Taeyeon Chief Stewardess Yacht

“Taeyeon, get me a masseuse to my suite in about an hour’s time, will you?”

“Sure, no problem, Tiffany.”

Taeyeon rubbed her eyes after the call ended and they were bleary when she looked at her watch. It said eleven-thirty and the sun had already set hours ago. That meant the masseuse had to be on duty half-past midnight. Oh dear, the poor masseuse. Nonetheless, Taeyeon called her and dished out the instructions. A job was a job. And the job wasn’t ending until her super-rich celebrity boss and her friends were fast asleep.

A walk through the dining room and saloon on the main deck made it clear that the party wasn’t ending anytime soon. The music was still blasting from the amplifiers in the saloon and writhing bodies filled the space. From the side, Taeyeon could make out Yuri Kwon, café franchise owner and billionaire. She was dancing with one of the actresses onboard but Taeyeon couldn’t see her face since it was hidden by Yuri’s head.

On one of the couches was Sunny, record label owner and billionaire. She was lying in the arms of a shirtless hunk, third generation heir of an airline. They were relaxed, sneaking a kiss or two every now and then, as glass after glass of alcohol disappeared into their mouths.

On the other side of the saloon, one of the guests was behind the DJ console. Looking hyper with her short blonde hair flapping around as she jumped, she was responsible for the music currently playing in the room. It was good music, Taeyeon had to admit. It certainly got her blood pumping and her foot tapping. But a crowd like this got her curling up into her inner self. She much preferred to be alone in her room, listening to music on her system.

Out at the back of the main deck, in the open air, one of the actresses was busy grilling food for everyone. They had assigned a steward onboard to do that but she shooed him away an hour ago and it didn’t look like she was planning on relinquishing the job anytime soon. With precaution in mind, however, Taeyeon instructed the steward to be on stand-by to take over anytime she was done.

Taeyeon stood in the shadows watching as the actress flipped slices of meat and sausages. Her hair was short, like the DJ’s, and she was exceptionally beautiful with the face of a fairy. Small and dainty, even though she was much taller than Taeyeon; it was an incredible combination. Taeyeon remembered watching one of her dramas before. Her acting had been convincing as the secret love child of the President.

A few other actors and actresses were seated on the loungers by the pool, drinking and chatting. Taeyeon could recognise a few of them. Sooyoung, Seohyun, Jieun . . . it was a star-studded guest list but Taeyeon was used to it by now; it was no longer a surprise after a year of being the chief stewardess for Tiffany’s Pinkini. Actors, directors, singers, musicians, producers, she had seen them all. And the super-rich, of course.

The party looked to be in full swing and everyone seemed to be happy. Concluding that she wouldn’t be needed here for a while, Taeyeon decided to head up to the sun deck to hide from the sights and sounds. And there she successfully hid for a little over thirty minutes before her phone rang again.

“How may I help you, Tiffany?”

“Taeyeon, the masseuse hasn’t arrived. It’s been more than ten minutes.”

Looking at her watch confirmed it. “I’m sorry, Tiffany. I’ll check on the masseuse and send her over asap.”

“Forget it. Checking will take more time. Just come to my room now and help me out.”


“Yes, you. Right now.”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

“Now, now, now.”

“Yes, I’m walking.”

“Walk fast.”

“Brisk walking.”

“Okay, just come straight in. I’m too tired for this.”

“Got it.”

Taeyeon hurried two decks down to the owner’s deck. She whizzed through the dining room, games room, cinema, lobby and finally entered the owner’s area, where Tiffany’s bedroom was. A glorious sight greeted her when she opened the door. Lying on the king-sized bed, Tiffany had stripped down to a barely-there, short, pink silk slip and it had ridden up her thighs, putting her slender legs on display.

After swallowing the lump in her throat, Taeyeon managed to speak. “Are you feeling alright, Tiffany?” You still manage to look like a goddess though.

“Oh, you’re here. Great. Come and massage my shoulders.” Tiffany rotated herself on the bed, causing the silk slip to slide up even more but she didn’t seem to care. When her head was at the foot of the bed, she looked up, pointing at her head and shoulders as she said, “Here and here.”


“Yeah. Splitting. It’s killing me.”

“I’m not trained in massage, I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t care. Just rub me. I need a rub.”

I would like to rub you all over if I could. “Your shoulders like all across?” Taeyeon asked as she got on her knees to massage Tiffany.

“Yes, from my neck on out.”

“Got it.” Taeyeon cracked her knuckles and got down to it. Oh my God, her skin is so soft and smooth.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Tiffany commented with a purr.

The praise got Taeyeon going and she kneaded deeply to relax the tensed muscles. “Is it getting better?”

“You have really good fingers, Taeyeon.”

You have no idea, Tiffany. “Thanks, Tiffany.”

“You can pull the straps down if they’re bothering you.”

“T-The straps?”

With a grunt, Tiffany yanked the straps of her silk slip down. “There.”


“You’ve always been so nice to me, Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon wasn’t sure what to say to that. “Thank you.”

“I should be the one thanking you.”

“I’m thanking you for being a nice boss.”

“Am I?”


“Hmm, it’s been a year, hasn’t it?”

“Almost a year.”

“And you have no complaints?”

“I don’t.”

“Not a single one?”

“Not really.”

“Not even when I call and ask you to massage my shoulders in the middle of the night?”

“I’m on duty. It’s not unreasonable.”

“But you’re tired. Your eyes look tired.”

Taeyeon raised her eyes from Tiffany’s shoulders and was struck numb by the concentrated stare Tiffany had on her. “I . . . am a little tired, yes. But it’s part of the job. And you pay us well.”

“So it’s just for the money?”

“No, of course not. I like my job. It’s not just about the money.”

“Don’t stop.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Taeyeon resumed the massage, focusing on the area between Tiffany’s neck and shoulders.

“Oh . . . mmm . . . that’s good . . . very good.”

Taeyeon swallowed hard. Tiffany’s voice was sultry when she spoke like that and it did things to her deep inside.

“Oh, Taeyeon . . . so good . . . yes, right there . . . keep going.”


“Taeyeon, lean over. I want to ask you something.”

Taeyeon bent and leaned down as Tiffany asked, blinking as their eyes met. “Yes?”

“Can you kiss me?”

“What?” Taeyeon froze, fingers included.

“Keep massaging, don’t stop.”

With her pulse racing and heart pounding in her chest, Taeyeon resumed the massage. “I’m sorry.”

“You haven’t given me an answer.”

“An answer?”

“I asked if you’ll kiss me.”

“Is it part of the massage?” Taeyeon asked, somewhat stupidly.

“I like you, Taeyeon. Do you like me?”

“I . . .”

“Don’t you find me sexy?”

Taeyeon’s lips ran dry as Tiffany tugged her pink slip down, showing more cleavage than ever. “Yes, you’re sexy,” she replied, croaking as her voice got caught. After clearing her throat, she added in a clearer voice, “Very, very sexy.”

“But do you like me?”

“Tiffany, are you drunk?”

The singer-actress giggled and chuckled then laughed from her belly. “This is new. I’ve never gotten rejected like this before. Oh my God, what am I going to do?”

“Wait, you’re not drunk? You’re actually asking me if I like you?”

“It’s okay. I’m a big girl. I can handle a rejection.”

“No, no, no. It wasn’t a rejection.” Taeyeon leaned forward on her arms. “You’re really asking me?”

“How much more obvious do you need me to be?”

Pink silk slip riding high up thighs. Straps down. Sultry voice. I’m an idiot. “Oh my God.”

“Should I take that as a yes?”

Taeyeon blinked and blinked. “I’m in shock. I thought you had a headache.”

“I do. It still hurts. But if you say yes, I’ll feel much better. But don’t say yes just to make me feel better.”

“Yes, yes, I do like you.”

“Not because I have a headache?”


“Not because I’m shamelessly showing myself off to you?”


“Really? You’re not saying this to make me feel better?”

Taeyeon drew a deep breath. “I’ve liked you for months.”

“How many months?”

“At least six.”

“Then you owe me a hella lot of kisses.” Tiffany reached up with her hands. “Come here.”

Taeyeon leaned closer, allowing Tiffany to pull her down. Her heart was now nowhere to be found; it might have flipped out in shock. And then it happened. A pair of soft, sweet lips captured hers. Her heart came back to life and roared in her ears. Hella yeah.



Tiffany Pink Slip

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