“Dance to this song for me.”

“Now?” Taengoo asks, her eyes wide open as she looks around the store. “Right here?”

“Right here.” Tiffany giggles as she takes the bag of bread from Taengoo. “Go on, dance for me. I’ve seen you doing it at home when you think I’m not watching.”

Taengoo blushes bright pink. “But—”

“I really wanna see you dance for me,” Tiffany says, putting on her best puppy eyes, “please?”

“Okay . . .” Taengoo relents and takes a deep breath. “Here goes nothing.”

Tiffany grins as the cat-human launches into cute dance mode, mouthing the lyrics of the song as she shakes her hips and dances the steps with a familiarity that spells adorable. This too cute. Oh my God. I’m gonna make Taengoo dance for me at home with her ears, tail and all.

Chuckling at her thought, Tiffany jumps a little when the cashier appears beside them and tells them the item is out of stock. Taengoo is even more adorable, blushing madly over getting caught dancing in the store. Tiffany thanks the staff and pulls Taengoo out of the store quickly, giggling as her cat-girl whines in embarrassment. Way too cute.


Felt like writing some kitty today so I wrote this. Not really a continuation. Just a look into a day in the life of the cat and the nurse.

9 thoughts on “CNN: Bread and Dance

  1. Yesss! I absolutely love this story 😀 I couldn’t believe it when I saw an update. Thank you!!

  2. I see what you did there. This reminds me of Taeyeon’s get up as she was dancing when the sales lady approached her to say the item is out of stock. I’m guessing that it was Tiffanu who took the video because of a familiar giggle.

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