FSOP2: 38

Ancient symbols. Mystical drawings. Illegible scribbles.

I have never had the chance, nor be interested enough to study the tattoos on Tatua’s face and body, but now that he is the subject of Ms Pink’s investigation, I find myself staring shamelessly at his face. None of the tattoos make any sense to me. But they serve to make him look more intimidating and his blood-shot eyes compound the effect.

“Do you know why I have come to see you?”

Tatua does not react to Ms Pink’s question. He doesn’t even blink. I sense some boiling energy deep within him which I can recognise as rage, but his energy is significantly lower in this stone cell.

“I came to demand you tell me the truth.”

The truth? I am startled. What truth? The truth about?

Tatua closes his eyes. I shudder when I realize even his eyelids are tattooed with a curious swirl of vines or snakes, I can’t be sure. Why are there so many tattoos on him? What do they mean? Did he get himself tattooed before or after he became a super?

“You lack a bargaining chip, Pan Ni.”

“I don’t need one, Tatua.”

The tiniest smirk forms as he says, “Stalemate.”

“You missed a step.”

The smirk disappears. “Impossible.”

“Nothing is possible when time is on your side.”

“Your bluff is weak.”

I look from Tatua to Ms Pink. Is she trying to agitate him? If so, it’s working. The boiling energy I sensed earlier has risen to the surface and the only thing stopping an eruption is a wall built around his physical prison—the body he’s in. I find it strange. Why is his energy clamouring to get out? Why does his energy feel trapped in the first place? I don’t understand.

“If my bluff were weak, I wouldn’t have made the effort to come in here.”

“You have wasted your effort.”

“Shall I enlighten you of your folly?”

Tatua clenches his jaw but says nothing more. I’m staring hard at him now, staring at the tattoos, the odd lines and curves and swirls. There is one tattoo in particular that I find oddly familiar. Just visible under the torn, tattered neckline of his prisoner’s uniform. Right between his collar bones. A curious symbol. Where have I seen it before?

Triangle, circle, diamond.

Triangle, circle, diamond.

The hair on the back of my neck stands and I freeze from inside out. Impossible. Ms Pink said she had killed the guy. It was the first thing she did once she came into power. Wasn’t it? And the mark. I remember seeing it on the back of his neck. Not in front. Or was it hidden back then?

An instant flashback of the man killing Pan Ni’s family in rapid succession bursts into my mind. The scene of him carrying Pan Ni over his shoulder follows. My memory is clear as day and I can see the mark on the back of his neck as he walks down into the cellar with Pan Ni.

Triangle, circle, diamond.

Each shape within the former, and as I stare, I become aware of its third dimension—like it was embossed on his skin.


I snap back to the scene unfolding around me in this cell. Tatua is staring at me, smirk on and Ms Pink is frowning. “Yes?”

Tatua laughs. “The folly is not mine but yours, Pan Ni.”

“Your mind isn’t safe from Taeyeon.” Ms Pink turns her stony black eyes on me. “Draw out your energy around him.”

I want to ask what she means but I have a feeling that’s not a good idea. So with no other choice than to do exactly as Ms Pink described, I push out some energy and wrap it around Tatua, forming a bubble of some sort.

“Close in.”

Upon Ms Pink’s command, I compress the bubble and it shrinks around Tatua, leaving him with lesser and lesser space. Soon, my energy force field is wrapped all around him, exerting pressure on every inch of his body.

“Read his mind.”

My eyes heat up as I focus on Tatua’s head. I can feel the intensity of my stare solidifying into a pressure point. This is similar to what I did to Ms Pink in bed, when I sent pulses of energy directed at her most sensitive point, only I am maintaining a steady pressure instead of multiple flashes. His energy rises, fighting against mine from the inside.


Tatua’s eyes lock on mine, blazing, and I realize I had spoken out loud.

“Break him, Erika.”

With my energy on the roll now, there is no hesitation on my part. I double the pressure with little effort and his energy trembles under my attack. I can break it. No problem.

“Wait,” Tatua says suddenly.

Ms Pink squeezes my shoulder. “Stop.”

Relaxing, I drop the pressure point and diffuse my energy.

“We are waiting,” Ms Pink informs Tatua who closes his eyes and inhales so much that his chest puffs out, pushing against the restraints chaining him to the stone wall.

“I will tell you one thing.”

Ms Pink waits and I can tell her breath is abated by the way her shoulders are tensed.

“Your father was two-headed snake.”

“My father was betrayed by Praneso.”

“That was revenge for a betrayal prior.”

“How is this related to the politics between you and the Federation when it happened hundreds of years ago?”

“It snowballed from that.”

“What about Ttrowtos.”

“Ttrowtos is dead.”

“What about Kharne.”

Tatua chuckles. “Are you really so blind? The Pan Ni I know should not be such a coward.”

“I am no coward.”

“If what you speak is honest, you do not need my answer. The truth is plain to see.”

Ms Pink steps forward and for a moment, it seems like she is prepared to strike Tatua, but she does not. “Attempt to drive a wedge between us and you will be sentenced to the most terrible punishment you fear the most.”

Tatua merely snorts. “There is no wedge to drive if your trust is whole.”

“Why do you only say this now.”

“There are other secrets to protect from your Erika, Pan Ni. Of this, you should know very well.”

“Very well.” Ms Pink steps away. “You are spared today.”

“Farewell, Pan Ni.”

Ms Pink does not bid him farewell in return and neither do I.


I can sense the boiling rage inside Ms Pink as we get back into the car. Seo calms the rage slightly when she announces she has the entire exchange recorded but Ms Pink is still seething like lava threatening to spill out a volcano. The result of this is a silent journey back to Ms Pink’s castle. I follow Ms Pink into her bedroom after she issues Seo with some instructions regarding the recording and the door closes behind us as we stand in the middle of the room.

“Tiffany,” I say, stepping forward to stroke her arm, “you have been raging inside the entire time.” I take her hand in mine and hold it between us, squeezing her fingers a little. “What’s bothering you? Tell me.”


The name falls from Ms Pink’s lips like it’s dirt. “What about her?”

“She might be the true mastermind behind the assassination of my entire family.”

My jaw falls open. “No.”

“But it is hard to trust Tatua’s words.”

“Tatua has the same sign as the man who killed your family.”

Ms Pink’s gaze digs deep into my eyes. “What sign.”

“It’s a triangle with a circle inside and a diamond inside the circle.”

Ms Pink’s eyes narrow. “You saw the same sign on the assassin?”

“Yes. I saw it in your vision. It was on the back of his neck.”

“If it’s in my vision then I must have seen it.” Ms Pink frowns. “Why don’t I remember that? Why haven’t you mentioned it before?”

“You’ve already killed him,” I say with a shrug. “There didn’t seem to be a need to bring it up since he’s already dead.”

Ms Pink turns her back and walks away from me. The turmoil in her mind is tangible and I don’t know what to do to help. Flames appear around her, flickering before gaining momentum and before I’m aware of what’s happening, those baby flames turn into massive flames, swallowing up the entire room. The heat surrounds me and flames almost blind me but I manage to cast a force field of energy around me to block them out.

There I stand in my bubble of energy, watching as Ms Pink spews flames of frustration. And it is only now that I realize how much Ms Pink must have been holding back to avoid hurting me before I gained access to my Erika powers. This is what an angry princess vampire looks like. This is the kind of damage a princess vampire inflicts when she is upset. The spankings and scolding she gave me are like child’s play when compared to this scale of vexation.

Long moments later, I’m tiring from keeping up the manipulation of energy around me and hoping she stops ranting when the flames finally disappear. Her room is mostly flame and heat resistant but things like the folded towels on her chair have turned into ashes. When she still doesn’t turn around to face me again, I move myself instead and hug her from behind.

Hands lay over mine but Ms Pink doesn’t say anything. Something tells me I shouldn’t either. So in silence we stand, physically close, hearts even closer.

I am almost falling asleep on Ms Pink’s back when she finally turns back around and meets my eyes.

“Tiffany,” I whisper, reaching for her cheek.

She leans in and hugs me tight. “I have to examine my father’s logbooks once more.”

“I’ll help.”

Her arms tighten around me. “Stupid human.”

I smile into her shoulder and we stand like this for another long moment.

“But you have to punish me first,” says Ms Pink, after her calm is restored.

That gets my head off her shoulder in a hurry. “Punish you?” The recollection of our little race comes to me as I stare into Ms Pink’s eyes and my breath comes out in a rush. “Oh, punish you.”

“I am a princess vampire of my word.” Ms Pink takes one step back and holds her hands out to me, palms up. “I am ready, Erika.”

But I am not ready for this. Punishment needs planning. Planning needs time. I need time. Panic almost descends upon me until I realize one thing just in time. I own Ms Pink now. I am the Erika. I can take my time. Oh yeah.


“Strip. Very slowly.” Upon giving my command, I turn and walk to the bed with as much calm as I can muster. But my composure makes a hasty departure the moment I set my eyes on Ms Pink again. Standing with her hip thrust out, Ms Pink pulls off a seductive S-line as she slides her pink coat off her shoulders and batters her eye lashes as it glides down her arms.

Hot damn. Ms Pink’s flames and fury hasn’t killed me yet but this seduction just might do the trick. I try not to drool as Ms Pink unbuttons her silky pink top with swaying hips. Each button is released with a sway and by the time her top is open, I am practically salivating. But wait a minute. Who’s the boss here? I should be dictating this.

“Stop. Stand straight.” I get up from the bed and walk around my princess vampire. She is standing like a frozen statue as commanded and it does things to me. I unclasp her brassiere and leave it hanging. “Take it off,” I command and my heart thumps when she obeys. This is sexier than anything I’ve ever experienced. Walking around to the front, I unbutton and unzip her pants. “Take them off too.” Again, she complies and stands before me in nothing but her pink panties. What’s next?

A grin slips onto my face when an idea strikes me. It’s time to test Ms Pink’s true endurance. The torture shall begin. “Take your panties off . . .” I command while walking to the wardrobe. Opening it, I fish out my pair of blue panties and dangle them before Ms Pink’s eyes. “Put these on instead.”

A pink flame flashes in Ms Pink’s eyes. I’m pretty sure of it. But she takes the blue panties from me and bends over to put them on.

Ms Pink in blue.

I am in love.

Summoning the energy behind Ms Pink, I nudge her to me and take her into my arms. “You are so hot,” I breathe into her ear and, on a crazy impulse, nibble on her ear lobe. Ms Pink jerks a little, putting a sly grin on my face. Is she sensitive to this? Maybe I should nibble on her ear lobe more. Remembering the demands Ms Pink placed on me during our early days, I lean back and say, “Hold still.”

A low growl escapes Ms Pink’s lips as she tenses.

“Don’t move or I’ll punish you even more,” I whisper in her ear and finish it with another nibble. This time, Ms Pink does even bat an eyelid, reminding me of her superior control she has over herself. “Lie on the bed and spread out.”

It seems meaningless to tie Ms Pink up when she’s entirely capable of ripping her bonds but I do it anyway. It’s all part of the game so I might as well play it. Opting for human speed, I get to savour the process a little bit more and when I’m finally done with cuffing her wrists and ankles to the bed posts, Ms Pink is a magnificent sight. I can hardly stop myself from jumping on her and digging in. But I have to. Darn, it isn’t easy to be the torturer. It feels like I’m torturing myself more, in fact.

Burn. Slow burn. I walk around the bed, admiring Ms Pink from all angles. With her curls fanned out over her pillow, she looks like a dark angel, fallen from heaven into my clutches. Yes, she’s all mine. In my blue panties.

I walk over to her collection of instruments of torture and after a moment’s perusal, decide that none of them will do. They don’t quite suit me somehow. But I remember something special Ms Pink used on me before. The spatula. That will be perfect.

“I need to get something. Don’t move while I’m gone.”

Ms Pink doesn’t say a word but I see another pink flame in her eyes which I take as a yes. I stroll to the kitchen and take my time to select a spatula. They are all pink, of course, but their sizes vary. In the end, I bring two back with me. And a jar of the strawberry jam Ms Pink had added to her kitchen ever since I moved in with her. This should be fun.

Ms Pink is acting the part of the perfect prisoner when I return with my loot. But I notice her eyes widening ever so slightly when she sees what I brought back. “Do you like strawberry jam, Tiffany?” I ask, holding it up for her to see. I open the jar and take a whiff. “Thanks for buying such good jam for me, Tiffany.”

I’m not quite sure what to do next but I think it’s better to start with the spatula so I won’t make a mess of the jam yet. Holding the pink spatula over her face, I drag it over her cheek, teasing her just like she teased me. I also remember how she tortured me by spanking me everywhere but where I wanted it most. That’s an idea.

With the spatula, I smack her up and down the sides of her body. Up and down her arms. Left and right. I take my time with this. And I suspect it might feel excruciatingly slow for her because she’s growling softly after some time. I take care to avoid the points that might get her off and continue to tease her ever so slowly.

Her chest is beginning to heave. And she’s biting her lip. Her fists are now clenched and no longer relaxed. I think I’m doing a good job of teasing her.

“How much more can you take, Tiffany?” I ask and swipe the base of the spatula over the peak of one breast just as her mouth opens. A groan slips past her guard and she’s back to biting her lip. I think I’m pretty good at this. “How much more?” I tease again and when she doesn’t answer, I bring the spatula down over her breast. “Answer me,” I demand.

More pink flames flash in her eyes as she replies, “How much more can you give, Taeyeon?”

“Oh, is that a challenge?” I say with a grin and bring the spatula down on her other breast. “Naughty Tiffany.” I swap the spatula for the jar of jam and with my fingers, put a glob of the strawberry goodness on the breast I just smacked. I repeat it for the other side and stand back to admire my masterpiece. She definitely looks good enough to eat. And her adorable pink cheeks . . . hot damn, is Ms Pink blushing?

Now everything is perfect except for one detail. The panties. Unlike Ms Pink, I do not have superhuman strength to rip them apart. And her ankles are cuffed so I can’t drag them off either. Oh well, I’ll just have to cut them off and buy a new one some other time. Darn it.

After rummaging for a pair of scissors, I return to Ms Pink and set about cutting up the panties. When I finally remove them, I am half-surprised and half-proud to see the state she’s in down below. Oh, she’s definitely turned on by this. I should up the game.

Blindfolding Ms Pink is an act I never knew could be this sensual but there is something thrilling and sexy about it. And when her vision is taken from her, the control I have over her is doubled and I start it off with a swift swat on the inside of her thigh with the smaller spatula. I work hard to cover every inch of skin from her calves to thighs and resist the urge to touch her with my hands. Then, with one spatula poised over her thigh, I clamp my mouth over the strawberry jam peak and swat at the same time.

Ms Pink jerks. And I am victorious.

“Don’t move,” I bark and punish with a stern spatula between her legs. She jerks again. Making Ms Pink lose control is turning out to be addictive. I can’t get enough of it. To reward myself, I clean up the jam on the other side and replace it with new globs on both. Ms Pink looks absolutely adorable with jam ornaments, I find. Maybe I can try other flavours in future. If she’ll let me do this again.

“Stupid princess,” I scold, pushing the limits far beyond anything I’ve ever tried and Ms Pink makes a strangled sound like a choke that’s stuck in her chest. “Stupid princess,” I scold again and swat her vee for added effect. Ms Pink is back to biting her lip. I need to do better.

Maybe some jam down below will do the trick. I get out a glob and spread it out. This might just be my favourite dessert of all time. “Don’t move,” I command and launch a full scale attack with my lips and tongue, cleaning up the jam with slow, deliberate licks. I add more jam when I’m done, spreading it generously before digging in again and on my final lick, I suck hard as well which wrings out both a jerk and a moan from Ms Pink as she finds her finish. “Tiffany, Tiffany . . . you’re a bad, bad girl. Did I say you can do that?”

“You did not say otherwise,” Ms Pink retorts as her mouth hangs open, no more lip biting.

That’s sexy as hell and I can’t stand it anymore. I’m done for now, I think, giving up all pretence of having power over Ms Pink. The super speed I possess comes in handy now that I’m in a hurry to shed my clothes and I literally jump onto her body to kiss those sexy lips. Lips, hands, legs. I’m all over her. Not caring that the strawberry jam is smearing my body as well.

Somewhere in the midst of the messy kissing, Ms Pink asks, “Is the punishment over?”

“Yes,” is all I have time to say between the frenzied kisses.

“Take off the cuffs.”



I stop kissing her long enough to look into her eyes. “Today, we fuck like that.”

Ms Pink stares at me for a moment before her lips curl into a smile. “As you wish, Erika.”


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  1. Woooo! Hot! Hot! Hot! And intriguing as well. Who could be behind the conspiracy to kill Tiffany’s family? What double cross did her father do?

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