En Taengle: The Turn of Events

Princess Tiffany stood by, gaping as Summer-Not-Spring-Divine pulled her deliveries from her delivery bag for the next ten minutes. A box of building blocks, colouring tools, canvases, packets of powder in rainbow colours, stacks of fluffy pyjamas, crate after crate of ramen, cheese, eggs, greens, reds, fruits, chicken, fish, beef, eel, a sack of rice, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, floss, a flamingo float, rubber boots, big packets of dog food, a dog’s bed . . .

“Just how many things do you need in this Tower of Doom?” Princess Tiffany asked.

Taepunzel stuck her tongue out at her. “Why do you care? You’re not living here.”

“Who says I’m not?”


“As of this moment on, I’m living here.”


Princess Tiffany marched to the middle of the Tower of Doom and stood stiff, fists on her hips. “This is my home now. And I’m staying here until you agree to leave this Tower of Doom with me.”

“You really are a crazy princess. Leave my tower right now!”

Princess Tiffany stuck her tongue out at Taepunzel. “Make me.”

Taepunzel turned to Summer-Not-Spring-Divine. “Would you please send this crazy princess back to her castle?”

The Summer divine shook her head. “Uh uh. Sorry, no can do. I don’t do deliveries without payment.”

“I’ll pay you.”

“But you can’t I only accept food vouchers as payment.”

Taepunzel frowned. “What about actual food?”

“That’s not acceptable payment.”

“There’s got to be a way I can pay you to get this crazy princess out of here.”

“Sorry, food vouchers only. You have to get her out by yourself.” The Summer divine checked her Guapple phone and gave Taepunzel her Pineapple pen. “Sign here.”

Taepunzel signed and the Summer divine whooped. “Awesome, this delivery is completed. Till next time, Taepunzel. Ciao!”

“No, don’t go. Save me from this crazy princess!”

“Save your breath. She’s not going to help you.”

Taepunzel turned back to Princess Tiffany and growled. “Get off my couch!”

“It’s my couch too.”

“It is not.”

“It is, since I’m living here.”

“You’re not living here!”

“I am now.” Princess Tiffany nodded at Prince playing with Taepunzel’s black puppy. “And our dogs are good friends. Look.”

“That doesn’t mean you can live here.”

“If you don’t want me to live here, leave this Tower of Doom and come with me.”

Taepunzel rolled her eyes. “I don’t want to be around you at all. Why would I leave with you?”

“Welp, then I’m living here.” Princess Tiffany checked her Guapple watch. “It’s brunch time. I’m hungry. Cook something for me, won’t you?”

“I don’t want to be around you. I don’t even want you living here. Why the heck would I cook anything for you?”

“Because you’re a kind soul who can’t bear seeing a hungry princess cry,” Princess Tiffany said with her saddest puppy eyes and pout.

“Wherever you come from must be a crazy place just like you. You can cry if you want. I won’t be bothered.”

“You’re heartless.”

“And you’re crazy. So we’re even.” Taepunzel sighed dramatically, not withholding her disapproval. “If you insist on staying here, fine. Just stay out of my way.”


“Your dog just pooped on my kitchen floor.”

Princess Tiffany looked up from her Guapple tablet. “So clean it up.”

“Me? I’m not cleaning your dog’s poop.”

“Well, neither am I,” said Princess Tiffany. “Just call for help.”

“There’s no help.”

“What do you mean, no help?”

Taepunzel looked around her tower. “Do you see any help?”

Princess Tiffany looked around for a bit. “Who cleans up if there’s no help?”

“You’re looking at her.”


Taepunzel nodded. “Who else is around to clean besides me?”

“If you’re the cleaner, you should clean the poop too.”

“I’m not the cleaner! I own this freaking tower.”

“Fine, I’ll send for my servants to come,” said Princess Tiffany. “Now, I have to finish watching Moana.”

“You can’t leave your dog’s poop on the floor and just sit here watching a stupid movie.”

“Stupid movie? Moana isn’t a stupid movie. Have you even watched it?”

“I don’t care if I’ve watched it or not. All I care about is the poop stinking up the kitchen!”

“Clean it up if you care so much about it. Or you can wait till my servants come.”

Princess Tiffany stared as Taepunzel grew red in the face. She continued to stare as Taepunzel stomped away into the greenery. Then, she returned to her movie. It was just getting to the good part.


“I’m hungry,” Princess Tiffany announced as she put her Guapple tablet down. The movie was good and she was in the mood for a delicious meal. “Is the food ready?”

Taepunzel walked right past her without answering.

“Taepunzel, I asked if the food’s ready.”

“I heard you.”

“Then why didn’t you answer me?”

“Because I’m not cooking for you.”

“Why not?”

Taepunzel stopped in her tracks and stared at Princess Tiffany. “Are you dense or something? Why do you think I’m not cooking for you? You’re not welcome here. You’re the one who insisted on staying. Can’t you get a hint?”

“But I’m your guest.”

“You’re not my guest. I allowed you to stay because you refused to leave. And I’m only allowing you to stay if you don’t get in my way. So far, you’ve gotten in my way twice. If you get in my way again, I’m going to have to call in the removers to remove you.”

“You can’t call removers to remove me. I’m Princess Tiffany. Removers won’t remove a princess.”

“Well, if you won’t move out, then I will.”

Princess Tiffany kept a straight face and said in her stiffest voice, “Go ahead.”


a/n: A guapple is actually an extra-large type of guava.

8 thoughts on “En Taengle: The Turn of Events

  1. And idk if it’s just me or what, but I’ve been calling this extra-large type of mango, a mangapple 😂

  2. Taeyeon should just give up because Tiffany isn’t going to budge no matter what Taeyeon does. She’s relentless. I like how the snarky Taeyeon is up against an immovable wall that is Tiffany.

  3. Hahaha guapple=apple? Pinapple pen=PPAP?
    sometime i wonder what is inside of your head AK. Your really have large of imaginations. You can think of FSOP, DB, HD, PS, etc and now this type of story 🙌

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