En Taengle: The Return of Princess Tiffany

Princess Tiffany was determined to rescue Taepunzel from the Tower of Doom. She was so determined that she didn’t do her nails the next day. Instead, she spent the time thinking of a way to save Taepunzel.

How can I break the curse cast upon Taepunzel? How can I break a witch’s curse?

Just then, Prince came running in. He stopped and sat by her feet, head cocked, eyes enquiring. She smiled at her beloved dog. Prince always knew when she was troubled. He was such a smart dog.

Oh! Maybe I can bring Prince to Taepunzel. She did mention that she owns a dog. If Prince could just befriend Taepunzel’s dog, perhaps I would be able to persuade Taepunzel to visit my castle! Princess Tiffany clapped her hands together with glee. What a brilliant idea this is. As brilliant as the jewels and mushrooms in my name!

“Prince! You shall be the prince who saves Taepunzel!”

Prince wagged his tail and barked. “Woof, woof, woof!”

“You think so too?” Princess Tiffany’s eyes disappeared into her smile. “I knew you’d like my idea. I always have the best ideas, don’t I?”

“Woof, woof!”

“Wonderful. We shall set out early tomorrow morning.”


True to her word, Princess Tiffany set out the next morning with Prince in her carriage. They travelled on the carriage to the thickest part of the forest where no carriages could pass and got off with the help of her handsome knights.

“Thank you, Sir Camellord and Sir Camealot. I shall venture into the forest now. Wait here for my return.”

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

“Prince, come along,” Princess Tiffany called pleasantly as she stepped into the forest. She whipped out her Golden Pointing Sign and held it in the air.

“GPS, GPS, which wayth shall we go?
Pray, do tell, thus we may findth it so
T’is Taepunzel’s Tower of Doomth we seek
To find in timeth no more than a week!”

The GPS came to rest in a direction and off she went.

After trotting through the forest for a while, Prince snorted and asked to be carried by giving Princess Tiffany the look. It was a simple look—just big round eyes staring straight at her.

“Oh, Prince. You’re such a lazy dog. I’ve spoilt you a little too much, I’m afraid.”

“Woof, woof.”

“I know, I know.” Princess Tiffany walked on with Prince in her arms and soon, they at the Tower of Doom once again. “Watch this, Prince. I’ve learnt the secret of Taepunzel.”

Prince stared at her, head cocked in a sign of cluelessness. With a proud smile, Princess Tiffany began to sing.

“Ha-ha-hairy day! Ha-ha-hairy day!”

Prince whined and then yelped when a plait of blonde hair dropped down from the tower above.

“See? Isn’t this like magic?”


“Let’s go.” Princess Tiffany wrapped Prince in a bundle and slung him onto her shoulder before climbing up the long plait of blonde hair. Once she got to the top, she swung over into the tower. “Greetings, Taepunzel. It is I, Brighter than jewels and mushrooms, Princess Tiffany of Sorry Not Sorry District.”

Taepunzel stared at her for a moment before shaking her head slowly. “It must suck to have such a long name to announce each time you meet someone. Why don’t you ditch it for something shorter? Like—”


Taepunzel frowned. “I’m not short.”

“Oh, hohoho, that you are.”


“Wanna bet?” Princess Tiffany challenged as she stomped right up to Taepunzel. “If you’re shorter than me, you will leave this Tower of Doom with me and come to my castle.”

Taepunzel rose to a new height. “See? I’m taller than you!”

Prince barked and ran to Taepunzel’s feet, sniffing suspiciously.

“Oh my goodness gracious me, what is that?” Taepunzel exclaimed in surprise.

“What is that? What do you mean, what is that? That’s my esteemed royal puppy. His name is Prince.”


Princess Tiffany turned, taken by surprise, and squealed when a little black puppy trotted into view from the lush greenery. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. C’mere you little guy, you cutie, squiggly, lovable, fluffy, little wob of love, you.”

The little black puppy halted in its tracks and whined in distress.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Taepunzel picked the little black puppy up and kissed it. “She’s just a crazy princess who won’t leave me alone to live in peace.”

“Who are you calling a crazy princess? Who? Who?”

Taepunzel stood, rising to a new height again. “It is I, Taepunzel who is taller than you.”

True enough, Taepunzel was staring down at her. But Princess Tiffany remembered Prince sniffing at Taepunzel’s feet. “Aha! I smell something fishy!” she exclaimed, pointing at Taepunzel’s feet.

“Excuse me, I’m not the one with an athlete’s foot.”

“What foot? Athlete’s foot? Are you kidding me? I get foot baths every day in the finest salt money can buy. My feet smell—”


“No!” Princess Tiffany stamped her foot in anger. “You! You are horrid! And you’re cheating! You’ve put something in your shoe!”

“No, I haven’t!”

“You definitely have! Prince knows! Right, Prince?”

Prince barked in affirmation.

Taepunzel snorted. “Prince is your dog. Of course he’s going to agree with you.”

Princess Tiffany shook her head at the stubborn, delusional Taepunzel. This girl really needed help. It was a good thing she found her, all thanks to Prince Fluffy. “Prince is a fair dog. He barks the truth. Right, Prince?” she asked, looking down at Prince. But her dog wasn’t there and all she saw was the lush red carpet. “Prince?” she asked and looked around. Where was Prince?

“Hey you, little guy,” said a strange new voice.

Princess Tiffany spun around and gasped. For standing by the tall window was an even taller lanky giant of a girl with short brown hair. She shrieked when the girl picked Prince up. “Who are you? Put Prince down this instant!”

The girl stared at her with furrowed brows, as though she had just seen a weird object. “Who am I?” she spoke in a tone of disbelief. “I have been a fortnightly visitor of Taepunzel’s tower and this is the first time I have seen you yet you are the one asking me who I am?” With an indignant huff and proud tilt of her chin, the girl said, “I am Summer-Not-Spring-Divine, the prettiest, smartest, wittiest divine of the season, here to deliver Taepunzel’s supplies.”



8 thoughts on “En Taengle: The Return of Princess Tiffany

  1. I love this series so much! Is there going to be a continuation? The whole story toooootally does not make any sense but that’s why it is super hilarious ;D my favourite part is still “Ha-ha-hairy Day!” LOLOLOL

    1. HAHAHAHAHA yes, I will continue the story. It is not completed yet. It should be a weekly update, something I write when I need a break from the more serious stuff xD

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