9 different girls, 3 different pairs, 1 story to tell it all.

The girls go to So Nyuh High, Korea’s most luxurious high school. They meet, fall in love and fall out of love.
Who will be Sunny’s eventual lover? Taeyeon or Jessica?
Will Yuri and Yoona ever see beyond their differences?
Will Sooyoung and Tiffany overcome their obstacles to join hands forever?

As the days turn into months, they grow, change and learn new things about themselves and their closest friends and lovers.


This piece of fanfiction is my very first and I’m very glad to share it with you. I must ask you to pardon any typo errors you may spot and the change in punctuation at a portion of this fanfiction (I had switched between British and American styles of punctuation while writing this).

Also, the writing style changes towards the end because this was written over a year or so and during that period of time, I learnt more about writing which led to changes in the way I write.

This fanfiction goes out to all Sones, Sunshiners, Dandyu gangsters, SunSic melonlovers and YoonYul troopers out there. Enjoy the ride~!

Click here to download PDF

The Scenes

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