FSOP2: 35

Black eyes are supposed to be normal. But Ms Pink’s black eyes aren’t normal. They are dead. They are empty. Where is the life?

Seo is clearly worried too—she doesn’t stop fussing over Ms Pink until she gets a glare in the face along with a minced ‘Secretary Seo’. Even then, she merely retreats behind me for a moment before reappearing with a pink mug with a pink straw.

“Ms Pink,” she says, hand stretched out with the drink.

Ms Pink accepts it and takes a sip.

“Do you like the taste of it?” Seo asks.

Ms Pink regards her for a second, then nods.

“That’s a relief.”

“I’m still a vampire,” Ms Pink replies with a hint of impatience. “But I’ve lost some abilities. I feel . . . a lot less powerful.”

“We will have to conduct some tests. You have been through many different transfusions. It is complicated.”

“I want to know about Taeyeon.” Ms Pink sets her unusually black eyes on me. “Why are her eyes blue?”

“They turned blue after Helene tried to convert her with multiple infusions.”

“Is she a vampire?”

“I have not checked her yet.”

I’m just sitting here beside Ms Pink, watching as they talk about me as though I’m not here, when Ms Pink thrusts her pink mug at my face. “Drink this.”

I take the mug from Ms Pink and look at it doubtfully.


I am trying my best not to cringe as I bring the straw to my lips and take a sip. Both Ms Pink and Seo are staring at me. “Argh.”

“She’s not a vampire,” says Ms Pink with a smile.

“But she has supernatural abilities. She could keep up with my pace. And her blue eyes?”

“She may be supernatural now, but she’s not a vampire.”

“Then what am I?” I ask, unable to stay silent anymore. A recollection of something Glazia told me in the past makes the mug in my hand feel heavier than before. “If I don’t like to drink blood, does it really mean I’m not a vampire?”

“That is one of the best ways to check,” says Seo.

“But why didn’t I turn into a vampire?” Ms Pink’s smile is disturbing me. “Do you know why?” I ask her.

“I made sure it wouldn’t happen.”


Ms Pink looks straight at me, fearless and open. “I made you immune. Just like I did to Yoohuan. Cartu and Glazia would have told you so why are you asking me?”

I am angry now. “I was hoping for an explanation.”

“What would I need to explain?”

“You’ve never asked me for my opinion on any matter. Even when I am the one who has to bear the consequence.”

“I don’t have to ask when I already know the answer.”

“How can you be so sure I don’t want to become a vampire?”

“Helene is one of the few vampires powerful enough to have any chance of converting you. And if she succeeded, you would have lost all your love for me, and mine for you.”

Every word Ms Pink speaks is true and logically speaking, I should agree. But I am irrationally upset. “You should’ve at least told me about it.”

“The ending would not be the same if I had told you about it.”

“You don’t even ask me if I mind being carried around by you!”

Ms Pink closes her eyes for a moment. “I didn’t want to give you a chance to say no.”

The unspoken words hang in the air between us.

Then I launch myself at her.

Lips on lips. Heart to heart. It doesn’t matter that our hearts aren’t beating anymore. I can still feel her heart and I know she can feel mine too. Everything I have bottled up inside comes pouring out of my kisses. Everything I have wanted to tell Ms Pink. Everything I have wanted to give Ms Pink.

There is no time for tears. No time for fights. This time, we let our lips tell the story. We let our lips tell our hearts.

When we finally part, chest and shoulders heaving, our eyes meet and I see the tears in hers. It wrenches my heart. No tears. No more tears.

“Don’t cry,” I whisper, fingers tracing the curve of her cheekbone just below her eyes. Pressing a kiss on one of her eyes, I garner my strength and smile. “I’m still in love with you. You’re still in love with me. I’m not a vampire. But I’m not human either. Things turned out great.”

“You saved me from Ttrowtos.”

“It was the least I could do.”

Ms Pink shakes her head slowly. “Your blood saved me from losing my mind to Ttrowtos.”

“My blood?”

“I went to see Qas after taking in your blood. It weakened me but it also protected me from falling completely under Ttrowtos’s control.”

My eyes widen in surprise. “Were you aware of what you were doing? But you shot me. And attacked me.”

“I couldn’t stop myself. But I knew you could protect yourself. I had faith that you would find a way once I left your side.”

It’s my turn to shake my head. “I had to find a way to go back to your side. I can’t possibly live without you.”

“Stupid human.” Ms Pink smiles and she’s beautiful even if her eyes are lacking the spark of pink.

I grin. “Ah, but I’m not human anymore.”

“Still my stupid human.”

A shiver streaks down my spine at the feel of Ms Pink’s hands around my waist. I recognize the touch. I know what she wants. “We should get a room,” I whisper.

“We are in a room.”

“But—” I halt in speech as I look around for Seo.

“She left the room long ago.”

As black as Ms Pink’s eyes are, they are still capable of gleaming. But another nagging thought stops me from leaning in. “Are you feeling alright for this?”

Ms Pink pulls me down to the floor with her. “This will make me feel alright.”

“Just alright?”

More gleaming. “That depends on you.”


I have waited so long for this. Not specifically the feeling of Ms Pink’s lips on my body, but the feeling of being loved so completely. The way Ms Pink kisses me like a vampire starved of blood. The way Ms Pink holds me like she owns me. The way Ms Pink touches me like she knows exactly what I need.

Ms Pink knows. But I know too. And I give Ms Pink back as much as I get. I try to give more but I think it’s pretty hard to top Ms Pink in this department. After all, three hundred years of experience versus less than three hundred days I have . . .

“Don’t stop,” Ms Pink gasps, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Ma’am. Hmm.”

It’s my turn to gasp at the vibrations from Ms Pink’s hum attacking the tenderness between my legs. And there’s her tongue. Oh my . . . my . . . hell. Decadent and sinful but totally worth it kind of hell. Ms Pink seems determined to kill me with her lips and tongue and I’m not doing anything to stop her. I can’t stop her. I’m too busy on my end trying to please her too. But I’m definitely losing the battle. Losing . . . badly . . .

Oh hell. Hell yeah.

“Ms Pink—” I croak, body tensed, suspended in a moment between heaven and hell and earth and time. “Oh my God.” Air rushes out of me when the tension seeps away and I soften into a creamy marshmallow. “So good.”

“You’re not done with me,” Ms Pink growls.

That sexy tone gets my blood pumping like sugar chugged and I flip Ms Pink onto her back by her waist. And I decide to cheat a little. With my eyes closed, I sense the energies swirling around me and garner them. One pulse is all it takes. One pulse directed where Ms Pink is most sensitive. She squeals, a sound I’ve never heard and her arms tighten around my lower torso.

“Tae-yeon. What.”

I simply grin and send another pulse at her making her buck under me. I’m enjoying this.

“Holy f—” Ms Pink doesn’t get to say the rest of it because she is going through a wave of intense pleasure applied by my transmitted pulses and fingers.

I keep it going and she keeps on coming and by the time I’m done with her, she’s a heap of random babbles. Maybe I exaggerate, but I’m pretty sure I left an impression on her this time. And what’s the best thing of all? Neither of us had to hold back to avoid hurting each other.


I look over at Ms Pink’s luxurious silk robe lying on the floor next to us and smile. Pink. Still Pink. That unmistakable colour. Ms Pink. Her fingers are tracing lazy curves on my arm and her lips are just beside mine when I turn back to her. Unable to resist, I lean in just a fraction and our lips meet in a sweet union. We smile into the gentle press and I roll a little closer to her, casting my hand over her waist.

“I will punish you for turning your Erika on me,” Ms Pink mutters as soon as our lips part.

I can only smile. “Please punish me, Ms Pink. I deserve it completely.”

A tight spank lands on my lower cheek, widening my smile. “Just wait till my strength returns.”

Looking into the pitch black eyes of Ms Pink’s I try to shake off my worries that Ttrowtos or my blood may have killed the pink in her eyes forever. “I’ll be waiting.”

“I will regain everything I lost,” says Ms Pink and right here in this moment, I believe she will. “And we will bring Kharne to justice.”

The resolve in Ms Pink’s tone ignites me from within. It never was about Ms Pink’s power. It never was about Ms Pink the princess vampire. Here, lying in my arms, lies the love of my newly infinitely extended life. And it is only now that I truly realize what I love most about Ms Pink.

Her spirit. Determination, confidence, perseverance and love all rolled into one beautiful package. Princess vampire or not, these are qualities she has always possessed and still possess after going through so much. And just when I think I have reached the pinnacle of love for this princess vampire of mine, she raises the bar and there is suddenly so much more.

“Ms Pink.”

“Stupid human. Why are you crying?”

“Ms Pink, I’m too happy ‘cos I’m not human anymore.” Ms Pink shakes her head to disagree but I stop her with my hands cupping her face. “Now I have time. Endless time. There is no limit to our love anymore.”


“Now we really can be together forever.” I have to stop to smile at the thought. “I’m ready for that. Are you?”

Ms Pink pulls a beautiful smile and there is just the slightest hint of pink in her eyes that I might have imagined when she replies. “Stupid human.”


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  1. Loving this story. I anticipate each update. I love all your stories :). I am glad to have discovered you 🙂

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