The Valentine

Knock knock. Silky black waterfall. Wide smile. Then the rest follows in a sleek black dress and the door closes behind her secretary. Tiffany’s lips curl up on cue. Other than the bigger smiles, nothing has changed. Her secretary is as professional as ever, as proficient as ever. But as for herself . . .

Tiffany leaves her leather chair and meets Taeyeon in the middle of her office. The mere sight of her secretary ignites all sorts of fires in her lower torso and she can’t resist bringing Taeyeon’s lips to her own. They melt together for a minute or two, until Tiffany regains her senses and pulls back. She notes with pleasure, the way Taeyeon’s chest heaves after their soul-ravishing kiss, the way Taeyeon’s lip gloss is smeared over and under. The way her own lips taste like Taeyeon’s.

“I love the way you look now,” says Tiffany, tapping Taeyeon’s lip with her finger tip, “so ravaged.”

“But I can’t go back out looking like this,” Taeyeon replies, pouting to make her point.

“I’ll take care of that.” With a piece of tissue, Tiffany proceeds to clean up the mess she made of Taeyeon’s lip gloss. Then she crosses the room to get her tube of lip gloss from her bag. “Here. Use my lip gloss.”

But Taeyeon pulls a tube of lip gloss from her pocket. “I came prepared.”

A slow smile spreads across Tiffany’s lips as she shakes her head. “Taeyeon-ssi, you are an incredible woman.”

Taeyeon’s lips mirror Tiffany’s. “That’s a requirement to be your secretary, Sajang-nim.”

“No wonder I fired all the other secretaries.”

Leaning into Tiffany, Taeyeon’s arms loop around the slender waist. “I almost wanted to quit at first but you wouldn’t let me.”

Tiffany laughs. The memory of that pivotal night in her car comes to mind. “I know a good secretary when I see one. I’m not letting you leave me so easily.”

“And I’m not letting you get rid of me so easily.”

“Why would I get rid of a secretary who can satisfy my every desire?”

“Anything can happen. The unimaginable.”

Tiffany flashes a wicked smile. “The unimaginable would be if you stop putting out sweets on my desk one day.”

“Sajang-nim . . .”

“Kiss me.”

Without hesitation, Taeyeon complies.


Eight o’clock. Taeyeon adjusts her mouse pad as her laptop shuts down. It takes a while so she sets the files straight as well. Her laptop is in its last stage of shutdown so Taeyeon stands and puts her coat on. She is putting on her deep blue scarf when the Sajang-nim’s office door swings open, revealing the taller woman decked out in a pastel pink dress that tapers to all the right curves on the body.

“Sugo haseyo, Sajang-nim,” Taeyeon says with a bow.

Hwang Sajang-nim returns the greeting as usual and walks to the elevator. Taeyeon grabs her bag and makes her way to the elevator too but neither says a single word. The entire journey down is silent and they head to their respective cars after a cursory nod and bow.

Taeyeon gets in her car and revs up the engine. She’s going to have to do a good job of stalking Hwang Sajang-nim’s car tonight.

A challenging twenty minute drive later, Taeyeon finds herself pulling into a parking lot in the basement of a luxury hotel. She gets out of her car and walks to Hwang Sajang-nim who is standing to the side.

“This isn’t the most expensive room,” Hwang Sajang-nim says as she hands Taeyeon a card. “This is only the second most expensive room.”

Taeyeon can’t help but giggle as she accepts the card. Hwang Sajang-nim might be all-business and dominant at work, but she has her moments of cheeky comedy too.


A stranger entering the elevator would think they were strangers. And a stranger who sees them walking down the corridor would think they were strangers too. But it is a classic example of an illusion because nothing could not be further from the truth.

One peep behind the closed door and the stranger would see the shorter woman backed up against the wall, lips being devoured by a temptress who is still in her coat and scarf. The stranger would witness the taller woman pulling clothes off in a frenzy, as though the pieces of fabric were burning her. The stranger would notice their bags on the floor by the door, forgotten as the taller woman plunges her hand into the other woman’s panties, hear the low moans, the high squeals, the quick breaths, the meeting of lips and skin on skin, smell the essence of their passion as they ravish each other without shame or inhibition.

Behind the closed door, Taeyeon and Tiffany are hungry for each other. They are desperate for more. They are melting together into seven different states and back. In short, they are anything but strangers.


After working up a sweat against the wall, over the armchair and on the bed, it is only natural to crave for a bath.

Taeyeon and Tiffany sit in the bathtub facing each other, legs criss-crossing, toes doing naughty things to the other woman’s legs. Taeyeon is working her big toe up Tiffany’s thigh and is almost reaching the top when a hand grabs her foot and lifts it above the water.

“Caught for trespassing,” Tiffany states, wearing the solemnest of expressions. “To be exiled indefinitely,” she adds, and hangs Taeyeon’s leg over the edge of the tub.

“You can’t exile my foot,” Taeyeon protests.

“I can.”

“You’re abusing your power, Sajang-nim.”

Tiffany narrows her eyes into slits. “You’re pushing your luck, Taeyeon-ssi.”

“I am a poor defenseless secretary at the mercy of a tyrannous sajang-nim.”

Leaning forward on two hands, Tiffany says, “Say that again?”

“Tyrannous sa-jang-nim.”

Tiffany pounces on Taeyeon, her hands on the woman’s shoulders, legs straddling her waist. The water in the tub sloshes around as the two woman squeal and scramble around, one seeking to overpower, the other seeking a chance to turn the tables around. In the end, it is peaceful resolution as lips meet yet again while hands fondle and grab underwater.

Both women are reduced to raisins by the time they leave the bathroom in bathrobes and it is then that their stomachs begin to growl. Looking at each other, they begin to laugh.

“I can’t believe we haven’t eaten until now,” Taeyeon remarks.

Tiffany smiles and reaches for the room service menu. “A candlelight supper works just as well as a candlelight dinner anyway.”

Taeyeon grins and pulls Tiffany’s bathrobe aside to plant a kiss on the woman’s shoulder. “A candlelight anything would work as long as I’m having it with you.”

Tiffany kisses Taeyeon on the lips and smiles. “Pause your romantic speech for a minute or we’ll never get around to ordering.”

“Yes, Sajang-nim.”


A wonderful candlelight supper later, Taeyeon and Tiffany are in bed, reclining against fluffy pillows, arms around each other as they watch a cheesy romantic comedy. A quarter way through the movie, Tiffany gets out of bed and goes to her once-forgotten bag and fishes out a rectangular box of royal blue. She makes her way back to bed with it and puts it on Taeyeon’s lap.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, lover Tae.”

“But there’s ten more minutes to twelve.”

“I can’t stand waiting anymore. I’ve waited three months for this day. I’m done waiting.”

“Shall I open it now?”

“Open it now.”

Taeyeon opens the box and Tiffany straightens up in anticipation of her lover’s reaction. “Sajang-nim!” Taeyeon gasps when a familiar denim blue wallet comes into view.

“Are we there yet?” Tiffany asks with a meaningful smile and Taeyeon is instantly brought back to that luxury shop where they had their first argument as a couple. And it had been their first day as a couple too. Back then she had rejected the present because they ‘weren’t there yet’. But right now . . .

Throwing her arms around Tiffany’s neck, Taeyeon gives her a very long, very wet and very deep kiss. When she finally ends it, Tiffany is smiling and breathing heavily.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Yes.” Taeyeon pushes Tiffany flat on her back and pulls her bathrobe open. “Yes, yes, yes.” She descends on Tiffany, mashing their lips together as her hands find their way to the half-globes on Tiffany’s chest. Her own robe is pulled open and tugged off soon after as Taeyeon kisses her way down to where her hands are, her tongue taking over her fingers’ job of teasing the two pinnacles of pleasure.

With her freed hands, Taeyeon moves them down to where the bang is going to happen. Upon reaching the destination, she finds Tiffany in a finger-ready state. Very ready. Extremely ready. Overflowing with readiness. So she lets her fingers do what they do best. Command and conquer.

Tiffany is gasping and moaning and making cute little sounds one second and scary, dying sounds the next. Through it all, she holds Taeyeon close, hands on the woman’s head, fingers in her hair. Everything is won and lost. Everything has come and gone. She closes her eyes as the feeling builds into a twenty-story skyscraper and bites her lip as the entire building comes crumbling down at once. At the peak of it all, she doesn’t realize she’s screaming Taeyeon’s name. Long and loud.

Tae. Tae. Tae.



Tiffany is in the midst of cuddling with Taeyeon after returning the favour when she realizes something is missing.



“Where’s my present?”


Tiffany loses her source of warmth as Taeyeon rolls out of bed and scampers to the other once-forgotten bag. She walks back holding a picture. Tiffany takes one look at the picture and stares at Taeyeon.

“This puppy is very fluffy and cute but what is this for?”

“It’s our puppy.”

Tiffany’s jaw falls open. “What?”

“I bought us a puppy. You’ve been talking about puppies and how much you love dogs so I thought we could have a puppy together. It’s actually in my apartment now. I wanted to bring the pup here but it’s a hotel and they don’t allow dogs so I took a picture of it instead.”


“Yes?” Taeyeon wonders for a moment if Tiffany doesn’t actually want a dog. But that doubt is squashed when Tiffany gives her the biggest hug ever.

“Thank you.”

Feeling relieved, Taeyeon hugs Tiffany back. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sajang-nim.” Pulling back, Taeyeon smiles. “What would you like to call it?”

“The pup?”


Tiffany smiles. “Taebiseo.”

“You are not calling it Tae secretary. No, no. How about Hwang Sajang-nim?”

Tiffany frowns. “No.”

“Or Sajang-nim?”


Taeyeon pouts. “Sajang-nim is a nice name for a dog.”

“No, it’s not.”

“What name then?”

Tiffany smiles suddenly. “I know the perfect name for it.”



“Valentine? But it’s a boy.”

“Fluffy Valentine.”

“Are you really going to name a male dog Valentine?”

Tiffany’s eyes sparkle like a thousand jewels as she nods. “Yes, he will be our Valentine.”

Taeyeon can’t help smiling. “It does fit nicely when you put it like that. Alright then. Valentine. Our Valentine.”

Tiffany leans in for a kiss. “I love you, Tae.”

Taeyeon smiles and kisses her back. “I love you too.”


Happy Valentine’s Day 💗


24 thoughts on “The Valentine

  1. Valentine is a good name. Would you believe it’s the name of my sister’s husband who was born on February 14. So it’s not gender specific and would suit TaeNy’s baby dog very well ( I hope my brother-in-law doesn’t see this comment). Hahaha!

  2. After 100 years, I finally had the chance to read this because surprisingly, I am not busy at work today.

    I like reading your stories when I am work. It gives me a breather. Actually, it gave me more than a breather. I was giggly and all smiles while reading this.

    It’s so light and yet, full of love and hoity toitiness. I like. Very much

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