Do The Math

“Today, I’ll be sharing the most important exam tip you will ever get from anyone.” Taeyeon grins as her entire class of lethargic students sit up straight in unison. Holding her finger up, she pauses for dramatic effect. “Wait for it . . . three fool proof steps to do math.” Eyes on her students. They’ll all paying attention now. “Ready for it?”


“Totally, Ms Kim!”

“Give it!”

Taeyeon nods and turns to the whiteboard with her marker and begins writing.

  1. Read the problem.
  2. Read the problem again.
  3. Cry.

With a push, the cap is back on the marker and Taeyeon looks up to the groans of her students.

“Ms Kim . . .”

“Damn, we got trolled.”

“I can’t believe I woke up for this.”

Taeyeon rolls her eyes. “You shouldn’t have been sleeping in the first place.”

“You can’t play with our feelings like this.”

Taeyeon shrugs and tosses her marker onto the ledge of the whiteboard. “If not like this, I’ll just play with your feelings with the math quiz next week.”

The groans resound with double the thickness. “Nooo . . .”

Taeyeon grins at her distraught students. “It’s gonna be ten percent of your grades.”

“Ms Kim, have mercy . . .”

“The topics for the quiz are up on the portal. Good luck, kids.”


“Hey, neighbour.” Taeyeon sets her file and bag down on her desk and smiles at the puppy eyes staring at her.

“Spaghetti straps on low cut dresses aren’t suitable for the classroom, Ms Kim.”

“Showing some skin helps, Ms Hweng.”

“I’m not Ms Hweng. Stop calling me that.”

“I’ll stop if you stop calling me Ms Kim.”

“Are you still in primary school?”

“I’m young at heart. That’s why my students love me.”

“In your case, it’s called immature.”

Taeyeon shrugs. “It depends on how you look at it.”

“Don’t you have assignments to mark, Taeyeon?”

With a huge, handsome grin Taeyeon rolls her chair to her neighbour’s side and whispers, “You’re a fast learner, Tiffany. Very attractive.”

“Taeyeon, I’m warning you.”

Taeyeon rolls back and opens her bag. “Don’t you have assignments to mark, Tiffany?” She pulls a bundle of papers from her satchel and picks a red pen from her skull pen holder. “Those English compositions aren’t gonna mark themselves, you know.” Taeyeon ducks quickly after saying that and sighs with relief when the pink marker spins over her bent body and smacks into the wall beside her. Then, with a formulated cool smile, Taeyeon winks at Tiffany and spins her red pen around her fingers.

“Time to do the math so I can ask you out for coffee later.”



14 thoughts on “Do The Math

  1. Taeyeon is one cool chick that likes to troll those whom she likes. Yes, she likes those kids and they like her too. Ms Hwang is on a whole new level of like. Why then would she rile her with that “Ms. Hweng” which is a spoof on her American accent 🙂 . I like this Ms Kim. Wish I had a teacher like her.

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