A New Venture

Dear readers and friends,

Thanks for supporting and loving my stories over here all this time! ^_^

So just a day ago, I decided to try this new thing on Patreon :))


I’m planning to widen the type of stuff I create and take in requests which I don’t usually do because I usually just write what I want to write.

Do check out the page and post if you have any other ideas for goodies/special stuff you might have or want :))

I started out with a few ideas but if you want anything else, suggest it and I can always add it to the list and customize it to your wishes. Hope to see you there ❤

p/s: I will still be writing stories as usual. This is like a bonus on top of the usual stuff I write. Like an extra thank you for awesome supporters ^^

6 thoughts on “A New Venture

    1. Hi ^^ The Rose is a Patreon special for my dear supporters. I will be doing Patreon special content alongside my usual free stories like FSOP2 from now on :))

    1. The pass is exclusively available to supporters on my Patreon page ☺ The special series of Her Bodyguard is a project specially for that.

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