You Light Up My Life


Near the shores of a little island stood a little lighthouse of white named Taeyeon. Every night, she would stare out at sea, dutifully warning boats of the rocks she stood on and guiding them to safety. A thousand lonely nights passed like this, through calm, haze and storms, without anyone to share her feelings with.

One day, she grew curious about the other side and turned around to look. To her delight, behind her stood a pretty little lighthouse of red that had been just beyond her peripheral all this time. “Hello, I’m Taeyeon. It means calm, for calm waters. What’s your name?”

The pretty little lighthouse of red replied, “My name is Miyoung. Forever beautiful, that is the waters.”

“What a lovely name. Have you always been right there behind me all this time?”

“Yes, I was built a hundred and forty-five days after you were built, so I have been right here behind you all this time.”

“A hundred and forty-five days after…” Taeyeon sighed. “If only I had looked around earlier, I wouldn’t have had to be lonely for so long…”

“If only you had looked around earlier, I wouldn’t have had to gaze at your lonely back and feel lonlier myself for so long…”

“Poor us, the lonliest lighthouses in these waters.”

“But we are lonely no longer. We have each other, henceforth.”

Taeyeon beamed at Miyoung, and Miyoung beamed back. Time would later tell that the two little lighthouses never felt lonely again.


6 thoughts on “You Light Up My Life

  1. Received this mail from you and it is such a delightful story as always! Thank you for always sharing what’s on your mind Akay through your stories and making as happy.

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