This is the second fanfiction that I started back in March 2012 on SSF.

Personal Differences was started with a single message in mind: Getting over differences to make a relationship work.

So we have:

Yul – the oh-so-disciplined prosecutor & Jessica – the icy-cold heiress

Taeng – the innocent & Tiffany – the independent modern city girl

Yoong & Young – the playful players & Sunny – the artful player

Hyun – the geek in the pink & Hyoyeon – the sassy dancer

 Read the complete story on SSF or AFF

The Rounds


Bonus Scenes


Personal Differences passes

R40- 418125
R43- atlonglast
SKY- showerspa
R49- nosebleed
R51- hairroots
TY1- impossible
SB1- inhercar
SB2- happybirthday
R56- domestic
R63- horsey
B3K- soulmate
VD2- herwish
VD4- thembears
VD5- starburst
TAE- happybday
200- endorphins
R77- goslow
823- inseoul
R86- inneed
SSS- tanjoubi
R89- ouch
YS3- badboyinatux
R93- aintnosunshine
TF2- teachme & pinksky
EPI- goldentrimester & threeb

9 thoughts on “Personal Differences

  1. Hey i really love your fic
    It really is amazing
    I love reading personal differences
    You are just amazing
    HEY i have one request can you give me the password for the epilogue of yulsic
    And i really wish that you continue personal differences fic

  2. Protected: PD: R82.3: Taeny’s first night back in Seoul.. i cannot open do i do this submit??

  3. I haven’t been able to top this story yet! I thought I was going crazy but I’m not! Cause there’s 27 protected links but only 25 passes. So pretty please put the other passes OwO I was trying to get into the Epilogue of YoungKrys (and thought I had lost my mind)

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