This is my third fanfic and also my personal favourite.
Inspired by a badass picture of a Sunny look-a-like, this story talks about finding love that salvages and changes you from within.

An action-romance featuring Sunyeon, Jeti and a splash of YoonYul.

Click here to download PDF

The Scenes

The Passes


6 thoughts on “299 792 458 m/s

  1. When I think I have run out of things to read I find more hehe, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Love, betrayal, abuse and loss! This totally reminded me of Chuck, have you ever seen Chuck? It’s one of my favourite shows. The flow was good and I always had trouble imagining the fights scenes but I had little trouble reading yours. As always appreciate it miss AK. Awesome job!

      1. No not at all Chuck is a nerd that is thrusted into the spy world cause he seen and memorised some intel that self-destructed once seen. It’s comedy/action/romance, it had to suddenly end BUT totally worth a try! It’s hilarious!

  2. Great story, thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 Every story i read of yours is a gem and are the type of stories I like, there is great narrative and plots for all of your written works. I can’t wait to keep discovering more ❤ Your fan-fictions are the type that I like but I never though I would dream to encounter. Keep up your great work and hope you are enjoying your travels.

    1. Wow! Great to see this older story of mine popping up on your reading list :))
      I basically write stories I like and it’s such a bonus to see people like you sharing the same liking for them :))

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