So Nyuh High (high school romance – sunyeonsic, yoonyul, soofany) *PDF

Personal Differences (GB, getting over differences – yulsic, taeny, yoonsunsoo, hyohyun) *PDF pending

299 792 458 m/s (romance & secret agents – sunyeon, jeti, yoonyul) *PDF

The Switch (switched bodies – yulsic, taeny, soosun, yoonhyun) *PDF

A Shot of You (singer meets photographer – taeny) *PDF

Hurricane Diarrhea (sh*t happens – taeny) *PDF pending


Saccharin (GB, you can fool yourself…but for how long? – yulsic, taeny)

Losing to the Heat (a race to the finish – taeny, yulsic)


Roommates (GB, byuntaeic tale about roommates – sunyeon, soosica, yoonyul)

You’re Gonna Wish You Never Met Me (GB, cops, lawyers & their love lives – yulsic, taeny, soona, subyung)

Tiffany Twisted (sci-fi with genetically modified mutants – taeny, yulsic, soosun, yoonhyun)

The Black Pearl (chinese swashbuckling action & romance)

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