Hi, I’m Aykay. I write. All kinds of things.

Wanna chat? I’m on Twitter / Instagram. Questions? Go to my Tumblr Asks 😁

Plus my newest thing, Patreon! A new way for passionate supporters (PAKs) of my stories to show your love and support!


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433 thoughts on “Welcome to itsakyo’s writing space

  1. Hey Ak…

    Glad you’re having a wonderful time touring europe!!!

    When are you coming back…..?

    I have to be honest…. I’m seriously dying from taeny withdrawal here….

    I’ve been satisfying my addiction by re-reading your stories….

    Please post an update soon. I’d be thrilled to bits if you could continue deal breaker….

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Thank you AK for being back with FSOP2! Been waiting for a longg time. Really looking forward to more adventures of Ms Pink and her stupid human :). FSOP is the driving force that keeps me coming back for your stories!!

  3. Hello itsakyo!
    Can I have a request??? Please can you make a taeny fanfic like goblin??? Pretty please, always a fan of you’re writing. Take care always favorite author-bum 😁
    Thank you.

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