New Story: Tatt For Two on AFF

Hi to my dearest reader friends!

I realized I should put out a post instead of adding a note to the main page so you will get an e-mail notification about this. So, the update:

A few of my Twitter reader friends asked me to write a new story based on a couple pieces of fan art. I liked the ideas coming from the fan art and decided to write one quickly.

I hoped for it to be really short but you know me by now . . . nothing I write is ever super short unless it’s a drabble (LOL).

So I wrote a new story called Tatt For Two and for some reason, I was too lazy to create a new story page here and ended up posting it on AFF. I guess, I will continue to post this new story on AFF until the end now.

LINK to Tatt For Two on AFF

With love,

2 thoughts on “New Story: Tatt For Two on AFF

  1. Please post here, if possible! I always check here rather than AFF because if the quality content assurance, rather than AFF which has a lot of ads and poorer stories.

    Would be much appreciated!

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