Hi, I’m Aykay. I write. All kinds of things.

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433 thoughts on “Welcome to itsakyo’s writing space

  1. IMO, it’s not all the time your story are logical but there’s nothing impossible. In HB, it seem too logical but not predictable which is why people love it. Sometimes you make readers think hard but you’ll always manage to make storylines run smoothly. And yes, you gave a little bit of surprise here n there, mind blowing but not too much that’s never ruin the mood or excitement. English is my second language but i hope you get what i mean. You are really good at balancing your storylines and characters. That’s all for today. Maybe I’ll blabbering again here. Don’t stress too much and have a nice day. 😘😍😜😝😛

  2. Hi! I’m also a fiction writer on SNSD but in French. I love your fiction and I would like to introduce it to the French. I then proceed to ask you for permission to translate it. You will of course have all the rights. What do you think?

    Kiss of France!

  3. Hey there!!

    I love your stories. Anxiously waiting for updates on Deal Breaker and Fifty Shades of Pink Season 2.

    I love the way you write and how you portray the chemistry between Taeyeon and Tiffany in many different yet so achingly familiar ways.

    I freaking love TaeNy!!!! You are a godsend to locksmiths everywhere!!!!

    Currently reading Losing to the Heat. May I know the passwords to your protected stories, please?

    Jude Lucien

  4. Hi you splendid author. I’ve been hooked reading Losing to Heat. It’s my first time to read fanfic again, and I stumbled upon your story. And all the feels came back in just a snap. 😂

    And Taeny omyfish. Ughh. I’d gladly appreciate knowing the passwords of those protected stories. Thank you very much. 😅

    *bows 90°*

    1. The list of passes are on the page with all the chapter links. Scroll around that page and you’ll see them 🙂 Very happy to hear you’re enjoying this story so much!

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