New Story: Rock, Paper & Scissors

Hi dear readers!

Once again, my itchy imagination and fingers have gotten the better of me and I’ve started a new story AGAIN.

Rock, Paper & Scissors

I’m posting it on my AFF account since Tatt For Two worked out pretty well that way and the one thing I like about AFF is how it disallows people from selecting the text. Hence, I will post this new story over there as well.

Meanwhile, I will continue to post FSOP2 here, so that things don’t change too much.

I hope you understand my decision. I didn’t use to think about plagiarism much but ever since it happened to me, I’ve become more careful and there’s really no way to stop people from stealing my work so posting it on AFF is a form of deterrence (unless they are willing it type it out word by word to steal it).

I also want to take this chance to thank readers and friends who have signed up on Patreon and become my big time supporters. It’s all very exciting and motivating and because of that I dare to dream more and venture into new ground.

I hope to continue to share my love for writing with y’all! Thanks for everything so far 😀

❤ itsakyo


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