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This glossary contains SPOILERS. DO NOT READ it unless you’ve read up to Chaptae 20 at least. Names, information will be updated as we go along to prevent possible spoilers.

The Sovereign

Scar face – has a scar on his face
Ariz – of Greek descent, handsome
Moho – has only one eye
Tatua – has tattoos all over his face

Veiled –
Bella – Italian flawless beauty
Sesgo – Latin, hooked nose
Glazia – Russian, bloody eyes

The Beasts

Gerant – Giant prehistoric beast living deep in the forest
Yenew – Distant cousin of Gerant, much smaller than Gerant
Vanguard – Predator & tracker, wolf-like, black shaggy fur
Patagon – Foxy, sharp senses, able to shift between human and fox form
Boren – Vicious scavengers, a distant relative of the hyena

The Plants

Mimea – A plant with immense healing qualities
Somni – Essence made from sap of a plant that puts creatures to sleep

The Federation

[Supernatural 4]
Sintix – Mystic healer, spiritual advisor
Olympias – Greek descent, snake worshipper
Iggy Miras – Reader of mind, energy, stars and life
Kharne – Warrior, womanizer

[Human 4]
Yaelhu Chutsai – Mind of reason, deduction and strategy
Charles Reese – Strategist, double-dealer
Ayers – Political manipulator, advisor
Edith – Woman behind the most powerful President in the world

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