4 thoughts on “Covers

  1. You are so talented!! Omg.
    Wait, is it really you who sing the cover above? How bout the piano??
    If yes you are dope!
    Im not saying your voice its heavenly like taeyeon but its good!
    And you are such a great author i suggest you might start really writing a book or ebook or something. I mean i had read almost all ur fanfic, not even one disappointed me.
    Really if you ever like ever promote a book you write i might buy it.

    1. Yes I sang the covers posted 🙂 I played the piano for Bye and Someday but not If.

      As for the book, I have considered it but I haven’t done much research into getting one out there. Also because I’ve been working on writing better all this time 🙂

      I’m heartened by what you said! Thanks, vidsone 🙂

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