A young king, a younger ‘prince’ and their problematic first loves.

TFK: Soolkyu (6/27/2017)
TFK: Warning (6/23/2017)
TFK: Crush (6/22/2017)
TFK: About Steph (4/5/2017)
TFK: Grandpa Kim (4/3/2017)
TFK: Nice Guy (4/2/2017)
TFK: Hi and Bye (3/27/2017)
TFK: Jerk (3/20/2017)
TFK: Seo and Gim (3/11/2017)
TFK: Good Hands (3/7/2017)
TFK: First Day (3/6/2017)

credit for the drawing used for this story goes to @Booky70 on Twitter

[a/n: it’s been a really long time since I last wrote a story with gender bending. i hope to have some fun writing this and may you have just as much fun reading too ^^]