Dandyu Avenue (collection collab of Sunny and Taeyeon one-shots)
SunYeon, the Roomies (my first piece of writing)

Group shots

Dandyu shots

TaengSic shots

YoonTae shots

Distraction (2/12/2017)
Distractor (1/29/2017)
Distracted (1/29/2017)
Distracting (1/22/2017)
Distracted (1/19/2017)
Distractor (1/15/2017)
Distraction (1/15/2017)
Markov Can Wait (8/16/2015)

YoonYul shots

YulSic shots

YulTi shots

Ginger & TaeNy shots

TaeNy shots

Pinkini (5/27/2018)
Do The Math (5/10/2017)
Dashing (4/27/2017)
对话 (4/10/2017)
Forgotten (3/16/2017)
Sandwiched (3/13/2017)
The Valentine (2/13/2017)
The Sajangnim (2/2/2017)
The Secretary (1/30/2017)
Picture Perfect (10/4/2016)
dnobekoP (8/27/2016)
U R… (7/8/2016)
NTHIHAH (6/21/2016)
HeartBreak Hotel (6/10/2016)
Chocolate Donut (6/4/2016)
Pot Shot 2 (5/23/2016)
T.E.S.T. (4/1/2016)
Pot Shot (3/28/2016)
Taking The Rap (3/13/2016)
O_O (1/8/2016)
Forever III (7/13/2015)
Forever II (7/10/2015)
Forever (6/12/2015)
One Step Closer (6/3/2014)
Jump (6/3/2014)

theway – igotagirl
shatteredcalm – taeyeon
shatteredgalaxy – tiffany

7 thoughts on “One-shot

    1. The Rose is a Patreon special chapter I wrote for supporters there. The pass is exclusive to them. You can check out the page at patreon.com/itsakyo 😊

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