FSOP2: 46

Glittering lights across the vast dark land mirror the stars in the night sky. The expanse of beauty in this cityscape is nothing like what I have seen back in Shaw and I smile at Ms Pink, appreciating the choice she made to have us dine here tonight.

Located at the hundred-and-eighth floor of the tallest building in the city, the view from every table in this rotating restaurant is equally spectacular. It is also fully booked out for months, but these things never seem to pose a problem when it comes to Ms Pink.

“How would you like your steak done, Ms Pink?”

“Bloody rare, thank you.”

I gape at the enchanting princess vampire seated across the table as the waiter nods and takes a step back.

“M-Most certainly, Ms Pink.”

I wait till the waiter is out of hearing range before I hiss at my wilful princess vampire. “Did you have to do that?” All I get is an obnoxious smirk.


“He deserves it.”

“What did he do to deserve it?”

“He looked at you in a way I didn’t like.”

“How did he look at me?”

“Stupid human. You know nothing, Taeyeon Kim.”

“I know things. I just didn’t expect a princess like you to be bothered by a mere mortal.”

“Ooh . . . look who is calling them mere mortals now that she is an immortal.”

“Under the influence of your Highness, of course.”

My influence?”

The flame on the candle between us flares up. Ms Pink is looking at me with fire in her eyes. Hot, pink fire. Knowing that I’m courting trouble, I tell myself to tone it down but I can’t help firing back. “If not your influence, who else could it be? The waiter’s?”

The flame is now three times bigger than it should be. Things are heating up, so to speak.

“You are playing with fire.”

“You know how much I love playing with fire.”

With a flicker, the heat takes on a different vibe.

“If not for the bloody steak, I would take you out of here right now and bring you home with me.”

I smirk. “Patience is a virtue, my love.”

“If the waiter does not serve my bloody rare steak soon, I will suck his blood instead.”

Bursting into laughter, I reply, “You’ll get your steak soon enough. Just wait a little longer. It’s barely been a minute.”

“Humans. They lack the firepower.”

“That they do.”

“How much fire do humans need to cook a bloody rare steak?”

“Why are you complaining about everything today?”

“It is this place we are in. I do not like it.”

“This is the most exclusive restaurant—”

“Run by humans.”

“You are such a-a humanist.”

Ms Pink frowns. “I do not subscribe to humanism.”


“You said I’m a humanist. A humanist is a follower of the principles of humanism.”

“I meant it like a pun. Like a person who discriminates by race is racist.”

“After all this time as an immortal, you are still that stupid human.”

“That you love.”

“You are shameless.”

“Comes with the immortality.”

Ms Pink’s eyes flicker healthy pink. Any passing human would think it was the flame reflecting in her eyes but I know better.

“Your steaks, ladies.”

Ms Pink gives him the look that says she isn’t pleased. “Queens.”

“Pardon me?”

“Address us as queens, not ladies.”

“I-I’m sorry. Please enjoy your meal, queens.”

“You may leave.”

“Right away, queens.”

I’m sure I’m turning pink from trying not to laugh. Ms Pink has been in this mood ever since we took off and ‘eloped’. Part-annoying and part-hilarious with her unique brand of princess vampire deadpan humour. This is yet another new side of Ms Pink I’m discovering as we explore the world far from Shaw, the place where everything happened.

Currently, we are far south, in the southern region of Nam. There are vast forests, great lakes and walls of mountains around the city we are in at the moment. Just a week ago, we were up in those mountains, hiking across trails, taking in the majestic views from up above. That was when I l experienced the advantage of hiking a trail with a supernatural ability. Less tired limbs meant I had more energy left to admire the landscape from the peak.

The lakes were marvellous to swim in as well. Cool, clear waters that go on for what seems like eternity. With nobody around, we were free to splash and play in the lake as we wished. That was when Ms Pink surprised me by running and jumping into the water from a rock—without a shred of cloth to protect her modesty. My jaw hung loose for exactly three seconds at that sight. Three seconds because that was all the time Ms Pink needed to get rid of my clothes and pull me in together with her.

I had never seen such a carefree, relaxed Ms Pink. Such a playful Ms Pink. Her playfulness got to me and we behaved like kids the entire time we were there. It was great.

“What are you smiling about?”

I look into Ms Pink’s eyes, feeling the warmth radiating from them. “Us.”

Her eyes narrow. “Are you thinking about sex?”

The warmth rushes to my cheeks. I am still not used to Ms Pink’s lack of modesty when it comes to talking about such topics in public. I suppose it might take another ten or twenty years for me to shrug off the conventions built into my mind while growing up in the world of humans.

“I’m thinking about how happy we were at the lake.”

“We were happy,” Ms Pink agrees. “It was liberating.”

“You really surprised me.”

“I surprised myself too.”

I raise a brow. “You surprised yourself?”

Ms Pink nods slowly. “Do you think that not possible?”

“I thought it was a side of yourself you kept hidden.”

“Perhaps you are right. Maybe I hid it so well for so long that I forgot it exists.”

“That sounds sad.”

“Why is it sad?”

“It’s sad that you forgot about such a fun side of yourself.”

“Am I not fun in other ways?”

“Mmm, you are serious, proper, demanding and straightforward. Sometimes you are so straightforward that it might be rude but I learnt that it is common among supers. There are times when you joke and tease, but I have never seen you play like you did at the lake. You weren’t just playing. You were truly having fun. Like a child. For that little period of time, I could see what you might have been like if you’re not a princess vampire.”

“If I am not a princess vampire, I would not have lived long enough to meet you.”

My heart thumps. “That’s true.”

“Everything that happened from the moment I was born till now, over these three hundred years, happened so that I would meet you and fall in love with you.”

The magnitude of Ms Pink’s statement is greater than my heart can contain and the overflow finds its way out my eyes, spilling onto my cheeks.

“Stupid human.”

“You know you want to cry too,” I say in defence of my easy tears.

“Eat your steak before it gets cold.”


We are in the elevator after a satisfying meal of wine and steak when I feel a hand creeping down my bottom. On my left, Ms Pink is wearing a poker face, albeit with a trace of a smirk. That’s how I know she isn’t touching me by accident. My left bottom cheek is given a squeeze before the skin contact continues down to my thigh, sending a thrill up my spine.

As fingertips draw lines up under my skirt, I am reminded of the fuss Ms Pink made when she insisted I change into a skirt for our dinner date. Is this why she made me change? Had this been her plan all along? To feel me up in an elevator with strangers surrounding us? The thought ignites a fire deep in my body. I am surprisingly turned on by this. Maybe I’m adapting to being a super better than I thought. Or is this simply an undiscovered part of my sexual self?

The fingers nudge my upper thighs. Understanding what that means, I shift and part my legs, giving the fingers space to continue their journey. I can’t help but suck in a sharp breath when Ms Pink’s palm cups my intimates with a firmness that says she owns it. The fabric that covers it is pushed aside and I have to clap my hand over my mouth to mute myself when she makes direct contact.

The ding of the elevator as the door opens several floors down dampens the fire between my legs. But Ms Pink doesn’t stop rubbing me, even when the incoming strangers make eye contact with us before turning around to face the door. I bite my lip and try to school my face into the poker face Ms Pink so masterfully wears, but it is difficult to keep it up.

Ms Pink makes it even harder for me to swallow my moan when her fingers push in just as the door closes. And as the elevator makes a swift descent from the ninety-eighth floor to the first, her fingers are relentless.

“Isn’t this exciting?” she whispers in my ear and even ventures to flick my ear lobe with her free hand. She gets no answer from me. I am too busy trying not to make a sound. She knows this for her smirk grows more arrogant as her fingers apply more speed as we reach the lower levels.

I am edging towards a finish that will not be able to be muted and the panic rises a little. I don’t want everyone in here to hear my climaxing moan. I don’t want anyone to hear that again. Reflexively, I grab Ms Pink’s arm to stop her but she pulls out right at that moment, leaving me empty and wishing for more.

“To be continued . . .” she drawls, rubbing the shell of my ear with the very fingers that were just inside me, leaving a cool trail behind.

Her bold acts are driving me crazy. Can the others smell anything? Will they suspect something? What possessed Ms Pink to do this? Not that I mind. The people around us filter out of the elevator and Ms Pink pulls me out by the hand. I can feel the wetness on my skin. How decadent. How outrageously sexy.

Once we are safe from the eyes, ears and noses of others, I lean in and whisper, “You need to finish what you started.”

“Right here?”

“Right now. In the car.”

Ms Pink smiles. “Patience is a virtue, my love.”

I glare at the cheeky smirk she is giving me. “If you won’t finish it, I will.”

“I won’t let you.”

“Try me.”

“Stupid human.”

My lips part to embrace Ms Pink’s as she pulls me to her. Opening wide, I take what I need and give in return. Our arms go around each other as our kiss deepens but it only makes me want more. Much more.

“Take me back right now, Tiffany Pink.”

Ms Pink pulls back and stares into my eyes. “One word.”



Flames scorch the walls as Ms Pink sets about finishing what she started. Fortunately, our apartment in this city is built to withstand flames. If it isn’t, the entire building would have been razed to the ground by now.

My clothes have turned into ashes, but everything else remains standing. Including the delicate parts of my body currently in Ms Pink’s hands. Her flames no longer hurt me. I am fireproof with my sphere of energy surrounding every inch of me. And I no longer need to focus on keeping it up. Over time, I have developed the ability to keep it buzzing around me on a constant flow of energy manipulation. Hence, I am free to be physically and mentally fully in tune with Ms Pink when we have sex. It also allows her to express her passion without the need to suppress her flames. It’s all great.

“Kiss me,” Ms Pink growls, sensing a momentary lapse of attention in what we are doing.

I crane my neck to reach her and suck her in. Our kiss is deep and sloppy. The heat in us is roaring. I moan without reserve when she moves her mouth to my chest again. My hands find their way between us, reaching for her breasts to return the favour. Our legs are writhing. It is a mess. We are a mess. But what a fantastic mess it is.

When we are both finally sated, I wrap my arms around Ms Pink and she does the same. I bury my face in her curls and she digs her sticky fingers into my hair. The sheets will need to be changed. Or maybe not. We might have another go at it soon.

Who am I kidding? We will have another go at it. Soon.


A week later, I find myself even further south of Nam, beyond the southern tip, where few people live. It is bone-chilling cold, but my energy manipulation helps to keep me warm. We spend our time skiing down snowy mountains, among other things and each day, I go to sleep happy and satiated with joy—and sex.

It is after one such night that my peaceful sleep is disturbed.

“Wake up.”


“You will miss it if you sleep.”

“I can miss it.”

“Get up.”

A strong smack on my rear has me opening my eyes. “Tiffany Pink,” I growl.

The princess vampire has yanked the sheets off and is straddling my legs. Her arms snake under me and she wraps herself around my whole body. “Why are you sexy and cute at the same time?” she asks while nibbling on my ear.

“So that I can make you hot for me.”

She gives my breast a squeeze and bites my neck. “I am hot for you but I am not a slave for you.” With that, she flips me over and drops me on the floor. “Get up and get dressed.” She takes another shot at my bare bum. “Now.”

My protest is ignored.


“It’s cold. Why are we here in the dark?”

“Be quiet and wait.”

“I’m sleepy and tired after you kept me up all night.”

“Any second now . . .”

A curious green glow appears in the sky, spreading through the stars. The green travels in a wavy path over the snow-laden pine trees, akin to dancing in the air. A mix of pink and purple joins the green soon after and forms a tri-coloured blend across the sky.

“Oh my . . .” I gasp. “This is beautiful.”

“Thank me for bringing you here.”

“Thanks for throwing me out of bed.”

“You are welcome.”

“This is surreal.”

“This is real.”

I hug Ms Pink closer and smile. “How did you know about this?”

Ms Pink looks at me for a moment. “Gerant told me.”

“I didn’t know you were still in contact with Gerant.”

“I am in contact with Seo. She helped me to reach Gerant.”

“So much for our elopement.”

“This is an elopement.”

“You’re not supposed to be in contact with anyone.”

“I contacted Seo only for this. We did not speak of anything else.”


“Seo knows this is our elopement. She would not spoil it.”

“That’s true. I trust Seo.”

“Do you not trust me then? Do you not believe what I say?”

“I believe you. I trust in you. At the same time, I know how much you love me.”

Ms Pink smiles. “You are not that stupid after all.”

I sigh and rest my cheek on Ms Pink’s shoulder. “How much longer can we travel like this? Without caring about the world of supers? And the world I just left?”

“There is still time left. There are yet more places I plan to bring you to.”

“Me too. I want to bring to my favourite places too.”

“There is time. You can bring me there.”

I smile. “Okay.”

Ms Pink is smiling as she kisses me. And our eyes close, shutting out the most beautiful light show in the world because the meeting of our lips is even better.


Season 2 – Completed

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me since FSOP began. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this universe and having you on this experience with me has been awesome. Without you, this story would not have come this far.

I do not think the story of Erika and Ms Pink is done. But this arc is. I have plans for a Season 3 and I hope you’ll join in when it kicks in. Until then, enjoy the other stories I have here ~ Happy reading ~

xoxo, itsakyo


16 thoughts on “FSOP2: 46

  1. We’re have closed another chapter of Ms. Pink and Stupid Human’s story. Both of them have really grown so much. The first season ended with Ms. Pink and Taeyeon’s relationship still hanging and now in the 2nd season, they are very much together, have gone through so much and in love.

    This makes me want to see more. I believe that Taeyeon has not reached her full potential yet as an Erika. Ms. Pink feeling more human. I gotta say, those 2 are really so funny together.

    Same as tipco, that’s my fave quote as well. It felt like my heart turned into mush.


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