Deal Breaker 16

“It’s just you?”

Tiffany nods. After getting past the reception and secretary, she now stands before Daniel, the man himself. Her adrenaline spikes. This is what she lives to do. Even if death and torture constantly lurk in the shadows.

“Yoona wasn’t kidding when she says your team is small,” Daniel comments with a chuckle. “Well, don’t stand on ceremony, have a seat.”

Tiffany sits on the chair across Daniel’s desk and sets her bag on the floor. “I’m Stephanie, I’ll be the one and only person you need to see regarding the security system. We pride ourselves on secrecy and privacy so only one person handles each account.”

Daniel nods. “Sounds good. Confidentiality is our top priority. Our business banks on it.”

“We offer a wide range of security systems. We have frameworks in place but modifications will be made to fit your needs. If required, we will customize a system unique to your company.”

Leaning forward on his elbows, a spark of interest flashes in Daniel’s eyes. “I would like to know more about the cost of a customized system and what it can do.”

Tiffany flashes a deal-closing smile. “List your security priorities and I will show you how we can secure them all.”

“Not that it’s any of my business, but do you like our leading agent?”

Taeyeon turns to Agent Amber, her calm a little off-kilter. “What?”

“I asked if you like our leading agent.”

“I have no reason to like your leading agent.”

Agent Amber grins and spins her pen as she waggles her propped up foot on the table. “Then why are you sexually harassing her?”

If Taeyeon had been drinking water at that moment, she would have spit it in Agent Amber’s face. “S-Sexually harassing? Her?”

“According to my observations, your first kiss lasted 1.893 seconds and your second kiss lasted 3.981 seconds. Based on scientific research, an increase in duration of sustained lip contact indicates an increase in attraction between the engaged.”



“I heard you the first time.” Taeyeon shakes her head. “How did you even know we kissed?” She gasps. “Did Tiffany tell you?”

“Of course not. She doesn’t kiss and tell. But she doesn’t have to. Not when you’re doing it on our premises.”

“You spied on us!”

“I was conducting surveillance. Like what we are doing now,” Agent Amber retorts with a nod towards the screens showing Tiffany in Daniel’s office.

“Our first kiss wasn’t even on your premises.”

“We had surveillance on you for a long time before we made contact, you know.”

Realization hits Taeyeon and she blushes. “You had surveillance on me in my bedroom the entire time?”

“Uh huh.”

“So you saw—”

“I’ve seen you with your hand down your pants a few times, yes.”

“Oh my—get away from me, you—you creep!”

“But it was mostly Tiffany, to be honest.”

Taeyeon can’t believe what she’s hearing. “Are you for real?”

“I’m quite real. You can pinch me to check if you want,” says Agent Amber, offering her arm for the litmus test.

“You’re sick.” Taeyeon shifts her chair further away from Agent Amber. “You’re all sick people.”

“I agree with you in some ways. But you haven’t told me if you like our leading agent yet.”

“Why would you ask a question like this?”

“To get an answer.”

“You’re not just a creep. You’re an irritating smart-ass too.”

“Hmm. You are dodging the question which means your answer is in the positive.”

“My answer is no such thing.”

“So, it’s a no.” Agent Amber tilts her head. “But why would you initiate sexual contact more than once if you are not attracted to her?”

“I’m going to strangle you if you don’t stop asking.”

“Response escalating to violence indicates the responder has been caught lying and is desperate.”

Taeyeon lunges but Agent Amber is faster. With a push of her feet, Agent Amber slides away on the wheels of her chair and cackles while Taeyeon fumes.

Taeyeon turns around at the sound of the door opening.

“I’m back.”

Agent Amber stands and walks over to take the bag of equipment from Tiffany. “You’re smiling so it must be a success. Or are you just happy to see Taeyeon again?”

“Agent Amber!”

Taeyeon hears a second voice over hers and her eyes meet with Tiffany’s, both a little bemused.

Agent Amber covers her eyes and backs out the door Tiffany entered. “I didn’t see anything. Nope. I swear I didn’t see the eye smex that just happened. I didn’t see anything, I promise. Bye.” And off she scoots like a rabbit down its hole, leaving Taeyeon standing there, staring at Tiffany.


Tiffany takes her cap off. “Have you been watching while I was in there?”

“Are there cameras in here?” Taeyeon asks.

Tiffany shakes her head. “Why would we insta—”

Taeyeon is kissing Tiffany even before the sentence ends.

a/n: after a really long hiatus, this Deal Breaker is back.

24 thoughts on “Deal Breaker 16

  1. At last, Deal Breaker is back! I miss them so much. Thanks for the update and take your time AK. I thought Taeyeon can keep calm for more. Haha. Go get Tiffany.

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