*inspired by none other than Taeyeon herself*

shit happens. ~ unknown


Hurricane Diarrhea passes

OT#24 – byuntaefany
OT#29 – ohohohoh
OT#36 – fwang
OT#36b – fanyah
TO#42 – rubberduckie
TO#47 – falling
TO#53 – honey

The Shits


One thing I got out of writing this story…I learnt how to spell ‘diarrhea’.

20 thoughts on “Hurricane Diarrhea

  1. Can I ask for the password of the protected one ? I’ve read the pdf and iam really disappointed with it but good thing it is not yet the end. Good Things should not end just like that. well, can I ask for the pass ? please author ?

  2. I hope you do one last after story for this one. I mean it’s nice that they move in together + sunny haha…but it’s nicer to know what happens after, like say, 3 months? XD

    IDK. Still, it was nice re-reading this after a while. I still cannot get over the fact how Taeng is so sweet and gentle here, while she has this mysterious aura over at LTTH, still sweet though, but just to Fany. LOL!

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